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September 6, 2013

France flips on Syria – Russia, China rush Warships

September 6, 2013. St. Petersburg. (ONN) Today at the G20 meeting in Russia, French President Francois Hollande dealt President Obama another embarrassing setback over Syria. Shocking his US ally, Hollande announced that France would not join the US in a military strike and would instead wait until the full UN report is made available. At the same time, Russia and China continue to swarm the Mediterranean Sea with warships in preparation for a war with the US.

Russian ships off the coast of Syria. Image courtesy of The Guardian.

The way things are shaping up, President Obama may want to stop asking America’s allies if they would join him in a war against Syria and instead quickly find out who’s willing to defend America against Russia and China. Nobody seems to know what Barack Obama is doing. But everyone can see what Russia and China are doing. They’re building up their military forces, including hundreds of thousands of troops, to fight the United States in World War 3.

France walks away from Obama

As one US ally after another refused to join President Obama in his ‘coalition of the willing’, pro-war advocates repeatedly fell back on the consolation, “At least France is with us.” Today, the French President changed that position. Now, they won’t be attacking and will reserve their decision until after the UN report is published.

In a Herald Sun report breaking the news only hours ago, the outlet points out that earlier this week the French government swore it had the evidence itself proving the Assad government used chemical weapons. Now, President Hollande has shelved that position in lieu of the anticipated UN inspectors report. “Yes, we will wait for the inspectors’ report,” he told reporters at the G20 Summit.

During his post-Summit press conference, President Obama looked worn and weary as he took question after question about Syria. At one point, he criticized a reporter for asking the exact same question that was asked five minutes earlier – would he attack Syria if Congress voted down his request? The President continued his refusal to answer that question.

Earlier, Obama had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a closed-door 25-minute meeting. At the exact same time the two men spoke, both nations were speeding their naval fleets to the Syrian coast for possible war with each other. While the Russian President has previously said he would not retaliate militarily against the US after a strike on Syria, Putin purposely never commented on what the Russian response would be to a US and Israeli attack on Iran. Many critics believe Obama’s desperate need to attack Syria is a necessary precursor so Israel can attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, Turkey can attack the Kurds in Syria and the US can attack Iran.

Russian and Chinese warships on the move

As reported by CBS News only hours ago, the Speaker of the Russian legislature announced that his nation was cancelling its planned visit to Washington to discuss the crisis in Syria. He blamed the decision not on ill will by his government, but instead on what he termed “deplorable” actions by US Senate President Harry Reid (D-NV) and US House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). The Russian Speaker said both US legislative leaders refused to meet with their Russian counterparts to avoid hostilities between the two nations. When contacted by CBS, both Boehner’s and Reid’s spokespeople confirmed they had rebuffed the Russian offer to meet.

At the same time Russian news outlets were reporting that US officials refused to meet to discuss peace, they continued on their week-long warning that World War 3 is rapidly approaching due to US aggression. Illustrating their predictions, they reported that two more Russian warships were being dispatched to the Mediterranean Sea. Russia has a naval base on Syria’s coast that it has maintained since the Soviet era. In recent months, more and more warships have joined the rapidly growing fleet.

As far back as June, Whiteout Press began reporting on the Russian Naval buildup in Syria (US and Russia deploy Forces to Syria Conflict). At the time, Russian officials announced they would again patrol the Mediterranean with their nuclear submarine fleet, something they hadn’t done in over 20 years. More ominous, Russian officials confirmed they had ordered their Far East Naval fleet to immediately redeploy to the Mediterranean Sea in preparation for an escalation in the Syrian conflict.

In August, Russia sent even more warships to the Syrian coast including an anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser. Two days ago, Bloomberg News reported that two more Russian warships were dispatched to the area including two destroyers – the Nastoichivy, the flagship of the Baltic Fleet, and the Moskva missile cruiser. Today, Russia announced that two more warships were heading to Syria including ships from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, the frigate Smetlivyi and the landing ship Nicholai Filchenkov.

Illustrating the buildup even more, three more Russian warships arrived off the coast of Turkey en route to Syria yesterday. As reported by Yahoo News, they included the SSV-201 intelligence ship Priazovye, accompanied by the two landing ships Minsk and Novocherkassk.

China sends warships to Syria

Yesterday, Russian news outlets reported that Chinese warships were also deployed to Syria. Chinese officials claim they are only there as “observers” and should not be seen as a military provocation. As reported by Infowars, the Peoples Liberation Army will deploy a number of Chinese warships to the area, including the Jinggangshan, which was just observed nearing the Suez Canal for entry into the Mediterranean.

Standing in opposition to the growing Russian and Chinese fleets are five US Destroyers and an amphibious warship. The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and its strike group are also stationed in the nearby Red Sea. The battle group includes the cruiser USS Princeton and the destroyers USS William P. Lawrence, USS Stockdale and USS Shoup. Even more frightening, Infowars and StoryLeak reported three days ago that the US has begun deploying its nuclear missiles and B1 Bombers for the possibility of strikes deep inside Russia. Read the following Whiteout Press articles for more information.


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