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Being A Man – Poem by CM Towsley


Being A Man – Poem by CM Towsley

A poem by Christopher Marshall Towsley. From the Whiteout Press Poetry Section.

To be a Man is in itself,
a form of steaming fission,
a loud report,
with a subtle retort,
and a never ending mission.

And too often there are energies,
that restrict You, if they can,
and You are left to ponder,
that You are the transponder,
of some apparent plan.

What others may deem as a reason,
to try and undermine,
mean really very little,
to a Man with time.

But time itself,
is cleverly disguised,
it must be noted,
that what seems to stand by,
is actually on the fly,
as away it floated.

And to be a Man,
is really just about, just that,
and it rides with no equation,
on tires flat.

And to be a Man,
is simple as it is hard,
the hard part being,
in the mirror You’re seeing,
the Man You must discard.

And being consistent, as a Man,
defies description.
I remember trying and being called,
everything but a Christian.

And being called stupid,
sent being a Man,
right south,
particularly when I realized,
it came from My mouth.

But I guess being a Man,
isn’t really so bad,
and don’t think it’s right,
to view being a Man,
as a passing fad,

I think the most important part,
should be available by the can,
with a label reading,
“No receding”
“From being a Man”