Home Business Don’t Be Afraid, SEO is still alive and Relevant In 2019!

Don’t Be Afraid, SEO is still alive and Relevant In 2019!

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Facebook ads, video marketing, pay per click, retargeting – There are endless means to connect with your customers. So, is SEO still important for your brand? Yes, absolutely! Search Engine Optimization refers to the collective set of practices that help in gaining a top spot in search results, which further helps website ranking and gaining traffic.  Time and again, there have been rumors that SEO is dead, especially because paid search engine marketing and social media promotions have benefited websites tremendously.

Truth be told, SEO is alive, it’s still the most relevant aspect of online marketing, and all you need to hire the best SEO agency like MediaOne.

In this post, we take a look at why SEO is so important and brands need to care.

Because Google matters

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More than 80% of web users rely on Google to find answers for their searches, and Google is extremely open about its love for SEO. Many companies believe that SEO is a blind game, but search engines have been fair about their practices. If you want Google to love your website, you have to rely on their SEO guidelines and ensure that all on-page and off-page elements are taken care of.

Because people look for businesses online

For a while, there has been this buzz that websites will be dead and apps will take the lead in the future. Yes, the use of apps has increased, but most people don’t use beyond a few apps that they are used to. Users are more likely to search for your website or service on Google than on the Play store, and to feature on the top of SERPs, you definitely need SEO.

Because users don’t explore beyond the first page

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People still love organic results and they do take Google’s recommendations seriously. As such, if your company doesn’t feature on the top of search results, you will lose traffic. No matter how effectively you run paid marketing campaigns, it is necessary for the target audience to find your company, and SEO is critical for that aspect alone.

Because SEO helps in branding

If your website appears on the top of Google’s results, customers trust it automatically. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly focusing on user experience, and unless you are trying to add to that “experience”, your website will not stand out. Brands also need to understand and appreciate the fact that SEO is not about budgets, but more about strategy.

Because SEO guarantees results

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Regardless of the niche, nature, and purpose of a website, SEO is bound to help, provided it’s done right. If that means hiring a top SEO company for the job, do that. SEO is about content, and Google loves good content. You may not know the algorithm, but if you are focusing on key on-page and off-page elements, good content and appropriate use of right keywords, you cannot go wrong with SEO.

Taking the leap

There is no way any hack can help you sustain in the SEO race. It has to be about digital strategy and using SEO as a part of the mix, so as to gain the maximum results. Most brands don’t really have a plan and they learn from the ever-evolving trends, which is not a bad thing, but it is also necessary to evaluate and understand what works for the niche and things the audience expects from your company. If you create good content for your website and through link building, there’s no reason why Google would ignore or website. It may take some time, but you will get there. Check online and review a few SEO companies to hire one.