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glbt get equal rights just leaves dads and white males


June 29, 2015

GLBT get Equal Rights – that just leaves Dads and White Males

By Mark Wachtler

June 29, 2015. Washington. (ONN) It was a glorious week for our GLBT friends with the US Supreme Court rejecting the ability of states to outlaw gay marriage. In doing so, the Court affirmed that members of the GLBT community have the same Constitutional rights as everybody else. Well, everybody except fathers and white males. It seems that dads and white men are now alone in the category of Americans not legally protected from discrimination.

Blacked-out in the US, this fathers rights protest was only covered by the China Daily News.

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Before some of our readers roll their eyes and stop reading because they refuse to believe the fact that fathers and white men do not have equal rights, we should remind them that the courts made that race and gender-based policy the law of the land decades ago. And just to confirm for ourselves, your author spent half the day on the phone with the Justice Department s Civil Rights Division, where a DoJ representative reluctantly confirmed that fact. It s not against the law to discriminate against white males, at least not for being white or male, he reaffirmed, Maybe someday the Supreme Court will change that.

Dads want their civil rights

Longtime Whiteout Press readers know this author is both a white male and a single father. And for the past 19 years, I ve had to pay child support for kids I ve been raising for years. Why? According to three dozen employees of the Dept of Human Services from three different states, Child support is for mothers, not fathers, even when the father is the one raising the kids. It s admirable since so few fathers want anything to do with their own children. But it doesn t excuse you from your financial responsibilities.

Do you think your author is alone? Hardly. Social media sites are flooded with groups solely for the support of fathers who have been denied basic civil rights. Ask around. Everyone knows a dad who s been wronged by the system these days. The discrimination has gotten so bad and so devastating that a law had to be passed called the ?Uninjured Spouse law which protects new wives from the government s persecution, prosecution and theft from their husbands over child support, again, even if they re the ones actually raising the kids.

White males want their civil rights

Decades worth of court rulings have upheld government and institutional discrimination against white males, and nowhere is that more evidenced than in college admissions and government hiring. Any day now, females will officially make up two-thirds of all college students enrolled in bachelor degree programs. And African Americans have long held twice the percentage of high-paying government jobs as their overall population would dictate. How did those two stats come about? Institutionalized discrimination.

On a personal level, your author experienced the discrimination as far back as the 1980 s upon graduating from high school. Both higher education and government institutions routinely touted the same false promise, We re an equal opportunity institution and we do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion or disability. We do however award extra credit and consideration to applicants who are women or minorities. Even a teenager can see the hypocrisy in that national policy.

I want my civil rights

Today, your author s personal experience with racial and gender discrimination comes at a much higher cost. Over the course of a decade and a half of trying to fight the confiscation of hundreds of dollars of child support payments each month from my kids and I, the Dept of Human Services referred us to six legal aid charities that provide free lawyers to the poor, which we were thanks to the Dept of Human Resources. It s expensive being a single parent working two jobs, especially when you re denied child support, and even more so when you re forced to pay child support for the kids you re raising.

But after attempting to apply for assistance from the six government-supported legal aid charities, three were out of business and closed down. And the remaining three only provide services to women and minorities. In other words, they help everyone but white males. In America, we frantically label organizations like that as hate groups, except when they discriminate against white males. Then it s okay.

Discrimination is wrong, regardless of the race or gender

One glimpse across society proves the hypocrisy and discrimination. Socially promoted programs like ?bring your daughter to work – just don t bring your son – have gone a long way in making gender discrimination okay. And a decade worth of black-only proms, followed by countless schools that now refuse to allow white students to go on field trips or attend school assemblies, has made racial discrimination the norm as well. An entire Saturday Night Live audience cheering at a host s recent encouragement to, kill all the white people didn t help either.

Would it make a difference if I pointed out that my two daughters are half Latino? Because in my family s personal example, government and society s obsession with denying white males equal rights has hurt nobody more than two Hispanic little girls. They re now adults with kids of their own. And believe it or not, we re still being charged and paying child support each month. Why? Because punishing white males – and their children – has become more important to the government and American society than protecting civil rights.

Like the gentleman in the Justice Department s Division of Civil Rights told me, Maybe someday the Supreme Court with change that. Until then, I ll continue to watch my TV set tell me that everyone now has equal rights in America thanks to the Supreme Court s marriage equality ruling. I m happy for the GLBT community. No American should be denied their Constitutional rights, not even dads and white males.

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