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audit the fed group launches tv commercial for hr 24


August 15, 2013

Audit the FED group launches TV Commercial for HR 24

August 15, 2013. One of the hundreds of grassroots organizations fighting to audit or abolish the Federal Reserve has just announced they’ve produced a new TV commercial. The goal of the ad campaign is to garner awareness and support for pending legislation, known as the Audit the FED Bill, and see it passed in Congress. First however, they have to collect enough co-sponsors to bring the legislation up for a vote.

In 2012, the ‘Audit the FED’ Bill shocked Wall Street bankers when it overwhelmingly passed in the US House of Representatives by a vote of 327-98. Virtually all Republican Congressmen voted for the legislation, while Democrats were split roughly 50/50. Supporters of the Bill hope that 2013 will be the year the Audit the FED law is passed and the secret books of the Federal Reserve are finally thrown open.

What is the Federal Reserve?

Imagine you have $100 in your pocket and you want to take it out. But instead of just reaching in and getting it, you devise an incomprehensible system to get that $100 out of your pocket. What you do is you take out the $100 and loan it to a bank who in turn loans it back to you. Except, you charge the bank 1% interest and the bank charges you 5% to 200% interest. So, just to reach into your pocket and pull out your $100, you have to give some bank that adds nothing to the process or equation between $5 and $200, per year, forever. But you only have $100, which is exactly what you need to live on. So you borrow the money from the bank to pay the interest to the same bank…until you are $16 trillion dollars in dept as the US is today.

In reality, that’s the Federal Reserve System. The American people literally turn on their printing presses, print themselves billions of dollars and agree to pay themselves back. But for some strange reasons, we pay a handful of privileged, for-profit banks interest on the money. Why? They don’t do anything for it. They add nothing to the equation that you or I couldn’t collectively add for free.

Those familiar with the Federal Reserve will tell you it’s nothing more than the scam of the millennium and has robbed the American people of over a trillion dollars. And that’s the reason the law that created the system was passed in the middle of the night, over Christmas recess, while most of Congress was home opening presents.

HR 24 – Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013

Currently, HR 24 – Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013 – is stuck in Committee. But it also has an impressive 154 co-sponsors. They include 145 Republicans and 9 Democrats. The legislation, patterned after former Congressman Ron Paul’s original Bill, is sponsored by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA).

As detailed on the Congressional website, HR 24 would, ‘require a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States.’ If passed, the law would force the Comptroller to complete the audit within 12 months of the Bill’s passage.

Campaign for Liberty

One of the many grassroots organizations pushing hard for an audit of the Federal Reserve, if not its complete abolishment, is Campaign for Liberty. In fact, the group has produced a one-minute TV commercial calling on Americans and Congress to support HR 24. All they need now are the funds to make a few local ad buys in key Congressional districts.

“This powerful new ad throws a much-needed spotlight on Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve and moves us closer to exposing the Fed, while also urging the American people to turn up the heat on their representatives to cosponsor the Audit the Fed bill,” explains C4L President John Tate, “Campaign for Liberty is committed to forcing a majority of the House to cosponsor HR 24 so we can finally expose and end the Fed.”

The TV commercial

The one-minute commercial produced by Campaign for Liberty begins by listing off some of the bigger scandals surrounding President Obama. “The NSA spying scandal, the IRS targeting of pro-limited government groups, the Justice Department spying on reporters who criticized President Obama,” the ad’s voice-over begins, “What else are Barack Obama and his statist pals in Washington DC hiding? It’s time to find out.”

The TV commercial goes on to remind viewers of the Obama administration’s very unpopular act of giving away US taxpayer money to foreign banks, including communist Chinese banks. “You and I know Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke doled out over a trillion taxpayer dollars to foreign banks,” the one-minute video continues, “But the rest of the Fed’s actions are Top Secret. And crony capitalists here and overseas want to keep us in the dark about how the Fed helps them pocket the American peoples’ money while destroying our US Dollar.”


Video courtesy of Campaign for Liberty


The specific ad spot available on YouTube and featured above includes a call-to-action aimed at Rep. Peter King (R-NY). Based on Campaign for Liberty’s promotional materials however, that section of the commercial will be customized to feature different Congressmen and women depending on which Representatives they’re targeting and whose district they’re running the ad in.

For more information, visit CampaignForLiberty.org.


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