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Guide to Buying Plasma Lighters

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Lighters are among the most under-appreciated tools we have at our disposal. From the original flint spark models to famous Zippo, to today’s modern plasma lighters that use electricity to help set the thing on fire, it is a handy tool that has many uses. New technology gadgets are entering our lives almost daily and plasma lighters are just a small example of how much they can make our everyday activities simpler.

In order to help you make the best decision about purchasing your new plasma lighter, we have created a simple guide that will inform you about everything you need to know about them. Just like with any other gadget that appears on the market, people have few misconceptions about plasma lighters. This guide aims to dispel them and clarify important key features, as well as several things you need to know about how they work and what purpose they can serve, in order to make the best of them.

There are many situations in which you can use your plasma lighter. Any camping trip can use a lighter or two for several uses, building a campfire being just one of them. Plasma lighters or as they are also known, electric lighters, have one major advantage over traditional lighters in that they are windproof. You don’t have to shelter them with your hands in order to make them work, because they don’t have a flame that can be blown out. Instead, they rely on two electrodes placed in close proximity to create an electric arc that generates the plasma.

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Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It consists of ionized gas that flows between the electrodes, creating an arch that emits heat. The air around us provides the oxygen, and all we need is to add fuel in order to create fire. The fuel is the thing we want to set on fire, like firewood or a paper. Once we put all three together, we can get a nice fire going. Not only are these lighters windproof, but they are also safer since they don’t heat up like the traditional ones, eliminating the possibility of getting burned on them. They are so safe that even the TSA has cleared them, so you can take them with you when you board a plane.

Before deciding on what plasma lighter to buy, there are several things to consider. The first one is the reason you need it. Different models serve different functions. For instance, lighting a fire or a candle usually require different types of plasma lighters. Naturally, in a pinch, any model will do, but the level of comfort and safety can be quite different if you use a suitable model. There are also dedicated models for survival, that are made to be extra durable and tough. If you just want a handy lighter to light your candles, there are models that come with an elongated neck, designed to reach deep into a bowl and light a candle at the bottom in the safest manner possible.

Next, you need to decide whether you want a single or dual arc model. The difference is self-explanatory. Single arc uses one pair of electrodes, while dual have two pairs, to create two plasma arcs, increasing the heat level that is produced. This, however, comes at the price. Not only are dual arc more expensive, but their batteries don’t last as long as the ones with a single arc.

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Majority of the better models on market today are rechargeable, opposed to the single-use battery in older models. They have a USB port that can be used to charge the battery. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is another thing to consider. Cheaper models will provide you with 90 to 120 lights, while more expensive ones will give you between 250 and 350 lights on a single charge.

Finally, the design of plasma lighter can also be important. They come in various styles, and you have a pretty large selection to choose from. Pay attention not only to aesthetics, but also ergonomics and how the lighter feels in your hands. Fumbling a lighter can be embarrassing, not to mention dangerous.