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A Cry For Justice


By Jewel Stroman

Jewel Stroman. Even a good parent with a good job can’t escape the injustice of the Washington DC family court system.

January 27, 2017. Washington, DC. (ONN) In 2011, my daughter was removed from my care for Medical Neglect after I failed to take her to a follow-up doctor’s appointment. I spent 15 long months battling Washington DC’s Child and Family Services Agency for custody of my daughter.

During my daughter’s time in care, my child was in three foster homes. She was removed from the first two at my behest for extreme negligence after I observed severe ring worms on my daughter’s forehead, arm and scalp. In the next foster home, on several occasions, I observed severe diaper rash on my child. After her ears were pierced by the foster parent without my consent, a violation of CFSA policy, my daughter was removed from that foster home as well.

I began contacting the media. When the media became involved, my daughter was returned to me. That was December 2011. In January 2012, the Afro American Newspaper published an article titled ‘Young Mom Refuses to Give Up on Child’ detailing my struggles of trying to regain custody of my daughter. Channel 9 News also covered the story.

CFSA and Family Court came under public scrutiny. Since my daughter’s return, CFSA has made numerous failed attempts to remove my children. In November 2016, CFSA opened a Family Court case against me for Educational Neglect when it was discovered that I was Home Schooling my daughter. Fortunately, my daughter was allowed to remain in my care under ‘Protective Supervision’. 

In December 2016, I failed to attend a disposition hearing due to car trouble. The Judge revoked Protective Supervision and ordered my daughter into Foster Care against the protest of CFSA social workers who wanted my child to remain in my care because there were no safety concerns and my daughter was not regularly attending public school.

The Judge said that because I failed to attend the hearing, I was unable to sign the new Protective Supervision order. Thus there was no one for the Court to release my daughter to. Later that day, my attorney, along with CFSA, asked the Judge to allow me to come and sign the order the next day. But the Judge refused, saying that she wasn’t waiting around on me and missing her Christmas vacation!!!

To date, I have refused to turn over my daughter. The Judge is now threatening me with jail time for Contempt of Court. In response, I have begun my own campaign for my daughter. I have started two petitions. One is online at change.org on behalf of my daughter. The second petition is against the Family Court Judge. I have arranged a meeting with DC Mayor Bowser at which time I will present the petitions.

I have also started my own Internet Radio Show, blogtalkradio.com/jewelstroman. The name of my show is ‘Blind to the Truth’ and I have posted the audio of my radio show onto my FaceBook page where I have almost 6,000 followers. I have also posted videos via YouTube under ‘Jewel Stroman’ exposing CPS Corruption.

Today, I will have to turn over my daughter. But my fight for justice will not stop until there is a nationwide overhaul on Child Protective Services and Family Courts, and stolen Children are returned to their natural parents. 

Other parents victimized by DCFS and Child Protective Services in the Washington DC area are encouraged to contact me at [email protected].


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