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Gods Approval Rating at 52 Percent


August 26, 2011. With the daily barrage of negative data and poll numbers Americans receive each day, the country’s politicians can take some comfort in knowing that even God is having a hard time pleasing His constituents. While reviewing today’s latest poll numbers from AP, we at Whiteout Press decided to do a little research. We don’t know if it’s funny or disturbing that out of all of Congress and the White House, there are only two whose approval rating is higher than their disapproval rating – God and Ron Paul.

While the most recent Gallup poll to measure President Obama’s approval rating showed it hitting only 39 percent, today’s AP-Roper-GfK poll shows the President with a 46 percent approval rating compared to a 52 percent disapproval rating. Fairing even worse was the US Congress. As a whole, Americans’ approval rating of Congress is a staggering 12 percent.

In another gloomy poll result, the poll shows that 75 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. That compares to just 33 percent who feel the country is headed in the right direction. Yes, we at Whiteout Press realize that adds up to 108 percent. It’s AP’s poll, not ours.

Here are the specific details of today’s AP-Roper-GfK poll:


President Barack Obama: 46 percent Approve, 52 percent Disapprove

Congress (both houses, both parties): 12 percent Approve, 87 percent Disapprove
Democrats in Congress: 30 percent Approve, 68 percent Disapprove
Republicans in Congress: 24 percent Approve, 75 percent Disapprove

Republican Candidates for President

Ron Paul: 37 percent Approve, 36 percent Disapprove
Mitt Romney: 39 percent Approve, 41 percent Disapprove
Rick Perry: 33 percent Approve, 36 percent Disapprove
Michele Bachmann: 35 percent Approve, 43 percent Disapprove
Rick Santorum: 20 percent Approve, 31 percent Disapprove
Jon Huntsman: 17 percent Approve, 28 percent Disapprove
Herman Cain: 21 percent Approve, 27 percent Disapprove
New Gingrich: 27 percent Approve, 57 percent Disapprove

Today’s Examiner.com article referenced a recent Whiteout Press article. We thought we’d return the favor. The Examiner article, ‘Poll Says Congress Approval at 12 Percent’ makes a couple noteworthy observations. Most notably, the only politician in today’s AP poll from either the Republican side or the Democrats’ ranks whose Approval rating is higher than his Disapproval rating is Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). As acknowledged in today’s Examiner article, good luck finding that fact mentioned in the mainstream media. The press has all but declared war on the Presidential candidate. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Mainstream Media not so Mainstream’ to find out more.

That leads us to another interesting fact. In a recent Harris poll published at DemocraticUnderground.com, the mainstream media’s Approval rating is an abysmal 10 percent. Proving that nobody can please all the people all the time, even God is having his share of PR problems. A poll from KSL TV/Radio in Salt Lake City shows that even God’s Approval rating is only 52 percent. We don’t know if that’s funny or disturbing.

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