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watch bryce williams video reporter cameraman killing


August 27, 2015

Watch Bryce Williams Video of Reporter Cameraman killing


August 27, 2015. Roanoke, VA. (ONN) The video of Bryce Williams shooting and killing a local news reporter and her cameraman yesterday live on TV is one of the most sought-after clips this morning. Due to YouTube policies however, the video shot and posted to the internet by the shooter himself is nearly impossible to find. Thanks to independent grassroots media, here are both existing clips of the tragic on-air murders committed by Bryce Williams yesterday.

Bryce Williams filmed the double-murder and immediately posted it on social media.

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The August 26, 2015 shooting deaths of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward by Bryce Williams.

The WDBJ-7 live broadcast

Video filmed by the shooter Bryce Williams

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