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Giant New Planet Would Prove Prophecies Right

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February 15, 2014. (ONN) Three years ago, Japanese astronomers made a discovery that shocked the world. They detected invisible gravitational forces, like those of a large planet, pulling objects in our own solar system out of millennia-old orbits. Two years ago, scientists in Brazil confirmed the finding. Now, increased violent weather here on Earth is causing some to return to the prophecies of people like Zecharia Sitchin and his Twelfth Planet theory.

For hundreds of years, a small handful of psychics, astronomers, astrologers, archeologists, historians and an army of believers have insisted our Solar System has a secret that’s millions of years old – we’re not the only intelligent, advanced beings in our galaxy. We’re not even the only beings in our own solar system. And the aliens from the neighboring planet are actually human. In fact, many believe they’re not just like us, they are us.

Series of Discoveries

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The problem so far is that nobody has been able to locate this mysterious and seemingly invisible giant planet orbiting our own sun. Like an actual scene out of one of the Star Wars movies, the planet’s massive gravitational pull is there, but the planet isn’t.

On the other side of the mystery, scientists have recently discovered no less than 500 planets that violate our own laws of nature. Unlike the countless other planets in the universe, these appear to roam freely and don’t seem to revolve around the sun. If they do, it’s an elongated and yet-unmapped orbit.

A 2011 Whiteout Press article, ‘Genesis and the Twelfth Planet,’ details the discovery by Japanese scientists. The following year, researchers in Brazil discovered a similar anomaly, and with it, a loud and clear warning.

Every object in the Universe has held the same orbit for millions of years unless knocked into a new orbit by colliding with another object or being pushed by the gravity of a larger mass, they explained in a report in National Geographic. Their discovery – six large asteroid-like bodies that orbit our Sun, including one named Sedna, have been pulled into new orbits. Why?

An article only two months ago from Space.com announces that astronomers have a hypothesis. They found a rogue planet eleven-times the size of Jupiter that circles its star at a distance 650-times further away than the Earth’s orbit.

“This system is especially fascinating because no model of either planet or star formation fully explains what we see,” the University of Arizona’s Vanessa Bailey told the science publication.

The National Geographic report from last year quotes Brazilian astronomer Rodney Gomez, who discovered the six altered orbits here in our own solar system, with his own theory.

In a speech to the American Astronomical Society, he explained the anomalies using Zecharia Sitchin’s long-ridiculed ‘science fiction’ theory. “I think the easiest one is a planetary-mass solar companion”- a planet that orbits very far out from the sun but that’s massive enough to be having gravitational effects on Kuiper belt objects.

The Brazilian scientists used two examples to illustrate that even with data on the gravitational pull, it’s impossible to tell how big this mysterious object in our solar system could be.

Gomez says, ‘a Neptune-size world, about four times bigger than Earth, orbiting 140 billion miles, about 1,500-times farther than Earth’ could do it. But so would a Mars-size object – roughly half Earth’s size – in a highly elongated orbit that would occasionally bring the body sweeping to within 5 billion miles (8 billion kilometers) of the sun.’

Unexplained Earth Changes

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Not waiting around for an official explanation from the scientific community, other researchers have been studying the Earth’s recent changes they insist are unprecedented in human times.

IntelliHub.com published a report last week detailing examples from a wide array of sources that ranged from Zecharia Sitchin to NBC Today’s Al Roker, and MIT to the journal Nature.

‘Current worldwide weather anomalies and drastic changes with the earth and sun give indication that some type of massive celestial object may be moving into range,’ IntelliHub writes, ‘possibly even threatening the inhabitants of earth as emergency preparations by various nations have been taken.’

The authors detail how mainstream media outlets like the Today Show at NBC are simply chalking up all the rapid environmental changes to the “polar vortex” and dismissing any other questions as “left-winged global conspiracies.”

The publication dismisses the network’s political posturing and gives its own examples it says proves something unprecedented is going on.

‘In Indonesia alone, 19 volcanoes were raised to alert status Tuesday,’ they write, ‘This dovetails with seismic activity in the US Yellowstone region which was also reported to have picked up recently, showing a clear trend of noticeable earth changes worldwide.’ In the US, more than 50 cities have broken records for the coldest temperatures in recorded history this winter.

As TV meteorologists have enjoyed pointing out over the past two months, North America has been as cold as Mars, literally.

Winds have just been recorded reaching 86mph in North Carolina, which pale in comparison to the 200mph winds recorded in the Philippines. And massive rains dropping as much as 24 inches of water have been striking various spots from Florida to Europe to Indonesia.

Just this morning, officials in England announced the country has received more rain this year than any year in the past two centuries. As this article is being written, the British military has been dispatched to towns and cities along the Thames River that are underwater, displacing thousands of residents.

Even sunspots, or solar flares, are performing exactly the opposite as they’re supposed to. Spiking in correlation with the 12/21/12 Mayan doomsday predictions, the sun should be just coming down from its 11-year peak activity and sill exhibiting much larger flares than normal. But so far this year, scientists say the fiery explosions on the surface of the sun are only half as extreme as they should be.

Ready or Not, Here it Comes

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For decades, many have warned of a mysterious ‘Planet X’ they prophesied would re-enter the local portion of its long-distance, elongated orbit around our Sun and once again come close enough to Earth that aliens could visit our planet, build pyramids, conquer empires, intermarry with Biblical figures, and be widely considered to be the “giants” that lived to be hundreds of years old in ancient days and documented in the Bible.

The IntelliHub report quotes astronomers published in the journal Nature explaining that a massive spike in asteroid and comet activity around Earth is the result of Jupiter bowling a strike through the asteroid belt and knocking hundreds, if not thousands, of asteroids out of their orbit and into the rest of the planets orbiting the sun, including Earth. But others aren’t so quick to believe.

They insist the evidence points to something else – a much larger object coming closer and closer to the Earth and affecting the orbits of smaller objects, including the Earth, with its massive gravity.

Some are even quietly wondering if the Earth hasn’t already been pulled out of orbit slightly. The last few years have all but dismantled the widely-accepted theories about global warming.

Most experts readily point out now that global warming has all but stopped for some reason. But others insist that’s not entirely accurate. As crazy as it sounds, recent statistics show they’re both right. While the North Pole is still experiencing ever-rising temperatures, the South Pole is colder than ever and so frozen that the world’s biggest ice-cutting ships are all getting stuck.

But it’s not as simple as the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere getting hotter and the Southern Hemisphere getting colder.

Think of it as a four-layer cake. The North Pole is hotter than it should be. Yet the continents of the Northern Hemisphere are colder than they should be as evidenced by this winter’s record cold temperatures.

The continents of the Southern Hemisphere are hotter than they should be as evidenced by Australia’s recent 115-plus degree record temps, while the South Pole is colder than it should be. What’s going on?

Is the Earth being slowly pulled out of orbit right now like so many other bodies in our solar system?

Is it being caused by a mysterious giant 12th planet making its 3,600-year return from its oval, elongated orbit as author Zecharia Sitchen believed? If so, history suggests there should be no cause for alarm.

As Sitchen wrote in 1976, mankind has survived the numerous returns of our alien neighbors and in fact flourished with inexplicable leaps in technology each time the cycle brought the planet temporarily into near-orbit again. The only problem is, Sitchen’s 12th planet isn’t scheduled to return again until the year 3400AD.