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fl activists hosting unity event and live youtube channel


August 29, 2013

FL Activists hosting Unity Event & LIVE YouTube Channel


August 29, 2013. Tallahassee. Those grassroots liberty activists in Florida are at it again. They’ve announced an Oct 5th open conference titled Unity In Action. More immediately, the same group is attempting to transform their weekly, 3-hour, live radio show from the internet and the AM dial into a live video show broadcast by YouTube. All they need is 1,000 subscribers.

Liberty Underground is hosting an Oct. unity summit, as well as launching a live YouTube channel.

Florida Unity in Action Summit

While the Florida Unity in Action Summit bills itself as a local, Florida meeting of grassroots activists from across the state, the organizations already participating are some of the most well-known on the national level. They include Campaign for Liberty, Fully Informed Jury Association, John Birch Society, Liberty First Network, Oath Keepers and a host of others.

As detailed on the event’s website FloridaUnityInAction.com, ‘Unity in Action is a one day nonpartisan event focused on educating activists from around the state on the key issues facing Florida. We have brought 24 of the best single issue organizations from around the state that will provide you with the most up-to-date information and real action items.’

This event isn’t your typical speech-fest by limelight-driven patriots-for-profit. Instead, each of the two dozen organizations will break off and allow conference attendees to get involved with only the group or groups they specifically support. Such one-to-one introductions should result in a number of new members and supporters for each grassroots organization in attendance.

The organizer of the Florida Unity in Action Summit, Alexander Snitker, explained, “Just like you, I have attended many different meetings and conferences. Too many of them waste your time talking entirely too much about the problems and not nearly enough about the solutions. You already know the problems. You want to hear about the solutions. Our event is completely focused on that.”

Event details

The October 5, 2013 Florida Unity in Action Summit is a one-day event, broken up into a morning session and an afternoon session. During each period, attendees can participate in as many as four different organizations’ individual break-out meetings. Each will be 30 minutes. Separated by lunch, which is provided by a handful of food vendors located on-site, the afternoon session will be a repeat of the morning events, with a separate set of organizations.

Event organizers also note that for attendees who find themselves not wanting to participate in any break-out sessions, there will be a number of booths, literature tables and other items to keep them busy. The unity summit is scheduled to begin at 9:00am local time and end at 5:00pm. Best of all, the cost of admission is one can of food for the local food bank. For more information, visit FloridaUnityInAction.com.

Liberty Underground Show

As if hosting a state-wide unity conference wasn’t enough, Alexander Snitker and his weekly Liberty Underground radio show are appealing to listeners and supporters for a little assistance. Currently, the show airs live online at UStream.tv and locally on AM1340.

“U Stream is a decent platform. But one major problem is the commercials you have to see when we are live,” show co-host Snitker explained in an email to supporters yesterday, “We want to move our LIVE show to YouTube. But in order to do that, we need 1,000 subscribers.”

The show is produced by the 1787 Radio Network. Currently on the Liberty Underground YouTube channel, the most recent live three-hour show is from last week and is posted for viewing. The group says they need 1,000 subscribers to go live on YouTube and as of last check, they had 199.

For more information, visit the Liberty Underground YouTube channel and think about subscribing so they can go live. Their channel’s ‘About’ section describes the show saying, ‘Join Alex Snitker, Adrian Wyllie and Danielle Alexandre on the Liberty Underground radio show every Friday from 9-12pm streaming live at www.1787network.com.’


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