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December 24, 2011

Christmas Gone

A poem by C.M. Towsley – Christmas, 2011


Christmas approaching can be a blessed time,

filled with happy memories,

recorded on My mind,

But this year,

I realize,

that time has quickly passed along,

and for what now seems forever,

this Christmas,

You are gone.


The video cameras charging,

like each Christmas time before,

That wreath We picked out,

at the craft fair,

is on the door.

I thought the battery,

was good,

the small red light was on,

It then grew dim,

and flickered from within,

and like You,

was gone.

I thought I heard some carolers,

over a street or two,

I thought I heard a voice,

amongst the shoppers,

it sounded like You.

I turned to see,

if it could be,

Then I heard somebody say,

“I don’t know Who You’re looking for,

But You’re in My way”


I smiled as I turned to go,

it’s all that I could do,

I guess I’ll never quite believe,

Even though I know its true,

And I know at Christmas time this year,

I will rest My eyes upon,

that DVD where You would be,

if You weren’t gone.

But there’s many cameras aren’t there,

And that old familiar song,

will continue to play,

both night and day,

now that You are gone.


C.M. Towsley, Christmas 2011


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