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June 17, 2015

FREE Oscar Lopez Rivera, FREE Puerto Rico – June 22 NYC

By José M López Sierra

June 17, 2015. New York. (ONN) Oscar Lopez Rivera is the world’s longest-held political prisoner, held by the US government since 1980 for conspiracy to overthrow the government. That’s 34 years for a crime he didn’t commit. The people of Puerto Rico are also being held prisoner by the US government. Their colonial captivity has been going on for 117 years. On June 22, 2015, supporters demanding freedom for both will march through the streets of New York while just inside, the UN will hold hearings on Puerto Rican decolonization.

Oscar Lopez Rivera has been in a US prison for 34 years for conspiracy to overthrow the government, a crime he didn’t commit.

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Puerto Rican independence

The eternal crisis that we live has to do with our 117 years of colonial relationship with the United States government. If we were to study our own history, we would become convinced that our relationship with the US government is for the sole purpose of total exploitation of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans for its own benefit. However, with its total control it has washed our brains to believe that the US government is the good guy, and we are the bad guys.

In reality, the United States takes out 14-times the investment it makes in Puerto Rico. And that is the root of our financial crisis. Click on the following link to get the details: https://youtu.be/68uPd0aP1X0.

We were not the ones who invaded ourselves to make us a colony of the US government. We cannot solve our colonial problem fighting among ourselves. The US government is the only one responsible for our colonial relationship. That is why four Puerto Rican nationalists attacked the US Congress in 1954. Let’s join forces and march peacefully and permanently several times a year for the immediate decolonization of Puerto Rico, because those who maintain colonies don’t believe in justice for all!

History and knowledge

The struggle for Puerto Rico decolonization has always been fragmented due to the following reasons:

  • Puerto Rico has always been a colony. She was first a Spanish possession for over 400 years, and then of the United States government for the past 117 years.
  • Colonies are for exploitation. The empire must not teach its colony the real history if it wants to keep its colony forever. If the colony were to learn its history, a revolution would eventually occur. This is why most Puerto Ricans do not know their history. Those of us who do, it’s because we have dug it out on our own.

That fact of the matter is that Puerto Ricans have nothing to decide at this point. The United Nations (UN) determined in 1960 that colonialism is a crime against humanity, because of its threat to world peace. Therefore, it is the United States government that unilaterally has to give Puerto Rico her power to govern herself. Then would be the time for Puerto Ricans to decide their own future without outside interference.

2nd Oscar-Mandela March in NYC

The 2nd Oscar-Mandela March in New York City will be on the same day as the UN’s hearing about Puerto Rico (June 22, 2015). We will march at 9am from Hunter College on 68th Street and Lexington Avenue to the Ralph Bunche Park across the Avenue from the UN. We will remain there until 5pm, as we inform the public about Puerto Rico’s colonial relationship with the US government and the unjust 34-year incarceration of Oscar Lopez Rivera.

These marches will continue year after year, because any country that ignores 33 UN resolutions doesn’t believe in justice for all. Help us spread the word about the media coverage (the UN hearing is blacked-out in the US and Puerto Rico), and our peaceful march to force the US government to comply with the 33 UN resolutions to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.

The UN is in its third decade trying to eradicate world colonialism. If it really wants to achieve a decolonized world, I suggest that a good next step would be to begin to broadcast these annual Puerto Rico decolonization hearings on its radio and TV Webcast. That way, people all over the world would be able to hear and witness live what happens at these hearings. That would then help us greatly to develop the appropriate level of determination to achieve a colonized-free world.

As Dr. King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” For more information, visit www.todosunidosdescolonizarpr.blogspot.com (site is in Spanish and English). Also, visit the Free Oscar Lopez Rivera Facebook page.


José M. López Sierra is the spokesperson for United Partners for the Decolonization of Puerto Rico. In addition to the petition that he will make to the UN, he is part of the committee that organized the 2nd Oscar-Mandela March in NYC. José is also a correspondent in Puerto Rico for InformaciónAlDesnudo.com.


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