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Hair Health: Common Hair Habits to Avoid

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We all have daily hair practices that we like to do regularly or occasionally. Some of these practices, however, end up causing more damage than protection to the hair. It’s essential to occasionally do research or check with your hair stylist to see how best you can handle your hair.

Here are some terrible practices you should learn to avoid:

Dry shampoo

This is the shampoo that allows you to keep your hair clean while avoiding constant washing. Dry shampoo is popular as they allow people to keep their hair clean and avoid getting late for meetings. One thing they fail to understand is that dry shampoo isn’t shampoo. All it does is coat your hair with powder that absorbs oils from your scalp. The shampoo also has some chemicals you wouldn’t like sitting on your head for days or weeks.

Regular use of dry shampoo can cause massive damage to your hair. By coating the hair follicle, the shampoo gives it little room for growth and ventilation. If dry shampoos have damaged your hair, consider using hair loss shampoo to repair and rebuild your hair strands.

Brushing wet hair

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Wet hair strands are very fragile and more vulnerable to breakage. Every time you comb your damp hair, you cause hair strands to break. It’s best to brush your hair before washing to reduce tangling. Once you wash your hair, always blot it with a soft towel. You should also leave it to dry before combing.

You should also avoid sleeping with wet hair. This is because wet hair can cause frizziness in the morning due to friction with the pillow.

Dirty brushes and combs

Many times, people forget to clean their hair combs and brushes until dirt accumulates on the tools for a long time. Using dirty tools, you’ll end up transferring the dead skin, germs, and other unwanted residuals on your hair. Learn to clean your hair tools regularly.

Tying hair tightly

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Certain hairstyles can damage your hair. Hairstyles that tightly pull your hair can pull at your scalp and damage your roots. You should also avoid tight hair ties because they can cause breakage and irritation in instances your hair is bound too tightly. Pick thick hair ties that are covered with fabric. Avoid materials like nylon or any other that might cause breakage on your hair.

Poor diet

Proper diet is very crucial in maintaining strong and healthy hair. You should eat foods rich in hair-growing nutrients and vitamins. Some of these foods include fish, eggs, cucumbers, and fruits, among others. You can also take supplements that help your hair get the needed vitamins and nutrients.

Cotton pillows

Cotton pillows are a common sight in many households. However, these pillows, despite their benefits, can cause hair breakage. Generally, cotton pillows cause hair strands to coil around each other as you turn and toss, and eventually wake up with frizzy hair. Combing frizzy hair can lead to hair breakage.