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DCFS-CPS Tactics and Philosophy same as Nazi Germany (Part 3)


Foster care providers are not held to the same standards of safety as parents are. In fact, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) applies only to parents. CPS agencies, foster care providers, and institutions do not fall under the jurisdiction of CAPTA even though they are charged with keeping children safe under CAPTA. The standards of care and safety that foster care providers are required to keep are criminally expressed only in vague terms within the CPS policy manuals. Abuse of children in foster care is drastically under-reported due to the simple fact that there is no independent investigative body to report foster care abuse or neglect.

The CPS agency places the children and chooses, licenses and oversees the foster homes. Reports of foster care abuse and neglect are made to CPS agencies. Abuse and violations of standards of care are investigated by CPS agencies. As a result, most reports are determined to be ‘unfounded’. After all, how good would it look if they were to expose the level of abuse that occurs in their own foster homes and contract institutions? Even if abuse is substantiated, the providers do not lose their own children or their foster care license, and the abused children will often remain in the foster home.

Occasionally, the alleged abuse will rise to the level of a crime. But even then it is not consistently prosecuted and foster care providers openly acknowledge that any penalties imposed on them will be minor at most. I have exposed a social worker for Los Angeles County which included pictures of her filthy home and her child’s huge bruise from the second skull fracture she suffered in the last year. It concerned a lot of us. So, mostly to find out if she was held to the same standard as a non social worker parent, we made an anonymous child abuse report. Should we be surprised that nothing was done?

The real victims

In an Adams County, Colorado case, the mother reported that when her children were returned home after over a year in foster care, she caught her 7-year-old son humping her 5-year-old daughter. She was terrified that the children would be removed again. Since she had never been accused of sexually abusing her children, they could only have learned of this in the foster home. An El Paso County, Colorado, 12-year-old had his arm broken in a group home while being restrained. He was lucky. Some restrained children die.

A youth in DHS custody who resided at the Colorado Boys Ranch was locked up in his room for 23 hours a day. And during his recreational hour, he was shackled and chained. He had not been charged or convicted of any crime. 13-year-old Veronica from Larimer County, Colorado was repeatedly coerced to falsely accuse her father of things he never did. Upon her return home, she was unable to fall asleep without her bedroom light on and her mother by her side for six solid months. She would hide in a closet whenever someone knocked at the door.

Taylor Barnes was taken from his mother at birth due to a false hospital social worker report. While in Kansas foster care, he suffered broken ribs, a broken hip, incessant bruising, and his eyes were gouged until he became legally blind. He suffered shaken baby syndrome resulting in brain damage. He was emaciated and starving when he was finally returned to his family at 22-months-old. During the course of their visits, his mother would photograph the injuries. But the judge ordered her to stop and remove her website that documented her case and the abuse her son suffered at the hands of the state.

The courts cover up foster care abuse as a daily routine. The parents report their children returned to them from foster care are not the same children that were taken. They are easily frightened, clingy and needy, they act out sexually or are physically and verbally abusive, they wet the bed, they test their parents’ love, violate established rules, schoolwork suffers, they are haunted and distrusting – just to mention the most common complaints. Evidently, foster care is not the warm and fuzzy panacea it goes out of its way to convince society that it is. The system is demonizing and criminalizing innocent and loving parents, all while perpetrating much worse and unspeakable abuse upon our children.

America’s ‘dispensable children’ and Nazi ‘throwaway children’

‘Of Pure Blood’ recounts, “September, 21st, 1942 – Notes on an SS discussion: After the sifting has been carried out, the children will be separated from the mothers…so that no irresponsible hatred will develop among these children…Children with a good capacity for Germanization will be handed over to the Lebensborn Society, which will arrange for the adoption of these children by pure German families.”

Himmler, recognizing the threat posed by children who were not properly conditioned against their parents, said to Max Sollman on June 21, 1943, “The children of good race, who obviously could become the most dangerous avengers of their parents if they are not humanely and correctly brought up, should…be admitted to a Lebensborn children’s home for a probationary period. Where as much possible information about their character should be discovered, and then be sent to German families as foster children or adopted children.” Children who passed the tests were taken to a Lebensborn reception center. The others generally disappeared without a trace, often being dispatched to a concentration camp.

Luckier children might be returned to their parents without an explanation, “Many children became ‘orphans’ when they were taken from their parents.” Leo Twardecki, age eleven, was roused from sleep and kidnapped by three SS men with Alsatian dogs, was observed being herded to a train, “I was never adopted. I was too big and too Polish and no one wanted me.” German Nazis who adopted the Lebensborn children were told that the children were orphans of German parents and if it was found out that they had a child of inferior race, they would often refuse to keep the child. Lebensborn children came with a monthly government payment to subsidize their care and upkeep. Their records were falsified and their names Germanized while new birth certificates were issued to support the stories told to the adoptive parents.

The Nazi occupied countries never knew about the Lebensborn program until after the war. They all presumed that the children were exterminated or enslaved. In fact, the vast majority were. They were the Nazis’ “dispensable children”. CPS agencies, in taking children from loving homes who do not meet the statutory definition of abuse or neglect, are creating more throwaway children than they are legitimately saving. Anyone who doubts these facts only has to look at the adoption websites, adoption fairs, and adoption catalogs sponsored by CPS agencies.

Government employees selling children for commissions and bounties

These listings present huge quantities of children available for adoption whom have problems that make them difficult to adopt. Virtually all of them are on medications to treat behavioral or emotional problems. They are generally over six years old and they are not blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Some of them are sibling groups that should not be separated. Their birth certificates are altered to remove their birth parents names. Sometimes their names are changed making it impossible to trace them. These children come with adoption subsidies – a monthly check from the government, Medicaid, food stamps, a hefty tax break and intensive support services.

Just think what the biological parents could have done with those resources. Since the vast majority of the children are taken due to poverty related issues, the money provided to foster parents and adoptive parents could have prevented the removal of the children in the first place. Under the Adoption and Safe Families Act, the Federal government pays a $4,000 bounty for every child adopted out of foster care who exceeds the 1997 baseline. If the child is ‘special needs’ – and most of them are by virtue of the psychological trauma they suffer at being separated from their parents – their bounty goes up to $6000.

There are many childless couples and others who desperately want to adopt. CPS is the legalized adoption mill. With the law requiring permanency planning in twelve months for children under six, most of these children become adoptable within a year and a half of being taken. Is it coincidence that the Nazi Lebensborn program also advocated placement of the children within a year of their abduction and focused mainly on the most adoptable kids?

In taking the younger children, many older siblings are left to languish in foster care. The real tragedy is that many of these children were very much loved and wanted by their biological parents. These parents fought with everything they had only to lose their children. Since the state saw fit to take these children from these loving parents, these children are now alone, unloved and unwanted by the rest of the world. They are the dispensable children, and they know it. The two sisters from Arapaho County, Colorado reported that their foster mother told them she wanted their baby sister but did not want them. Nobody wanted the older, troubled child who knows they were kidnapped.

Even the children who are adopted often know that they should never have been taken from their parents. All adopted children exhibit some of the same issues to resolve like abandonment or the memory that they were, in reality, kidnapped against their loving parents’ wishes. When these children grow up and come to the realization that their real parents fought tooth and nail to keep them, they resent their adoptive parents as being willing participants in their abductions. This is too obvious to deny.

To add insult to injury, 25% of kids adopted out by the state are returned as unwanted. This literally means the children are returned like defective merchandise, creating a larger number of dispensable children. When an adoptive parent returns a child, CPS will offer higher subsidies or threaten to take all other children in order to prevent the adoption from being disrupted. Our children are treated like commodities, to be bartered and sold by CPS agencies.

Returning children home – reunification!

America’s obstruction of the reunification of kidnapped children – June 11, 1948, Zycie Warszawy reports the described attitude of the British and American occupation authorities, “These authorities are not satisfied when a child is tracked down and evidence of the child’s identity is produced, even its parents (if they are alive) claim them. That is still not enough for them. They do their best to ensure that the child is not returned to Poland. There was the ‘interest of the child’ to be considered, that famous interest in the name of which they had been taken from their families in the first place. The British, American and French investigators, often motivated by the most generous feelings, hesitated to create new dramas in the minds of young children who could remember only their adoptive parents…No one knew whether children who were being brought up in comfortably appointed kinship placement would find similar conditions if they were sent home.”

“Thus, the post-war files contained a multitude of reasons why “kidnapped children” stayed in Western Germany,” documents Dr. Roman S. Hrarbar, a lawyer whom in 1945-47 whom was head of the Polish mission responsible for repatriating Polish children, “It was also claimed that is would be a shock to the child to be returned to their biological family. That turned out to be false…The military authorities in the Western Allied occupation zones took the view that it was preferable to leave the child in their present surroundings – in the interest of the child – instead of making them get used to new surroundings, unknown to the child. These were humanitarian explanations which covered their political motives.”

Hrarbar also recalled, “The reactions of children who were identified varied. Younger ones, who remembered nothing, were surprised. They had to be prepared for the change. The others, the older ones, accepted the situation with delight, particularly when we were able to tell them that their parents were still alive and waiting for them.” This sounds eerily similar to today’s American CPS excuse for whatever they do, “The best interest of the child.”

While they regurgitate this phrase at every opportunity, they never define it or describe exactly why a recommended action is supposedly in the child’s best interest. They are not even qualified to judge what is in an individual child’s best interest. Since they do not know the children as individuals, they do not know anything personal about the children they kidnap. Many of them even admit that they act for the best interests of children in general, not necessarily for the individual needs of the child in question. The best interest of the child has become the equivalent of the Nazis’ ‘Final Solution’, a phrase that sounds good and justifies their destructive and abusive actions.

Clearly, America has an extensive history of plugging other people’s children into whatever slot they feel is best, the child’s and the family’s needs notwithstanding, and placing political expediency above the humanitarian issue of truly protecting children. CPS will also say the children need a ‘reunification’ process before being returned home. Why was it acceptable to remove children precipitously from their parents, but they cannot be returned in the same manner? Could this be reverse brainwashing time? Or is it merely a mechanism to extend more control over the family? Whatever it is, CPS is extremely reluctant to allow foster children to return to their birth parents even if they have not proven abuse or neglect.

Evaluating the system

As far as the Nazis were concerned, the Lebensborn program was a great success, according to the evaluations by their own experts and superiors. They were rounding up and distributing valuable Aryan bloodlines. As far as they were concerned, the end justified the means. It is important to note that at no time during the Nazi regime were the subjects and victims of these programs ever consulted for their assessment, evaluation or input into the effectiveness and reliability of the racial hygiene programs, the effects of those programs upon the individuals and families involved, or the moral implications of what was occurring in Nazi Germany and the countries it occupied as it implemented their master plan.

Today, American CPS agencies undergo the same kind of evaluations as to the effectiveness and efficiency of their programs. The same experts who devise and operate child protection also evaluate it. There is no mechanism whereby an evaluation is conducted by an independent agency and the clients of this system are never contacted for their input. They grade their own papers, essentially. Client complaints are often covered up.

David Berns, Director of El Paso County DHS, reported to the County Commissioners that his agency had received only one complaint for the year ending June, 1999. This reporter knows of seven that were filed during that time. When exposed, he amended it a few weeks later to two complaints. He stated that the second complaint had not been filed in a proper form, forgetting that their complaint process did not require filing in writing and not knowing that all seven complaints that were unreported were filed in writing.

Later, a Denver paper reported that most counties in Colorado had no complaints against DHS and that the citizens review panels had only heard three complaints for the entire state in the previous year. They speculated that either DHS was virtually perfect, or more likely, that they were stonewalling complaints. Many family advocacy groups are demanding independent investigations into CPS agencies nationwide. These agencies respond by requesting an internal investigation, or failing that, an outside ‘expert’ in the field. The advocacy groups are resisting, saying that is like having the Gestapo investigate a concentration camp.

Until there is an independent public oversight to hold CPS agencies accountable, until the confidentiality laws are eliminated, until caseworkers are held responsible and liable for abuses against families, until child abuse is treated like a crime and investigated by law enforcement – our children will continue to be more horribly abused in state custody than they ever were in their own home. Our population of legal orphans will continue to grow and we will produce more human “crop rotation” for prisons and mental institutions as a direct result.

If we do not learn our lessons from history, we are destined to repeat the failures and crimes against humanity. American CPS agencies are, in painfully obvious fact, the Nazi child kidnappers of the new millennium. There is no other explanation, they must be stopped. After being given the aforementioned knowledge from extensive research, are you going to ignore it? Are you going to return to business as usual? I wrote this article with the hopes that it would wake up my fellow Americans, to actually rise up, to meet injustice with justice, and to take our country back and put it where it belongs – in the hands of “The people”.