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What to Look For in a Long Distance Moving Company?


Long Distance Moving or Moving outside your country is of course not similar to local moving. You cannot hire just anyone from your locality to shift your luggage abroad with full security. Now, the question arises how can you select the best moving company for your long distance move? Each of the company around you be it online or offline claims to be best. It puts you in more dilemma.

To clear the confusion and select the best possible long distance movers, you must have set criteria. The article underneath details the complete checklist that can help you clear the fog and go with the carefree relocation process.

Tips to Hire the Best Long Distance Movers

Any company does not grow overnight but the knowledge and experience. Consider the following things before you finalize on any long distance moving company.

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  • The first thing to check for the company is the license. The best moving companies in your area must be registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Once you ask the company, they must be able to show you the license immediately if they are licensed. They have the license number usually displayed on their plain sight.
  • The company for interstate moves has additional paperwork, licenses and other government formalities to be accomplished. All this come to a company that is established as well as experienced and not randomly to anyone. Check all the essentials before hiring a moving company.
  • Once you have the list of best moving companies in your state, check and compare the services as well as their quote. Though standard companies do not possess much difference in the prices and are very clear about their rates. They can provide you with a detailed rate list of each of the service they offer.
  • To know about a company the best way is to check the reviews from their previous customers. A reputed long distance moving company must have their website and the happy customers always leave a review. So, the best option is to look on their website or on a safer side on the FMCSA website to know the experience of previous customers.

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  • Never commit to a company or rely on anyone without meeting them in person. The companies who talk about everything online or through calls are not trustworthy most of the time.
  • You must beware of the companies that demand any kind of deposit in a huge amount prior to the work done. None of the reputed companies doing the business in this specific genre does so. So there are different indications that tell you about the reality of the moving company, it is you who get to understand.
  • Any kind of payments or agreements must be made on paper or online with proof. Each of the document must be easily accessible any moment by you. Go for hiring a moving company that maintains the complete transparency in their services.
  • Check for the vehicle permits and other documents. Be very sure before hiring the moving company as it is about your valuable luggage. You may have to face a big loss if you do not make a satisfactory survey beforehand.
  • Last but not least, the movers must provide insurance for your luggage. Any sort of wear, tear, and breakdown of your belongings is their responsibility once you have handed over the things to them. Insurance of your luggage must be documented on paper.
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Bottom Line

If you can find all the basic requirements of a moving company fulfilled by the movers in your area, you can hire them without making much delay. Cross check the availability of their services on your choice of dates in order to avoid inconvenience.