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yal student group fights back against war on youth


March 25, 2014

YAL Student Group fights back against War on Youth

March 25, 2014. Boston. From Seattle to Boston and every college town in between, the establishment political class has declared a war on America’s youth. At least that’s the sentiment of student groups representing all facets of the political spectrum. So this Spring, the campus organization Young Americans for Liberty is launching a national campaign to push back.

Young Americans for Liberty is fighting back against the ‘war on youth’ this Spring. Image courtesy of WarOnYouth.com.

It was bad enough in 2008 when public school teachers across American began forcing young students like kindergarteners and first graders to wear Obama for President campaign shirts and sing religious hymns praising the politician for being America’s savior. Now the indoctrination campaign seems to have graduated to the nation’s system of higher education. And school administrators from coast to coast have been banning student groups, opinions, books, protests and even an entire race.

End the War on Youth

Jeff Frazee, Executive Director of Young Americans for Liberty, sent out an announcement to all YAL student chapters nationwide this month rallying the troops. The campus organization has well over 500 local campus groups and growing at a blinding speed. Frazee alerted students that Washington and Wall Street’s war against them has only intensified. And YAL isn’t going to sit by and take it anymore.

“Deny it all you want, but there is a war against the youth right now,” YAL’s Executive Director warns, “Politicians, crony capitalists, and the Federal Reserve are destroying our future prosperity. Good luck finding a job, let alone a high paying one, out of college. And if you thought that student debt wasn’t enough to pay back. Guess what? Your federal government has placed another $150,000-plus more debt on top of your head. Thanks Obama…and Bush and Clinton. So this Spring, we’re rising up to fight!”

Organizers at Young Americans for Liberty insist this is going to be their largest campaign ever. “We’re calling on every YAL chapter to join us on their campus to recruit, educate, and earn media attention,” YAL’s Frazee alerted the group’s hundreds of local campus chapters, “As soon as the weather gets warmer, we’re blanketing campuses nationwide. And to make it even better, we’re providing every active YAL chapter with the best resources we’ve ever offered.”

Resources and activism kit

One of the reasons Young Americans for Liberty has seen such success in recent years is because the organization’s student leaders are as experienced as they are youthful. YAL campus campaigns and projects are almost always successful, and often even too successful, with vastly more participants that school officials or YAL members expected. This Spring’s fight against the war on youth is shaping up to be no different.

One of the resources YAL is supplying its chapters is knowledge. The group’s announcement provides just one of many factoids students will be armed with. “We didn’t ask for this battle. We just wanted to be left free,” YAL’s sign-up form proclaims, “But it is time we defend ourselves. That’s why we are arming every active YAL chapter with resources to fight back. Consider the fact that an 18-year old’s personal lifetime share of the debt is nearly $1 million. This is on top of our student loan debt. This must change. Join us as we fight to free the future and end this war on youth.”

Among the campaign materials being supplied to each participating college and university are a 12-foot ‘War on Youth’ banner, ‘Debt Pong’ game (a political version of beer pong, but without the beer), and an arsenal of hand-out materials like brochures, buttons, booklets, DVD’s, key chains, pens, bumper stickers and much, much more.

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Recent campus outrages

For examples of the war on youth being waged by colleges and universities across America, one needn’t look too hard. Just in the past couple weeks there have been an assortment of assaults on student activism and freedom of speech. Two of the more notorious incidents occurred on opposite coasts – one in Massachusetts and one in Washington State.

Boston’s Northeastern University just banned one of its student organizations for doing nothing more than distributing political fliers to students. Since the students being protested, as well as the students doing the protesting, are both Jewish, it seems the school was motivated by the content of the speech rather than the make-up of the group itself. Students for Justice in Palestine is the campus organization that had its school recognition revoked, along with all school resources and funding. Their crime? Distributing fliers protesting what they call Israel’s system of apartheid and its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

At the same time and on the opposite side of the nation, South Puget Sound Community College in Washington State outraged many students and non-students alike with its own official apartheid-like campaign. Faculty and staff sent out an email to all school employees inviting them to participate in a school-administered event to honor ‘diversity’. The main problem is that the letter specifically and blatantly banned all white people from attending, including white faculty members and students.

The taxpayer-funded college included the following statement, among other hate-based rhetoric, in the official invitation to the school event, “If you want to create space for white folks to meet and work on racism, white supremacy, and white privilege to better our campus community and yourselves, please feel free to do just that.”

Karama Blackhorn, the college’s Diversity program director and one of the staff responsible for the offensive invitation refused to back down when confronted by angry students. Illustrating the establishment-sponsored anti-white hate and discrimination that’s infected college and university campuses across America, Blackhorn reminded students and the community that the taxpayer-funded college isn’t for white people. “That space is not for white people,” Blackhorn responded to critics, “That space is for people of color.”

While Young Americans for Liberty is a proudly multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-party, tolerant and open student organization, it’s obvious that the group’s 500-plus campus chapters have a host of injustices and anti-freedom outrages to fight back against this year. So far, their main focus will be on defending America’s college students, regardless of their race, gender, religion or political beliefs. Reminding them that at the young age of 18, each college freshman already owes the world over $1 million as their share of the country’s debt is about as eye-opening a statistic as there is and as good a place as any to generate awareness.

For more information, visit Young Americans for Liberty.


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