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May 21, 2015

World’s No 1 Terror Sponsor to get Nuclear Weapons

By Mark Wachtler

May 21, 2015. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (ONN) As America’s War against Terror enters its 14th year, the American people would draw a blank when asked to name a country they’re fighting against. After the attacks on 9/11, blind lust for revenge led the US to invade the wrong countries, leaving the Saudi mastermind free to spend the next decade living in luxury protected by our Pakistani allies. Now, those two countries – Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – are collaborating to make the same brutal dictatorship that attacked America on September 11, 2001 a nuclear-armed state.

The Sunni-Shiite civil war is turning into a regional war with nuclear repercussions, and could easily escalate into a world war.

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Saudi Arabia – America’s real enemy

The average American will think it’s crazy to call Saudi Arabia an enemy of the United States. The oppressive military monarchy has been one of America’s top five allies for decades, mostly thanks to the personal friendship of the Texas oil men occupying the White House for the majority of two decades, literally. But US administrations have no aversion to giving away the farm to countries that are trying to destroy America. Just look at China, our ‘Most Favored Nation’ since the Reagan years.

In an attempt to stay more powerful than Shiite Iran, Sunni Saudi Arabia has decided to beat the Islamic Republic to the finish line in respect to nuclear weapons. While it would take Iran a decade to produce one nuclear device, and that’s only if they violate the recently proposed nuclear electricity agreement, Saudi Arabia has reportedly called in its favor with ally Pakistan and will purchase nuclear weapons from them.

Just the facts

Rather than attempt to explain the current Middle East nuclear crisis in long form, and why we believe Saudi Arabia is really one of America’s current top two enemies (the other being China), we’ll simply remind readers of some of the facts:

-15 of the 19 September 11th terrorists were Saudis.

-The mastermind of the attacks – Saudi multi-millionaire Osama bin Laden – publicly declared war on the United States on behalf of Saudi Arabia after US President George HW Bush ignored Saudi warnings and stationed 500,000 American soldiers inside their country in 1990.

-The half million US troops were there to protect the Sunni Saudi dictatorship and its Sunni Al Qaeda allies from Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Iraq was a non-sectarian democratic republic (albeit a corrupt one on the national level) and a staunch enemy of Islamic jihadists.

-After the US overthrew the Iraqi government, the Kurds (currently US allies and enemies simultaneously) declared their independence, the Shiite minority took control of southeast Iraq, and the Sunni jihadists took control of northwest Iraq. The US and its seemingly corrupt puppet Iraqi government have since controlled nothing but the capitol of Baghdad.

-With Shiites taking control of their half of Iraq, its Sunni neighbors like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan decided to reign in their multi-faith adversaries, in both US-backed Baghdad and Russian-backed Damascus, and the regional Islamic civil war began in earnest.

-Sunni Muslims (America’s allies) make up 85% of the Muslim world. Shiite Muslims (Russia’s allies) are a persecuted religious minority making up only 15% of the Muslim world.

-Nearly all Islamic ‘jihadists’ are Sunni Muslims including Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the Taliban, Hamas and ISIS/ISIL.

-Shiite Islam is made up of 1,300 years of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and other converts to the religion that refused to join the oppressive Sunni wing of the faith.

-Sunni jihadists, responsible for nearly every terror attack against Americans in recent history, are financially supported and sponsored by Sunni dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait (all American allies).

-In Syria, the Shiite Assad regime is backed by Russia, Iran and the country’s Christians. The almost non-existent Sunni ‘Syrian rebels’ are backed by the United States. The Sunni jihadists like al Qaeda, al Nusra, and ISIS/ISIL are backed by Saudi Arabia.

-US ally Pakistan, which hid and protected Osama bin Laden from the US for a decade and sold nuclear plans to US enemy North Korea, developed nuclear weapons with Saudi funding in exchange for a promise of mutual ownership and use of the nukes by either country if needed someday.

-As reported by news outlets around the world over the past three days, Saudi Arabia has activated the agreement and will take possession of nuclear warheads from Pakistan in an attempt to acquire nukes before Iran.

-Saudi Arabia has not hidden the fact that it is currently waging and winning a devastating war against the United States – a trade war.

-America went from the world’s largest consumer of oil to the world’s largest producer, nearly overnight. The US shale and fracking boom collapsed global oil prices last year, causing top oil producers like Saudi Arabia and Russia to lose billions of dollars a year.

-While the globe’s oil producers, including OPEC members, have begged for a universal cut in drilling to bring oil prices back up, the world’s top three oil producers refused and instead increased their production in an attempt to bankrupt the other two – Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

-This weekend, Wall Street analysts including those from Morgan Stanley, declared the US had lost the oil war to the Saudis. While Saudi Arabia increased output 10 percent to a 12-year high, American energy companies have no choice but to continue to rapidly shut down operations across the US and continue laying off tens of thousands of workers.

-The same country that attacked the US on September 11, 2001, and just won a trade war against America, and continues to arm and fund ISIS/ISIL and Al Qaeda while America is at war with them, is now being permitted by the global community to join the small club of nuclear-armed nations.

Thus concludes our crash course on the world’s most recent nuclear crisis.


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