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A Guide to Use A Money Clip for The Modern Men


A Money Clip is characteristically slender and elegant, and it is an excellent alternative to a bulky wallet. The Kinzd money clip wallet, for example, provides that classy and sophisticated feel. Here is how to use it:


1. Learn the fundamentals of using a clip. The initial step is knowing how to organize them by following some of these steps:
• Assemble your credit cards and paper bills
• Fold your paper bills in half
• The bills should go into the clip with the folded side first and will be held by the prongs
• The credit cards go under the prong
• Fit it in your pocket
• To retrieve the cash, you can reach the clip and grab the bill or pull the entire one

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2. Neatly stack the bills. You can either place the bigger bills at the bottom with the smaller ones at the top. It will be easier to retrieve the smaller bills in this way to make daily purchases. You can also put the small bills at the bottom to discourage pickpockets.

3. Some of them come with an attached card holder. Slide the cash and your cards into the cardholder. Avoid putting cards in a magnetic part.

4. Slip it in either the front, rear, or breast pockets

5. Draw money as needed. With a little practice, you will even be pulling them without retrieving the whole clip from your pocket.

Selecting the Right one for Your Needs

1. Sample a two-prong model. Many of these wallets come in this functional design. It holds bills by squeezing them between two plastic or metal prongs. They do not offer much space but are quite elegant to carry around.

2. Some are fitted with a cardholder to stack your credit cards. They offer more space but can be bulky.

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3. Another type of these wallets comes with a rubber band which
wraps around additional cash or cards.

4. A double-sided one features an extra prong on its back part to hold cash.

5. Magnetic money clips are fitted with two magnets linked by a fabric or leather strip. By attracting one another, the magnets protect the contents. It is not however recommended for credit cards.

Converting from Your Old Wallet to a Money Clip

1. Reduce the contents of your wallet to the bare minimum. Money clips are designed to hold fewer items in comparison to the standard model. You will not have sufficient room for anything more than paper bills and a few cards, then you will be forced to keep that way.

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2. Determine which cards you will carry. Even the one with cardholders will likely hold lesser cards than you are used to carrying. You can just include the essentials like a credit and debit card, and your driver’s license or ID.

3. Identify alternative locations for the other contents of your old wallet. Over time, our wallets accumulate items that we rarely use, and which are important to us like pictures and mementos. These items will need new housing, either in bags or in your car.

4. Mix up the bills in your clip. It should contain a variety of bills. The idea is to limit the change you put in it by carrying several bills of every domination.