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Email Verification and How Important it is for your Company

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Collecting email addresses is a part of the job of every digital marketing assigned with an email marketing strategy. However, how does one know if the emails you have collected are quality? Just because you have gotten a brand new subscriber does not mean that the email is real or whether a person has made a type while typing it in. This is where email verification service comes in handy.

If you are not familiar with this term, basically, email verification services should be used by every company that is aiming to finish their email marketing goals by keeping your list free of temporary email account, free of types that impact your reach. The last thing you want to happen is risking your messages getting sent to spam folders or start being rejected because of the quality of your data.

Sender Score Factor

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If you have started an email marketing strategy, you probably already know what is a Sender Score, but for the uninitiated, it is what helps ISP determine whether you should get filtered as spam or if you are worthy enough to be sent to the inbox. The better your score, the better placement you will have on their ranking list, the lower your score, it is less likely that you can get to the inbox of your subscribers.

There are several benefits you can get out of email verification services which is why it is important for your company.

No more hard bounces

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One of the primary reasons why people lose a lot of sender score is because they do not notice they get hard bounces. To hard bounce is to send a message to a subscriber that does not exist. Either the address could have been deleted or it probably never existed at all and you got a fake or a temporary email address.

If you want to completely get rid of your email bounces and to reach more customers, we recommend that you check out this high-quality and affordable email verification service, TheChecker.

It is a smart idea to clean your list regularly to clean it from any old, unused subscribers. You should also review any new subscribers to make sure that they do not have typos or are fake accounts to avoid getting hard bounces which could lead to lower sender scores.

Reduced spam complaint rate

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For the best sender score, you should have at least less than 0.1% spam complaint rate this means that for every 1,000 of your email messages you should have a maximum of one spam complaint. To avoid these complaints you must send quality content to your subscribers, but even if you do, there is always that someone that will mark you as spam for no apparent reason.

By using email verification you can minimize your spam complaint rate by marking and deleting all those accounts that have a tendency to mark emails as spam. Getting rid of those types of people, you have a lot more chances to have few or even zero complaints.

It is always a good idea to keep your list clean and to get your data from reliable sources so you minimize the risk of lowering your sender score.