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Chinese youth’s Tai chi dream does global


Zhao Shuti, a Chinese high schooler, an award-winning freestyle Tai chi master is among world’s top young Taichi masters. Among the top competitors from 57 countries during the China Jiaozhuo International Tai chi Competition, she won the gold medal for the freestyle Taichi form.

Zhao, whom started Taichi from a rather young age believes Tai chi can help herself gaining a sense pleasure initially from others approval, but gradually as one moves along, the physiological and spiritual evolution starts to take in control of one’s elegant nature. “The satisfaction I got from Tai Chi is unprecedented. It helped me to be a confident person” Zhao said.

Tai Chi means the ultimate of ultimate, often used to describe the vastness of the universe. The essential principles of Tai Chi are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, which stresses the natural balance in all things and the need for living in spiritual and physical accord with the patterns of nature. Zhao says “Teachers and practitioners enjoy the practice because it can be tailored to suit any individual’s unique needs. This ancient martial art from China is even being used by some physical therapists to heal the body from tendon sprains, strains, and other injuries.” In ancient China, people believed that the body was filled with energy, or chi. They thought that chi could become blocked, causing illness and disease. They believed that a person could help improve the flow of chi throughout the body and improve health by practicing Tai chi exercises.

image source: chinesekungfu.com.au

Zhao is planning to come to the United States and continuing her formal schooling at one of America’s premier colleges. But her dream of sharing this form of art with the young American also inspired her decision of studying in a western country. To spread the self-helping method through Tai chi, we are able to move our civilization ahead. The movement researchers are increasingly focusing on the physiological effects and potential health benefits associated with Tai Chi, that combines aspects of movement and meditation as the core of the liberal arts spirit.

Dr. Linjie Chou Zanadu, the secretary of World Culture Diversity Organization, remarks as he presents Zhao Shuti to the Imperial Order of Peace and Culture for a public performance for 2019. The traditional arts belong not only to our past, but it should also be loved by our future generations.