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Family Court War on Families

February 9, 2017. Sarasota, FL (ONN). We’ve all seen news reports detailing murders, suicides and murder-suicides caused by denying parents contact with their children. There is no dispute that these parents are out of their minds. But what the news reports never mention is that many of them were driven insane by years of persecution by Family Courts and their war on families.

Below is one dad’s story. Other victimized parents, including all of us here at Whiteout Press, have personally experienced some of the exact same horrors at the hands of the Dept of Human Services and the family court system. This man’s experience is not unique. Unfortunately, it is more common and widespread than most Americans are aware, and getting worse by the day.

Family Court War on Families

From AVNetnews.net

True story. Joe’s son, born in 1999 San Francisco, was stolen by his mother and nearly died several times by neglect by the mother.  Florida family court denies and violates federal law and refuses to return the child.

Dad loves his son dearly. Mother refuses contact from the beginning. Child is distressed to the point he begins attacking kids and others around him. After repeated long-term visits are vetoed after dad arranges transportation, lodging, and activities from California to Florida, dad relocates to Florida for his son.

Sarasota family court judge blows a gasket telling dad to go back to California, abandon his son and just make money.  Dad stays in Florida. Sarasota family court wages a war on this child. Family proceeds to turn this child into an angry, irrational, prescription drug addict, while subverting father-child time at every opportunity.

  1. Court has not given a hearing time on dad’s request one time in seventeen years.

  2. Court slanders and defames dad, violates state and federal law in back door violation defaming dad as a “sexual predator” and a “vexatious litigant”.  Neither is true, but concocted by the case’s previous judge.

  3. Child support remains approximately ten-times higher than federal and state legal guidelines.

  4. Florida Dept. of Revenue refuses to maintain child support compliance with federal and state guidelines, instead concocting illegal arrears mounting to approximately $120,000.

  5. Mother displays obvious sociopathic, narcissistic behavior short and long term; a psychopathic liar.

  6. Dad’s legal status is reduced to the equivalence of an 1850’s civil war slave.  He cannot file anything responsive even when he gets sued.

  7. Dad is sued approximately three times per year for ten years straight. The legal abuse and PTSD render dad unemployable.

  8. Undeserved ‘deadbeat dad’ stigma renders dad unemployable, a moral leper, a recluse.

9. Maniacal motions for contempt over child support continue repeatedly like a drunken orgy, even when the Dept of Revenue is fully aware dad no longer has ability to pay.

10. Child is stressed past endurable levels, becoming psychotically angry, flunking out of school, and becoming a sociopathic liar like his mother.

11. Dad’s home goes into foreclosure in 2009.

12. Dad is forced to file Federal Removals to get minimum access to the court for due process.

13. Dad experiences full tilt slave equivalent of bigotry and hate toward dads and children.

14. Child is so stressed he is poisoned psychologically toward dad, cuts off contact completely.

15. Sarasota Twelfth Circuit is so corrupt and off the rails, dad in near suicidal desperation goes to federal court, which is not much better.  The irrational logic, defiance and dishonesty on the part of officers of the court is crazy-making.


Sarasota family court has destroyed dad’s and son’s family, risked son’s death in refusing dad’s emergency proceedings, filed defamatory information destroying dad’s reputation and employability, making him a social leper, unfit to attend church. Driver’s license suspended with repeated trickery, defamation and lies, while refusing access to the court or even the ability to file responsive pleadings.

Home in foreclosure proceeding occurring in an ex-parte proceeding where dad was not served notice of the hearing. Judge concocts a bizarre excuse to refuse to vacate the illegal order.  Simply put, Sarasota’s courts rival the level of organized crime. This ongoing shill is illegal and abominable in all times and places, is by no means the exception, but commonly practiced as the rule. It’s more commonly known as child trafficking.

If you are a legislator or officer of the court, you need to stop this war on our families without delay.

The above account is from AVNetnews.net.


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