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A Guide To Providing A Safe Environment In Your Home

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Home safety is essential for any parent or house owner as whatever design the houses are structured, children are at a higher risk of getting injured, falling, suffocating and so on. When talking about home safety, it is all about creating a safe environment, supervising and teaching children what is safe or not. Also, if your child gets injured at home, it is your responsibility as a parent to provide a necessary first aid before rushing them to the hospital if necessary. Which is why you should understand and apply CPR and basic first aid before medical help arrives. And in that case, there are lots of things you can do in your house to avoid such incidents.

Below are some of the guide to providing a safe environment in your home for the safety of your child. It includes;

Burns and Scalds

A child may get burnt by hot water or drinks which is why you have to keep a closer look at your child whenever you are cooking or washing them. They can get burnt by ovens, stoves, heaters, microwaves and other appliances. A child can get scalded from too hot baths and hot drinks, but there are safety precautions to prevent. It includes;

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  • Keeping away hot drinks away from children’s reach.
  • You should have the bathing water in the bathroom delivered at 50 degrees Celsius, but you will still need to mix it with cold water to get the right water bathing temperature for the child.

Preventing Falls

Falls are the type of injuries that are a threat to children of any age set. Keeping your child safe at such stages is achievable by watching and guiding your child on the new skills and places they can reach which will give you the opportunity to adjust your home. Some of the preventive measures include;

  • When your child starts to climb it is necessary to close the windows or shield them with window guards. It will prevent your child from falling and climbing up.
  • When your child begins to crawl, you can install safety guards on balconies and staircase entries but still supervise your child.
  • Use sensor lights to prevent your child from tripping while going to the toilet.


Most children under the age of five years tend to suffer from food poisoning caused by conventional medicines and chemicals. More so it may be due to the air pollution that is a result of bad smell from various chemicals. A guide that is made by filterbuy, you need to find durable air filters, that will keep your pets, children, and any family member with any allergies safe. Thus, you may not be affected by food poisoning that results from contaminated air. You may create the environment safe by;

  • Keeping away medicines and chemicals reach out of children.
  • Removing potential poisons in the household.
  • Replacing your air filter 2-3 months to have clean air.
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Suffocation and Strangulation

Items such as ropes and cords, blinds, bedding, and soft toys, boxes, bags, and packaging may suffocate or strangle a child. To avoid these;

  • Wrap the blind cords attached to the wall on cleats at least 1.6 meters above the floor.
  • Keep the plastic bags away from the children by tying knots in the plastic bags.
  • Keep piles of clothing, cushions, and stuffed toys out of Prams and cots.

Electrical Safety

A child may get shocked by an electrical device or wire and for electrical safety, consider;

  • Licensed electrician for proper installation of electrical devices and switches.
  • Replace the cords and the appliance if they are worn out.
  • You can also use power-point covers for safety purposes.

Safety Outdoors

Children cannot stay full time indoors, they need to get to interact with nature and so some instruments need to be away from them. For instance, hand, sharp, and unplug tools are the common types of tools that people use while outdoors. They may injure or cut your children if they play with them so to avoid this;

Unplug your weapons whenever you choose to take a break.

Ensure while using the tools your child is away from that place.

Keep tools out of children’s reach.

Safety Around Furniture

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Children are always tempted to climb on a tool like a table, chair or even a stool while trying to operate the television. But when they fall off from them, or the furniture falls on them, they end up with injuries. But you can avoid such situations by;

  • Ensuring the furniture is sturdy so that the child may not be able to pull or push it.
  • Some furniture has sharp corners, consider placing them away from the playing area of the child.
  • Strap your television or entertainment unit to the wall where they cannot reach easily.

The above descriptions are some of the common types of injuries that children from all backgrounds tend to suffer from them. And to avoid these, safety precautions and the procedure are essential for any house owner and parents in general.