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yal and c4l launch joint 12 state school liberty tour


February 27, 2014

YAL and C4L launch joint 12-State School Liberty Tour

February 27, 2014. Twin Falls, ID. Conservatives and libertarians are on the march and two of the most prominent and effective organizations have teamed up for a 12-state university tour. Campaign for Liberty will bring its experience, along with well-known personalities including current US Senators and Representatives. Young Americans for Liberty brings its energy, passion and hundreds of student groups from across the nation.

Just one of over 500 college chapters of Young Americans for Liberty. Image courtesy of YAL.

For the next two months, YAL and C4L will be visiting college and university campuses, mainly in the eastern US, but with a final stop in California at the end of the tour. The events are taking place in conjunction with the annual conventions of 12 Young Americans for Liberty campus chapters. Representing more than 500 other colleges and universities with a YAL affiliate, these 12 will enjoy the presence and participation of such well-known conservative and libertarian icons as Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), and over a dozen others.

Train, educate, network

The objective of the multi-state campus tour is, ‘to train, educate and network local activists all across the country.’ According to details published on the Young Americans for Liberty website, “YAL is partnering with state and national organizations to offer you a one-day training and networking event designed to build stronger state cooperation, improve our activists’ effectiveness, and inspire attendees to do even more to advance the cause of liberty.”

The announcement goes on to explain, “When you attend a YAL State Convention, you will discover new ideas, connect with local leaders, and find opportunities you never knew existed. We’re also bringing keynote speakers – the top names in the liberty movement – directly to your state!” As the call to action suggests, the conventions aren’t just for student members of YAL. Local liberty activists, especially those running for local office, are finding the local YAL chapters to be their most helpful and receptive ally. ‘All politics is local,’ is what the old saying claims. And YAL is proving it by repeatedly giving a voice to those citizen-candidates being shut out of the election process.

One recent example comes from our sister publication Opposition News. When Libertarian Party candidate for Florida Attorney General Bill Wohlsifer was shut out of the state-sponsored election functions by Associate Press, even though he satisfied all the same criteria the two establishment candidates did, it was the YAL chapter at the University of Central Florida that stepped up and invited Wohlsifer and another unjustly excluded citizen-candidate to the university to get their message out.

Read the February 18, 2014 Opposition News article, ‘AP rules Fla AG Candidate not rich enough to participate’ for details.

Tour dates

The 12 colleges and universities hosting the joint C4L/YAL events are below, along with their respective dates. And remember, you don’t have to be a student to attend and participate:

February 22 – New York – CUNY, Albany NY

March 1 – Idaho – College of So. Idaho, Twin Falls ID

March 15 – Arkansas – Univ. of Central Ark, Conway AR

March 22 – South Carolina – Univ. of SC, Columbia SC

March 29 – Pennsylvania – Penn State Univ., State College PA

April 5 – Florida – location TBD

April 5 – Louisiana – Univ. of New Orleans, New Orleans LA

April 5 – Kentucky – Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington KY

April 12 – Michigan – Central Michigan Univ., Mt. Pleasant MI

April 12 – Texas – Texas State Univ., San Marcos TX

April 26 – Wisconsin – Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison WI

April 26 – California – USC, Los Angeles CA


The confirmed list of speakers is below. Remember, not all speakers will be participating in all the events. See the registration page for specific details. Featured speakers include:

Ron Paul

Rand Paul

Justin Amash

Jeffrey Tucker

Matt Kibbe

Thomas Massie

Tom Woods

David Boaz

Elbert Guillory

Additional participating speakers include; Lawrence Reed, Connor Boyack, Cody Wilson, Jack Hunter, James Comer, Walter Block, Scott Banister, Deborah Busch, Steve Katz, Steve McLaughlin, Steve Horowitz, and Manuel Lopez.

If the event has one dark spot, it’s the list of sponsors, which is a veritable who’s who of political Super PACs. One would think charging a registration fee would eliminate the need for paid sponsors. Fortunately, the kids at YAL’s hundreds of campus student groups have proven their sincerity time and again. If there’s one segment that can’t be bought off, it’s the millions of passionately idealistic American students. Even so, it’s worth mentioning the 12-state C4L/YAL campus tour is sponsored by the following entities:

Gold Sponsors

Young Americans for Liberty

Charles Koch Institute

Freedom Works

Leadership Institute

Students for Liberty

Campaign for Liberty

Generation Opportunity

Silver Sponsors


Alliance Defending Freedom

Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty

Carolina Objectivists


National Assoc. for Gun Rights

James Madison Institute

Heritage Action for America

The Fund for American Studies

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Heritage Foundation

For more information, visit Young Americans for Liberty or Campaign for Liberty.


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