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July 7, 2015

The Canary Stories #6 – Shattered beyond all Recognition

By Wendy Greene

July 7, 2015. San Jacinto, CA. (ONN) My case has taken some twists and turns in recent months. The criminal behavior displayed by the social workers, their supervisors, the attorneys and even the judges must be exposed. I cannot keep silent about the cruel and intentional abuse our family is being subjected to, at the hands of the system that was supposed to be put in place and designed to support and encourage families. We can no longer pretend that we need to keep Child Protective Services in place for the children that are actually abused. They do not help them either.

Parents’ rights activist Wendy Greene and two of her three boys.

A system corrupted

There is a systemic problem that is way too far gone to reform. The only way to stop the suffering of families and most importantly the children of our families is to shutdown CPS, and the family law courts, and have them investigated and held accountable for their crimes against humanity. When there are incentive-based programs and resources, it causes a public menace.

There are a select few employees, attorneys and judges that are not like the sadistically cruel people they work with. But either they are too frightened to speak out, or they are fired, or they turn their heads and resign their position instead. I have come to realize that a very select few possess the strength to express their moral courage. When it comes to children’s lives, I would like to think anyone would take a risk at all cost. But sadly that is not the case.

My story

I am the mother of three amazing little creatures. My oldest son is autistic and violent. He was 12 when CPS legally kidnapped him. My two younger sons were 8 and 2. As a family, we were harassed by CPS for 6 years prior to them storming into our peaceful home and destroying it beyond all recognition. Due to the fact no matter how many times I have explained my son’s behavior due to his autism, we were always under a cloud of suspicion. The fact is, when your child expresses extreme behavior, it calls for extreme parenting.

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Looking back, I can see exactly why we were always in CPS cross-hairs. Hindsight is always 20/20. The staff at my son’s schools always seem to blame our parenting for his behavior. This is a very ignorant point of view. We had several unfounded and closed cases over the years, but those were used against us in court for this case, as we had previous CPS intervention. Never mind the fact it was unfounded. 

On November 28th, 2012 the San Jacinto, CA police Department and CPS removed my 8-year-old out of his elementary school and drove him down to the police station. The police removed my 12-year-old out of his junior high school and drove him down to the police station as well. They proceeded to examine and interrogate my children, without a warrant, without an attorney present and without my or their father’s knowledge or consent.

The San Jacinto Police Department then proceeded to our home where I was napping with my 2-year-old son while my children were in school. Being the mother of an autistic son, it was my only time to rest. My now ex-husband was home from work that day and the officers aggressively detained him in handcuffs, placed him in the back of a police car, and told him that it was, “for your safety.”

The out-of-uniform officer stormed into my bedroom and ripped me out of bed by my arm so violently that he tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder and caused a huge black bruise around my upper arm in the shape of his grip. He then proceeded to viciously drag me into the living room and shoved my face into the couch cushions to where I could not breathe and he was yelling at me to, “Calm down!” I did not understand what was happening at first; I thought he was an intruder and I seriously thought he was going to kill me; and in front of my 2-year-old.

No rights, no justice

Finally, he sat down and proceeded to accuse me of causing a bruise on my oldest son’s face. This bruise he spoke of was the result of one of the many fights he got into with his younger brother. The one time he fought back he left a slight bruise under his right eye. The officer was convinced I did it, and that I am a horrible mother. We were forced to immediately go down to the police station.

They would not allow me to comfort my frightened toddler, or get him ready to leave the house. My youngest son was so traumatized by this he has stopped talking. They would not allow me to change out of my pajama pants or brush my teeth. From the moment they came to our home, they treated us like ‘America’s most wanted’ criminals, and were convinced I was guilty of punching my son, and that my ex-husband was guilty of “failure to protect.”

For over 5 hours, we were denied all of our rights. We were forced to speak to them even though I incessantly asked to assert my Fifth Amendment rights. I also asked to have an attorney present on several occasions and was denied that as well, all the while, they held my children over my head. They finally came in and told me that my family told them I caused the bruise. This of course was a lie. These officers that are supposed to “protect and serve” would not even allow me to have water.

I was taken to jail and my ex-husband was sent home alone without the children. They detained the children that day and I have now been fighting for their lives for over two and half years. I played along with them for the first 18 months. No matter what I did, they kept my children away from me and treated me like I am not worthy of caring for my own children. This opinion is extremely unwarranted. Through false allegations, coercion, hearsay and the subjective opinions of social workers and court appointed attorneys, they have committed fraud against my precious family. The result has been a gross injustice perpetrated upon my family.

Hurting families, not helping them

Last Summer, I stumbled across some information on the internet about CPS corruption and I have since stopped going along with them. They have maintained their vicious attack stance towards myself and my family. My parents have been trying to get the kids under their roof and no matter what, CPS delays the process. Meanwhile, all 3 of my children have been separated. My oldest son is in his third institution, being over medicated and chemically restrained. He is kept from all of his family members including his younger brothers. My 2 younger sons are in separate foster homes. My social worker instructed the institution to not give me any updates on his physical or educational well-being.

This is of course against my fundamental parental rights and against the WIC codes of focusing on family reunification not family destruction like this. In response, I contacted my social worker’s supervisor and she was absolutely the coldest and cruelest woman I have ever spoken to. I implored her to follow her WIC codes and to uphold my Constitutional rights and to make sure the staff under her did the same. She was upset by this.

This, along with reporting the abuse I discovered on my youngest son at our last visit, and inquiring about maintaining the weekly phone calls with my children as to why they were not taking place, are the reasons why CPS has most recently suspended all my visitation and contact with my children. They have rescinded my ex-husband’s restraining order they put on him, wrongfully, back in October of last year. I was relieved to know they can at least see him again. They are also allowed to see my parents once a month.

A mother’s fight

I recently fired my court appointed attorney for ineffective counsel. That did not go over well with our new corrupt judge. He did not seem concerned that my son is in an abusive foster home, and that my children want to come home and they want to see me. The judge did not allow me to speak, or object, or submit defense paperwork on my behalf. He was absolutely deplorable.

I am currently Pro Se in my criminal case as well, and recently successfully filed defense paperwork in hopes to get exonerated. That will alleviate the only reason, besides asserting my rights, for keeping my children from me. I am also making plans to file criminal charges against this judge. I am finally gaining some traction in my cases, but I still have a long road ahead of me it seems. In the meantime, I do not know if my children are alive, dead or missing. My middle son turned 11 on June 1st. It was his third birthday in a row being held against his will in the system. I did not even get a phone call. How they justify this as “in the best interest” of the child is beyond me.

I got out of jail in January 2013, after being coerced and under duress, and erroneously counseled that in order to get my children home I had to plead guilty to “felony corporal punishment on a child”. I have been forced to endure homelessness, and absolute hellish nightmare experiences due to the fact that CPS refused to help me get into a position to get my children home with me. It is supposed to be their job to make a “reasonable effort” towards reunification. Rather, they have stopped at nothing to deconstruct my family into an unrecognizable chaos; full of melancholy and despair.

I was never prepared for this attack upon our family. Most of the family members have shown they are not strong enough to endure it any further. I on the other hand, do not have the ability to give up on my children. They deserve to be fought for with reckless abandon. I now spend every waking hour exposing their sadistic crimes committed against my children and our family. I also incessantly search and educate myself on ways to get my children home where they belong.

This is just the first part of the war. The second half of the war is when they finally do get home they will be psychologically destroyed. We will have a very long road in recovering from the horrific abuse we fell prey to, at the hands of the very system put in place to prevent such atrocities from happening to children and their families. At least we will be together, and I will be able to hold them and comfort them.

The amount of money flowing through this system is the very incentive and motivation through Title V and IV funding. It is not in the “best interest” of the child. It is in the best interest of their pocket books. I will spend my last breath making sure the people responsible for our demise will regret ever knocking on my door. I have nothing to lose, my gloves are off. They want to play dirty; they have made that abundantly clear. They have underestimated me. Someone that is capable of this unspeakable abuse is a pubic menace and must be brought to justice for the protection of the rest of us that actually do not possess the ability to even think about doing anything remotely similar to another human being let alone a child.


Wendy Greene is a fourth generation Human and Civil Rights activist, writer/advocate for the victims of autism and homelessness, and author of the up-and-coming book ‘Justice’. The Canary Stories are individual true accounts documenting the corruption and fraud of Child Protective Services and similar agencies, sent from around the world by parents requesting that their voices be heard. The ongoing reports are named The Canary Stories after the life-saving canaries that protected the coal mines. Today, The Canary Stories are also sounding the warning in an attempt to save children, families and even lives. Readers can email Wendy at [email protected]. Or visit her website at AngelWarriors4Justice.com.

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