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August 7, 2013

FBI Memo says US Soldiers working for Mexican Cartels

August 7, 2013. El Paso. While Americans are distracted by their conquest of the Middle East, the Mexican rebel invasion force continues to solidify its hold on US territory, including every major city and town in America. The largest employer in Mexico, and possibly the US, the terror organizations are now openly advertising for American military personnel to help infiltrate the US, and according to a leaked FBI Memo, many are joining up.

Los Zetas openly recruits soldiers for its conquest of Mexico and the US. Image courtesy of AddictingInfo.org.

Infiltrating the US military

As detailed by Reuters two days ago and published by Yahoo Finance, a just-leaked FBI Memo confirms that US soldiers are increasingly enlisting in the ranks of the Mexican drug cartels. ‘A leaked FBI confidential bulletin revealed that the Los Zetas cartel, which was founded by former elite Mexican troops, has been vigorously expanding its US connections for years by collaborating with US gangs in drug dealing and enforcement activities on both sides of the border,’ Reuters reports, ‘But the recruitment of US soldiers for the sole purpose of knocking people off is a disturbing trend, especially given how much sense it makes.’

The news organization goes on to give a handful of examples. They include Army PFC Michael Apodaca. He pled guilty in El Paso, Texas to carrying out the assassination of a US federal informant who had infiltrated the Juarez cartel. At the time, he was stationed at nearby Fort Bliss and a member of the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. Apodaca, age 22, was sentenced to life in prison.

Another example cited is that of 29 year-old Kevin Corley. A retired Army 1st Lieutenant, he was caught in a DEA sting operation just prior to carrying out an assassination for what he thought was the Los Zetas cartel. Corley was also charged with selling AR-15’s and military-grade, bullet-proof ballistic vests. Also arrested was retired US Army Sgt. Samuel Walker who had already carried out an assassination for the Zetas in 2012.

Illustrating just how wide-spread the infiltration of the US military is, Reuters goes on to speculate that the recent murder of a Gulf cartel official in a mall parking lot in an affluent suburb of Fort Worth, Texas was most-likely carried out by current or former US soldiers working for the Mexican terror groups. The account quoted one expert describing the military-style operation saying, “I don’t have any information to confirm. But we know that a hit team came in and out and there was also a stand-alone recon team.”

The leaked FBI Memo

The website AddictingInfo.org published portions of the just-leaked FBI Memo. It reads:

‘The FBI San Antonio judges with high confidence that Los Zetas will continue to increase their recruitment efforts and establish pacts with other Mexico and US-based prison and street gangs, as well as non-Mexican nationals to maintain their drug trafficking and support operations…FBI judges with moderate confidence that Los Zetas will likely pose a higher national security threat to the United States, based on their demonstrated capabilities for violence, their recent murders of US citizens, increased kidnappings of US citizens on both sides of the border, and their continued participation in the US drug trade. With the GOM military counter-narcotic operations and turf battles against other DTOs, Los Zetas violence and criminal activity will most likely increase.’

The FBI Memo follows on the footsteps of recent independent, grassroots reports detailing the success Mexican forces have had infiltrating the United States. It’s been suggested that America’s corporate media censors all reference to any type of Mexican invasion. Corporations are afraid of angering the second-fastest growing consumer demographic in America because of their buying power, while US politicians are afraid to speak out because of their future voting power.

Infiltrating the US

The Mexican occupation of major sections of the US has become so obvious as of late, even some major US news outlets have been forced to concede the truth. Business Insider published an Associated Press report in April showing that Mexican terror organizations were dispatching mid-level leaders to cities across the US to coordinate their forces from within America.

AP reports, “Places like Atlanta and Chicago, which have seen a surge of cartel activity in the last year, now serve as sophisticated hubs for traffickers who supply America’s $60 billion-a-year narcotics industry.” The account goes on to quote government statistics showing, “More than 1,200 communities reported some level of cartel presence to the DEA in 2011.”

Thanks to the US media black-out, many Americans working for the Mexican terror organizations within the US aren’t even aware they are low-level soldiers of the foreign cartels. AP quotes Jack Riley, the DEA’s Chicago chief, explaining, “They are puppeteers. Maybe the shooter didn’t know and maybe the victim didn’t know that. But if you follow it down the line, the cartels are ultimately responsible.”

Showing just how comfortable the Mexican terror groups have gotten in the US, the Chicago Crime Commission recently named Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman as, ‘Public Enemy #1’ – a designation not held by anyone since Al Capone was given that title almost a century ago. The outlet also points to another example – Jose Gonzalez-Zavala, an under-boss of the La Familia Mexican cartel. He was recently discovered living in Joliet, Illinois where he managed the cartel’s operations from his luxurious suburban home.

Invasion or immigration?

Illustrating the notion that these are ‘terror organizations’ and not simple drug-dealing immigrants, the chief Prosecutor in Gwinnett County, Georgia recently explained what he’s typically up against. Danny Porter told AP, “They say, ‘we are more scared of them [the cartels] than of you. We talk and they’ll boil our family in acid.’ Their families are essentially hostages.”

Also published by Business Insider, the National Post produced an extremely informative infographic detailing both the routes of drugs from Mexico through each US city and a heavily-populated map of the US showing which cartels have established operations in which US cities. Visit Business Insider to view the infographic.

As a final thought, consider the below paramilitary forces already stationed across the US, as confirmed by numerous FBI reports and published in the Whiteout Press article, ‘US backed Death Squads killing LA Gang Members in Honduras’:

  1. 18th Street – 65,000 soldiers with 15,000 of those deployed in California alone (a member organization of the Mexican Mafia)
  2. Mara Salvatrucha, aka MS-13 – 70,000 soldiers with 15,000 of those deployed across 42 American states (mainly former Communist rebel fighters from El Salvador, the ‘13’ is in tribute to the Mexican Mafia with ‘M’ or ‘13’ being the terror organization’s main symbol)
  3. Latin Kings – 30,000 soldiers in the US with 18,000 of those deployed in the Chicago area alone. Credited by the FBI with being the largest criminal organization in the US.
  4. Nuestra Familia – 13,000 soldiers deployed across America’s south and southwest (Mexican Mafia’s main rival)
  5. Surenos, aka Sur-13 – 12,000 soldiers deployed mainly throughout America’s southwest and southern California (also a member organization of the Mexican Mafia, paying tribute with the number ‘13’)

Not-so-hypothetical questions

Two years ago, a Whiteout Press reader attempted to illustrate his argument in an open letter by posing the following questions:

‘What do you call it when 10,000 military commandos change into civilian clothes and sneak across the neighboring country’s borders, strategically positioning military cells in hundreds of major cities and towns? That would be the prelude to an invasion. And what would you call it when immediately following that, 100,000 heavily armed militant militiamen also simultaneously sneak across that same national border, also covertly taking up positions in hundreds of towns and cities in the neighboring country? That would be an invasion. And what would you call it when 20,000,000 foreign nationals follow across the same neighbor’s border, setting up residence and taking complete control of local governments, police forces and entire towns and neighborhoods? That would be called a successful invasion.’

And while the above scenario has played out, US corporations see only new consumers and additional sales. Republicans see only cheaper labor and higher profits. And Democrats see only future voters and a lock on future authority and power. Meanwhile, main street America is witnessing an entirely different reality.


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