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Body Bags By Christopher Marshall Towsley


Body Bags

By Christopher Marshall Towsley

A Friend of mine,
in New York state
just matter of factly said,
“There’s an epidemic down here”
“The heroin’s knockin’ ‘em dead”

And I thought to Myself,
it’s repetitive,
just like the local lore,
that the same thing happened,
when the rifles were crackin’,
during the Vietnam War.

And it brought to mind,
there was a time,
was like heroin filled the skies,
and in New York,
in the seventies,
they dropped like flies.

And the rumor that they neatly kept,
from quickly going around,
was that the heroin came from body bags,
as soon as the plane touched down.

It was pure as the driven snow,
but they cut it clean and neat,
conquered and divided,
and put it on the street.

Well I don’t believe in coincidence,
it’s transparent as a veil,
as soon as the bodies,
started coming home,
the heroin hit the scale.

And lo and behold,
that story, old,
secretly began anew,
they packed the bodies,
with heroin,
don’t bet it isn’t true.

Last time it came from Burma and Laos,
this time from the Panjashir Valley,
the kids get on the needle,
and the politicians rally,
figuring out another way,
to buy their brand new Jags,
and how to keep that secret,
about heroin in body bags.