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Why freelance writing jobs are the best jobs for travelers


Seeing new sites, meeting new people, learning new traditions and tasting new dishes. All among the benefits that come with traveling. However, as covetable as traveling the world may sound, a traveling lifestyle has its challenges.  Among the problems, finding a suitable job that attracts a stream of income ranks top.

Thanks to the internet, travelers can get freelance writing jobs and gain financial freedom. Whether writing for blogs, travel agencies or even copywriting, there are plenty of jobs for freelancers.


Unlike the 9-5 regular office work, freelance writing is suitable for many. For a traveler nonetheless, the benefits are plenty. Among this include;

  1. Time and location independence

With usual office work, you are required to be at your station daily for a set duration of time. Given the nature of traveling, sticking to one place of work is almost impossible. As such, you may find yourself conflicted whether to leave the job or sacrifice you’re moving lifestyle.

With freelancing, however, you state your terms, therefore, deciding the time to write your work regardless of location. As such, this conforms to the nature of traveling as you can write during your free time provided that you meet deadlines.


However, it is advisable that you adhere to deadlines, since when mishandled, freedom may result in undesirable results. For this, consider having a time planner with reminders on deadlines thus being able to schedule your time well.

  1. Little skill and capital is required

When the idea of freelance writing hits many, the mind virtualizes a lot of prowess required. As opposed to this belief, freelance writing has the least requirements. If you are well versed with your language and possess a PC, you are good to go.

However, when starting up as a freelancer, there are a lot of hurdles to jump. For this, engage with skilled writers in your niche, therefore, getting tips on how to get work and excel as a freelancer.

  1. Travel writing

Although the idea of getting paid to travel freely may seem farfetched to many, travel writing is widespread. With many companies aiming to share travel destinations and holiday experiences with others, the area has attracted many writers. Being a traveler, these may prove an ideal fit for you as not only is it your lifestyle, but it also pays a substantial amount of money.

For this, register with platforms for travel writers that share an interest with areas you frequently travel.

  1. Organizing your schedule

Considering the activities involved with traveling, having a specific sleeping time is almost impossible. As such making commitments to a job that requires you at a particular time may cause a headache.

With freelance writing jobs, on the other hand, you can change your schedule accordingly thus engaging in activities without compromising your work. Owing to this fact, you can take as many projects as you can handle within a given period; therefore, meeting a target every day.

However, ensure that you have principles and targets for a daily basis thus ensuring you don’t miss deadlines. Objectives also ensure that you make a set flow of income daily, therefore, sustaining your travel life and saving for the future.

  1. Limitless income

Ask anybody who works in an office; they all expect a certain stipend at the end of every month. As a result, the impact of emergencies is lethal and may leave one in financial turmoil. With freelance writing, however, there is a vast supply of work; therefore, getting money is as easy as handling the most projects you can.

Additionally, there are numerous fields to write about; therefore, assuring you an endless supply of work even when you are off your traveling routine.

Thanks to the internet, getting jobs is secure regardless of your field. To excel as a travel freelance writer, it is advisable to get a scratch paper online, therefore, keeping track of work and ideas as you travel.