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5 reasons americans are boycotting vaccines


July 9, 2014

5 Reasons Americans are boycotting Vaccines

By Mark Wachtler

July 9, 2014. Ames, IA. (ONN) According to the Washington-Wall Street propaganda machine, only dumb, uneducated parents refuse to get their children vaccinated. In fact, have you ever noticed that of all the news stories about anti-vaxxers, the corporate media outlets never let the parents tell the rest of America why it is they don’t trust the safety of the country’s vaccines? One popular blog just summed it up, and it’s worth hearing the other side of the argument.

As the victim count grows, so does the anti-vaccine movement. Image courtesy of Nature.com.

Longtime readers of Whiteout Press know that we’ve been on the front line of the vaccine fight for two decades. We were even publicly attacked last year by Forbes Magazine after our article ‘Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism’ surpassed a half million page views and over 100,000 Facebook Likes. You’ll notice Forbes didn’t link to Whiteout Press, but to a separate site that reprinted our article verbatim and received all the advertising revenue, not to mention just under 1 million Facebook Likes from our work. For any readers that would like to help us out, the ones who wrote the article, you can always send us a much-appreciated donation here.

For the record, we’re not against all vaccines, only the deadly, dangerous, fraudulent, experimental, tainted, expired, and secret ones. And we’re not alone. One activist recently published an editorial giving five reasons for proudly being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ at the website called The Freedom Articles.

Vaccine fraud

With billions of dollars at stake for multi-national pharmaceutical corporations and America’s universities, it should be no surprise that corrupt professionals are falsifying documentation from vaccine studies showing success where there was really failure, and safety where there are really deadly side effects. The latest example comes from Iowa State University where a lead researcher, Dong-Pyou Han, has admitted to falsifying the results of a widely touted HIV vaccine to show that it worked when it really didn’t. Why did he and ISU do it? Because it isn’t against the law and the taxpayers paid them $1 million for their efforts.

The critical vaccine editorial details the ongoing scandal at ISU writing, ‘So basically he spiked the vaccine with animal blood to make it look effective, when it didn’t work. That is not just vaccine fraud; it is outright fraud on a massive scale, because the implications of his actions are that potentially millions of people could receive a worthless vaccine with no benefit but plenty of toxic side effects.’

It’s ironic that a vaccine researcher was busted falsifying an HIV vaccine study since it is the vaccine industry that admits it accidentally invented HIV in the first place. Read the shocking Whiteout Press article, ‘The Confession that Merck Pharma created, spread AIDS’ for details and to view the historic video from Turner Broadcasting.

5 reasons Americans don’t trust vaccines

The editorial introduces the reasons for America’s widespread and growing mistrust of Big Pharma corporations and their vaccines by explaining, ‘The problem with getting to the truth of the vaccine issue is that so much information cannot be trusted – Big Pharma-funded studies that are rubber stamped by government agencies like the FDA and the CDC. There is an epidemic of massive and widespread fraud, bribery, blackmail and conflict of interest.’

Below are the five additional reasons more and more intelligent, educated people are boycotting vaccines (from The Freedom Articles):

Reason #1 – Vaccine data routinely faked

Just like the above example of the faked AIDS vaccine research from Iowa State University and funded by the National Institutes of Health, there are countless other examples of vaccine fraud. The author cites two more perpetrators – Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. ‘GlaxoSmithKline was fined $3 billion for bribing doctors, lying to the FDA, hiding clinical trial data and fraudulent marketing,’ the article details, ‘Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test data, spiked blood samples with animal antibodies, and sold a vaccine that actually promoted mumps and measles outbreaks.’

“The News shouldn’t be right wing or left wing, conservative or liberal, it should be independent. It should be the news.” – Whiteout Press founder/author Mark Wachtler.

Reason #2 – Vaccines spiked with viruses

‘The most egregious example of this is contamination of the polio vaccine with SV40, simian virus 40, a cancer-causing virus from monkeys,’ the account explains, ‘As I have written about, this may even be the cause of many cases of cancer today. You can see and hear for yourself on this YouTube clip of Merck researcher Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitting it.’

This is the same Turner Broadcasting footage detailed in the above-linked Whiteout Press article about Merck creating and spreading AIDS while testing experimental vaccines on unsuspecting Africans. For some reason, Merck used a deadly monkey virus in the ingredients of their earliest polio vaccine attempts. It was shown to not only cause cancer in humans, but also a mysterious new human-monkey disease called HIV.

Reason #3 – Vaccine ingredients

One of the most frequently-cited reasons that parents are boycotting vaccines is their ingredients. Not only are these pharmaceutical corporations adding animal viruses into human vaccines, they’re also inexplicably adding a host of other horrifying ingredients. The author states, ‘The CDC openly admits these ingredients are used in vaccines: Aluminum, Antibiotics (usually from GMO corn sugar), Formaldehyde, MSG, Thimerosal/Mercury. Additionally, some vaccines contain: Human Diploid Cells (Aborted Fetal Tissue), Albumin (usually from animal blood, eggs or milk), Squalene.’

Reason #4 – Vaccines causing mass sterilization

Research has shown that over the past half-century, the world’s males lost roughly half of their historically normal sperm count. Additional studies show that between 1989 and 2005, the men of planet Earth have lost an additional one-third of their sperm count. Reproductive experts admit they are mystified as to the cause and near panic over the ramifications of the data. But while fertilization doctors and OB/GYN’s admit they are clueless, the world’s overlords and shadow government appear to know exactly why vaccines are causing infertility – population control.

If vaccines save lives and keep people from dying, it would seem obvious that they would aid in population growth. But as the report reminds us, global geo and socio engineers like Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation have credited vaccines with limiting population growth and aiding their efforts to reduce the population of planet Earth.

The author cites a popular video explaining, ‘You only need watch the first 30 minutes to see the evidence of the connection between vaccines and sterilization. He takes the viewer through official government documents (from USGS and BLM) showing that they used PZP in vaccines to sterilize horses (stallions), and shows the same is being applied to humans. Maybe this is why Bill Gates has said twice in public that vaccines reduce population growth?’

Reason #5 – Some vaccines ineffective

Readers continuously hear about measles and mumps outbreaks and a recent spike in reported cases. According to the CDC, the majority of infected people have not been vaccinated. But vaccine critics widely cite an opposing report from the New England Journal of Medicine showing that the vast majority of cases are among people that have in fact had the MMR vaccine. The NEJM report specifically confirms, ‘Among the 884 case patients 13 to 17 years of age with verified vaccination status, 3% were unvaccinated, 8% had received one dose of MMR vaccine, and 89% had received two doses.’

The author closes the article writing, ‘The above information is just a tiny, tiny percentage of the available information out there showing that not only are vaccines dangerous and clearly not safe, but they also may not be particularly effective either. Vaccine fraud is widespread. Do your research.’ For the record, we at Whiteout Press believe that some vaccines are safe and effective. But we also believe that some aren’t. We echo the author’s recommendation – do your research.

Read the full editorial at The Freedom Articles.


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