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DCFS-CPS Tactics and Philosophy same as Nazi Germany


(ONN) I am making an attempt to shock my fellow Americans awake in order to see the truth. I understand it is not comfortable and I apologize. But it has to be done in order for humanity to progress and thrive. The 1930’s – 40’s have left a dark blood soaked stain in history. Hitler’s reign of terror included the Nazi eugenics programs. The information that I must make Americans aware of are the chilling comparisons between the Nazi Lebensborn program and Child Protective Services (CPS) which has it’s tentacles deeply entrenched in US Family Law courts.

Rise of Nazi Germany

Articles and books have been published on the subject of Hitler’s career and Germany’s turning to barbarism. They describe in minute detail the comings and goings of the actors of that tragedy; they reveal secrets about political and diplomatic interviews, about intrigues and conspiracies too. They give you a more or less reliable picture of the characters of the leading persons and entertain you, perhaps, with spicy stories about their private lives.

You get splendidly informed, yet you are not satisfied. The more you have learned about the events the more you are puzzled. There was a country with a fine democratic constitution built on the ideas of liberty and self-government. Its people had been glad to get rid of the Kaiser after the Great War, and had elected in the Weimar National Assembly men whose records and programs offered the best guarantee for a radical extirpation of the hated old Prussian ideas.

Fall of liberty

Then some crooks, fools and weaklings appeared on the stage of history, liberty was thrown away and democracy became rubbish. Hitler attained power under observance of a democratic constitution, the fundamental principle of which was self-government and self-determination of the people. He became Chancellor just in the same way as many of his predecessors: by regular appointment. There was no reason why the people should submit to tyranny against their will. They followed the tyrant voluntarily, many of them jubilant.

How did it happen, how could it happen? Germany was in a state of intoxication. Modernize at all costs was the only idea that people could entertain. In 1930, the first signs of a crisis became manifest. Workers stood off by machines met with difficulties when looking for other employment. Industrialists and merchants complained of difficulties in selling their merchandise. The position deteriorated month by month, week by week.

In 1931, the crisis was in full swing. The breakdown of the German banks in the summer of 1931 further proved the truth of the theory of the invariable costs. The industrialists and the merchants were unable to meet debts and interest and therefore the banks had to stop payment. The government rushed in to help the banks, which got accommodation at the expense of billions of marks drawn from the people’s taxes. Seven million men and women (one-third of the wage-earning people) unemployed, the middle class swept away: that was the position about one year after the climax of prosperity. Progress, conditioned as it was, had rapidly produced the most dreadful poverty.

Embracing tyranny

In the first year of the crisis the number of Nazi deputies to the Reichstag rose from 8 to 107. A year later, this figure was doubled. In the same time the Communists captured half of the votes of the German Social Democratic Party and the representation of the middle class practically disappeared. In January 1933, Hitler was appointed Reichskanzler (Chancellor). He attained power, as I said before, quite legally. All the forms of democracy were observed. It sounds paradoxical but it was in fact absolutely logical.

The inevitable effect of poverty on political developments under popular government is stated in this quotation: “To put political power in the hands of men embittered and degraded by poverty is to tie firebrands to foxes and turn them loose amid the standing corn; it is to put out the eyes of a Samson and to twine his arms around the pillars of national life.” I do not believe that the Germans would have followed Hitler in his hate and revenge if the people had been living under reasonably good social conditions instead of being under the lash of so much unemployment and privation.

True, Adolf Hitler may be the particular German specimen of what Henry George calls the most blatant demagogue. But do you consent to Mussolini, the Latin-speaking tyrant? And what about Norwegian, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian fascists? Similar conditions will be of the same effect everywhere. What happened in Germany will inevitably happen anywhere that similar conditions prevail. In some Continental countries it has happened already.

The Nazi regime is not Hitler’s lone achievement. Nazidom has grown organically out of a rotten democracy, and the rottenness of that democracy is the natural consequence of unequal economic conditions. Therefore every country is potentially a Fascist country. Germany is but the type of a development which no country can escape except by the establishment of the equal right to the occupation and use of land. Therefore also there can be no lasting peace even after the defeat of Nazism if the present economic structure of the civilized countries remains.”

Child Protective Services – a Nazi program

In the US, parens patriae is the legal principle used to justify state sanctioned kidnapping of children from their families in order to ‘protect’ them. In Nazi Germany, the Lebensborn program was legally used to justify the kidnapping of ‘Aryan’ looking children from occupied territories to be Germanized; to be raised as good Germans or designated as breeders for the German race – to produce racially pure children or be medically and/or scientifically experimented on, even murdered.

Realistically, the comparison is intricately complicated and horrifying. This is my gloves-off attempt to shake America to the core in order to regain control of our country. It takes a paradigm shift in thinking for America to wake up out of the intentionally orchestrated slumber. I love my country, but what we are living in now, is not America. PARENS PATRIAE is a legal term in American law that is defined as, ‘The right of the government to take care of minors and others who cannot legally take care of themselves.’

In a Nazi booklet published by SS Gruppenführer Rediess – the SS for Greater Germany – with Sword and Cradle, speaking about the recently Nazi occupied country of Denmark as it related to the Lebensborn program. The German position is stated as, “This people is a Germanic people, and hence it is our duty to educate its children and young people and to make the Norwegians a Nordic people again as we understand the term.” The similarity between these two principles is that a government has assumed a certain authority, either by law or by fiat, over the population. This authority can be as extensive or limited as the government chooses and as the population will endure. In both stated instances, the governments assumed authority over children.


The majority of people who possess common sense today are well aware of the Nazi attempts to designate one race as superior to others, based on physical and racial characteristics which defined a whole other level of unconscionable cruelty towards humanity without a scientific premise. The reality is that Nazis created a ‘science’ of racial studies, endorsed by ‘experts’ and supported with manufactured ‘scientific evidence,’ in order to support their erroneous theory that the Aryan race was superior to all known races.

They had panels of experts, advisory councils, college courses, and specially trained bureaucrats to develop and implement their ‘racial hygiene’ policies. This myriad of ‘experts’ would devise, implement, oversee, evaluate and propagandize the various racial hygiene programs, including Lebensborn. Nazi society flowed abundantly with popular literature, textbooks and manuals which were intentionally orchestrated to lay the concrete for the Nazi platform. Nazi Germany was saturated with racial propaganda which created a cultural bias for the virtues of the Aryans which resulted in justifying the ‘solutions’ imposed upon ‘inferior’ races, causing them to endure unearned suffering.

‘Of Pure Blood’ by Marc Hillel and Clarissa Henry (1976) explains in great detail the Nazi Lebensborn program. Doctors specializing in ‘racial knowledge’, all members of the SS or the police, were in charge of racial testing at the reception centers – the children’s heads, bodies and limbs were measured. The pelvis was measured in the girls. The genitalia was measured in the boys. They were then divided into three groups: A – those representing a desirable addition to the German population: B – those representing an acceptable addition to that population. C – the unwanted: more than 200,000 Polish children were thus declared to be ‘racially useful’.

In America, the states cannot legally evaluate a person based on their race, or use physical or racial stereotypes to judge them. CPS agencies use much more subtle, but no less intolerable, Nazi racial hygiene measurements. They use psychological evaluations to determine how defective (dangerous to his own child) a parent has been or has the potential to be. Under the mechanism of court ordered or coerced ‘voluntary’ psychological evaluations, many parents are being ‘diagnosed’ as a ‘risk’ to their children based on the findings from service providers who are paid for by the state who conduct their evaluations based on a tainted and falsified family history provided by the state.

By their own admissions, they stand to lose their contract with the state if they submit any findings that are contrary to what the caseworker has ordained. American law contains established protections for persons who are disabled by virtue of their psychology. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act,(ADA) ( 42 U.S.C 12101, 12102, & 12131 et seq), disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of the individual. Nurturing and raising their children is undoubtedly one of the most imperative life activities of a parent. Our Country, through CPS, has raised psychology to the exalted status of Nazi racial studies, without any scientific evidence like the Nazis supported their theories and programs. This pseudo-science is used to demonize parents and justify the legal kidnapping of their children in order to satisfy the state’s need for adoptable children, mostly in order to receive the Title V and IV funding that Bill Clinton signed in 1997, in which was Hillary Clintons’ brainchild.

Child removal for profit

The most popular psychological test given today is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Index (MMPI II). According to one whistleblower evaluator, the completed test is fed into a computer that analyzes the answers and returns a list of possible diagnoses to choose from. It is then up to the evaluator to decide which diagnosis applies to the demonized parent. This is not a scientifically-based measurable objective. The diagnosis is left up to the subjective interpretation of the ‘expert.’ The selected diagnosis is based on a gut feeling, intuition, wishful thinking, or perhaps a state-contracted fee.

Whatever it is based on, it is not based on measurable science in any instance, nor even the most rudimentary common sense in the hands of many self-serving psychological evaluators. Psycho-sexual evaluations for allegations of child sexual abuse are used by caseworkers as a tool by making a determination whether or not the accused is a pedophile. Many psychological experts will assert that these tools are not designed to be used on anyone who has not admitted guilt. However, caseworkers continue to use this tool inappropriately to validate allegations.

There are volumes of tests employed for the sole purpose to play against parents. This process is inherently flawed based on the fact that once the children have been taken, the parents are depressed, suspicious, angry, anxious, traumatized, worried, frightened, just to name a few. Requiring a parent to submit to a psychological evaluation under these horrendous emotional circumstances is clearly setting them up for failure. There is no hope they could present themselves to be ‘normal.’ Naturally, psychological ‘deficiencies’ will show up, and those deficiencies are effectively used by the experts against the parents with the goal of keeping their children in the highly profitable foster care system – kids for cash.

However, none of the findings from psychological tests were ever designed to indicate that the parents are mentally unstable or that they legitimately justify the application of any psychological label upon the parents. Experts will admit that the findings of the parents’ tests show that they share some of the same characteristics with others who are psychologically labeled does not mean that any findings are proof positive that the diagnosis is scientifically accurate.

An industry built around confiscating children

America has a powerful industry backing up this ‘pseudo-science.’ There are schools and seminars that teach and accredit the psychology of child abuse/child abusers; advisory councils against child abuse that advise powerful political figures who lobby for intrusive and offensive legislation that undermines the sanctity of the family. Cadres of ‘experts’ analyze, devise, implement, oversee, evaluate and propagandize child abuse and prevention programs in the private and public sector; whose livelihoods depend on the perpetuation of the aforementioned pseudo-science.

Millions of service providers now provide ‘voluntary’ or court ordered services and their livelihoods depend on the removal of children from their homes. There are many ‘expert’ opinions and subjects of the psychology of children, parents, child abuse, risks of abuse, and prevention of abuse. Parents have no credibility in the face of this multi-billion-dollar industry. These people take this pseudo-science very seriously, sometimes with deadly consequences.

The May 24, 2000 Rocky Mountain News reported about a therapy technique used on a troubled child in Evergreen, Colorado. The 10-year-old child had been adopted in 1996 and died as a result of this ‘therapy.’ Sheriff’s investigators say Watkins and Ponder, both therapists, wrapped Candace in a flannel blanket to simulate a womb that the girl should be “born” from. Then, in an attempt to mimic birth contractions, all four allegedly pushed against the pillows Candace was lying under. “Rebirthing” is a controversial technique Watkins has used for about a year. It is used to treat children who suffer from attachment disorder which prevents children from bonding with their adoptive parents.

Critics of the technique call the treatment “radical” and say it has not been researched well. However, these ‘experts’ fail to acknowledge what anyone with common sense can see – that removing the child from her mother launched the attachment disorder in the child. CPS caused the child to have psychological problems by employing this pseudo science in the first place. Traditional parenting practices are under massive attack with responsible parents being targeted for their refusal to conform to this pseudo-science.

The ‘virtuous’ parents are those who do not spank, punish or subject their children to any undesirable circumstances such as an argument and who casually inflict their entitled and undisciplined child in decent society saying, “Oh, isn’t my darling so cute?” when he is radically misbehaving in public. Conspicuous by its absence is any expert acknowledgment for the self-evident consequences of this pseudo-science – as demonstrated by offensive childhood behavior from the incessant “meltdowns” or temper tantrums in department stores to children’s blatant disrespect for others, all the way to the extreme of kids gunning down their classmates with guns because they were bullied or misunderstood.

Demonstrating a trite and jaded lack of common sense, the practice of this ‘pseudo-science’ with the premise of removing a child from his parents presents less trauma to the child than being merely ‘at risk’ of future abuse if he remained with his family in a dirty house. People often say, “They don’t remove a child for a dirty home,” shocked that anyone could even suggest such a vile act. On the contrary, there are volumes of documented cases where not only were the children removed for a dirty home, but parental rights were terminated based on that initial removal and the resultant, non-scientific ‘risk assessment’ administered by the intake caseworker.

Legal kidnapping

In “Of Pure Blood”, the authors report, “Many Norwegian women were trapped into going to Germany against their will. The kidnapping process was given a semblance of legality by a Nazi ruling that defied the fundamental laws of a sovereign nation and legalized the separation of mother and child against the Mothers will.” Heinrich Himmler, in his speech to officers of the Deutschland division, November 8th, 1938 stated, “I really intend to take German blood from where it is to be found in the world, to rob and steal it wherever I can.” Orders were issued to implement this ‘stealing’ of children. These orders had the force of law in Nazi occupied territories.

A Top Secret order, no. 67/1, 1941 from SS Gruppenführer Ulrich Greifelt, head of the Central Office of the SS and SD in Poland ordered: “The children who are recognized as bearers of blood valuable to Germany are to be Germanized…between the ages of six and twelve in state boarding schools, and between ages of two and six with families to be indicated by the Lebensborn society. The Lebensborn Society will see to the distribution of these children among the families of childless SS men with a view to subsequent adoption. The Lebensborn Society will assume guardianship of the children accommodated in the Lebensborn Children’s homes.”

In a Reichsfürher circular dated June 14, 1941: “I think it right that young children of especially good race belonging to Polish families should be gathered together and brought up by us…health reasons should be given for taking the children away…After a year, consideration should be given to handing such children to be brought into childless families of good race.” ‘Of Pure Blood’ – “The Lebensborn organization was obviously the agency for Germanizing the children abducted from Eastern Europe. The program was initiated as early as 1940. It was in collaboration with the Reichsfürher that it was preferable for the organization to deal with children under the age of six.

There was a simple reason for this – Whether Polish, Russian or Yugoslav, at this age they would be more receptive to Nazi indoctrination than the older children. The reasoning was that they were young enough, and would theoretically remember less, which would enable Dr. Tesch, the Lebensborn legal expert, to enable the ability to completely falsify their identity. By 1941, the Germany Party and SS members were determined and obsessed on attaining their goals to adopt a child of good blood. But their demand had outstripped supply.

Within a few months the round-ups of children in the occupied territories would make it possible to satisfy the demand of childless couples. Who were the children targeted by the Lebensborn Society? “Anywhere children were assembled; children of Polish adoptive parents or unmarried mothers; children having Polish guardians; children of mixed (Polish-German) marriages; children whose parents opposed Germanization; children of mixed marriages whose parents had divorced; children of deported, liquidated or banished parents (the great majority); children picked up at random; children born in concentration camps or women’s labor camps; or children of mothers deported for forced labor; abandoned children; children to whom special orders applied; children sent to Germany for forced labor.” Danish, English, Russian and other eastern European countries all lost children to this legalized kidnapping campaign.

Caseworkers are the modern Stormtroopers

Abducted children were ‘skimmed’ or evaluated according to racial purity, and the acceptable ones, approximately 10%, were Germanized. The others became slaves of the Reich. The technique of approaching children in the street did not vary greatly. A hungry child would be offered biscuits (cookies), sweets, sometimes even a bar of chocolate or a slice of bread, thus creating an opportunity to question children about their parents, their home, the color of their brothers’ and/ or sisters’ hair. That same evening they submitted their list of names and addresses to special teams of kidnappers.

Several days would elapse, and then the child would be taken. The abductions generally took place at night. The child’s parents would never see them again. “The kidnapping schemes did not seem to have had a fixed set of rules to go by. The decision whether a child was to be sent to its death or back to its parents depended on the decisional whim of the medical examiner or of the SS soldier on duty at the door that evening.”

“From 1942 through 1944…kidnappings in Russia steadily rose at an alarming rate. In the street, from school, from home, and in public parks children were the victims of raids; in which no one had the courage to oppose. The terror turned already poverty-stricken areas into fear-drenched communities in which prevailed…[Kurt Heinze, head the Oberweiss home] escorted entire trainloads of children whom the Lebensborn organization rapidly placed in State schools and/or families against the will of the children and their parents.”