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January 9, 2013

WARNING – 2 very different Organizers for Jan 19 Firearms Day

January 9, 2013. In the wake of the Newtown school shooting and the resulting anti-gun hysteria, firearms owners have launched an effort to show America that they’re not conceding anything, especially not the 2nd Amendment. On January 19, gun owners will gather on the steps of every state capital building in the nation, making their voices heard and their presence felt.

Push for gun control

Some of the more well-known individuals making a public case for new gun control laws, a “rabid push” as Breitbart News described it, include Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was previously against gun control, but in recent days has flip-flopped on the issue and now supports stricter gun laws. Even retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal has come out of retirement to publicly call for “serious” gun control.

America’s politicians aren’t the only ones jumping on the gun control bandwagon. The country’s corporate-owned media outlets have buried objective journalism in a shallow grave and begun airing near 24-hour political gun control propaganda. A visit to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN will prove to be an indoctrinating experience. The hysteria became so overwhelming on CNN that the well-known Constitution defender Alex Jones made a rare appearance where he had a virtual meltdown, threatening, “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!”

Gun owners respond

The first mass effort by gun owners in response to the heightened call for gun control wasn’t orchestrated, organized or planned. In fact, it was the direct result of the media and its agenda-driven broadcasts after the tragic Newtown school shooting. Sales of firearms and high-capacity magazines set record numbers in the days following the massacre out of fear of an outright ban.

According to one manufacturer, Brownells, they were forced to shift into damage control after the rush of customers for its high-capacity magazines crippled the company. Brownells’ President, Pete Brownell, had to take to social media to apologize to all their customers.

“First of all I wanted to offer an apology for the situation,” Brownell told customers who were put on back-order due to the selling out of products, “The demand for magazines actually exceeded the ability for the system to keep up with the volume that was being ordered.” He went on to explain that in one 72-hour period during the height of the media’s gun control hysteria, Brownells sold 3.5 years worth of 30-round magazines.

Guns Across America vs. Gun Appreciation Day

Same day, same effort, same message – different organizers. One is from Texas and seems to be a sincere, grassroots, patriotic American with no resources, using Facebook to spread the word like wildfire. The other is a Washington DC based consulting agency whose owner has proclaimed himself the ‘Chairman’ of the national protest and is requiring a monetary donation and credit card information just to participate in the January 19, 50-state demonstration.

While researching this article, Whiteout Press looked into both event organizers. We’ll include excerpts of each’s message, as well as their specific details below:

Guns Across America

Organizer: Eric (last name not included, as if he’s been on the front line before)

Organization: American Gun Owners. Facebook page titled, ‘Gun Control = More Crime’

Provided description: ‘Armed, trained, and peaceful. To win a gunfight: avoid it! Self-defense trainers teach avoidance and de-escalation. Lawful gun owners use force reluctantly and only in the gravest extreme when their lives are in immediate danger. Responsible armed people function as the peacekeepers of the society. Unlike police, they will never give you a speeding ticket or ask for tax money to pay for their guns.’

Jan. 19 Event web page: Facebook page titled, ‘Guns Across America

Description: ‘Hello patriots, it’s Eric from “Gun Control = More Crime” again. “Guns Across America” is going to take place Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 at “high noon.” This is going to be a peaceful picketing protest against ANY, AND ALL future gun legislation. This is our chance to reach out to our elected officials, and tell them NO NEW GUN LAWS! “Guns Across America” is being tailored to happen in every state’s capital city, at their capital building. The theory behind doing this event on a Saturday, is most conservative gun owners work a typical Monday through Friday job. I’m hoping for a massive response by doing this on a weekend.

Now for the tricky part. I’m going to need one volunteer to organize each capital city. I’ll be taking care of Texas (Austin), and I have Oklahoma and Montana filled. That means I have 47 states left to go. If you’re interested in volunteering to organize your capital city’s event, please email me at [email protected]. I’ll be discussing important issues with each state’s volunteer. This includes making sure all your state laws are obeyed, publicity, media exposure, etc.’

Gun Appreciation Day

Organizer: Larry Ward, President of Political Media, Inc.

Organization: Political Media, Inc.

Provided description: ‘Political Media, Inc. is a Republican New Media consulting firm that couples advanced technological solution with cutting edge creative design. Through our creative services, which include: web design, data and e-mail services and political animations, we offer unmatched effectiveness, efficiency and energy to our clients.’

Jan. 19 Event web page: GunAppreciationDay.com

Description: ‘Broad coalition of gun rights, conservative groups proclaim January 19 “Gun Appreciation Day”. Americans nationwide urged to go to local gun shows, ranges, and stores to show support for 2nd Amendment. A new coalition of gun rights and conservative groups has proclaimed January 19, 2013, “Gun Appreciation Day” and begun urging Americans nationwide to show their support for gun ownership by turning out en masse at gun stores, ranges, and show from coast to coast.’

Immediate impressions

At first glance, it’s wonderful that there are two separate nationwide demonstrations scheduled for the same day. The only problem is that they’re schedule for two completely different locations, with two different strategies, motivations and desired results.

Guns Across America is being led by a street-level, grassroots patriot who can be found at his own local protest on January 19. He’s declared it a co-op event, like Wikipedia and the public domain, where nobody is in charge and everyone has a say. He’s not selling anything and he’s asking for no money. As a fellow gun owner, he  just wants your help and he’s asking you to show up at your state capital on January 19 to show America that gun owners won’t stand idly by as their rights are stripped away.

Gun Appreciation Day is being led by the President of a Washington DC based consultancy corporation. He’s declared himself “Gun Appreciation Day chairman” and has already obtained the domain name and designed and launched a web page for the event. In order to receive information from them or be added to the event’s email list, interested gun owners are required to first make a “donation” – although it’s not a donation if it’s required, is it. It’s impossible to submit a $0 donation, as the web site demands everyone provide them with a credit card to be included.

Stick with Guns Across America

The final, major difference between the two events is what the organizers are asking gun owners to do, and what will be accomplished by it. First, Gun Appreciation Day wants all of America’s gun owners to send them money. Then on Jan. 19, they want everyone to go to their local gun store or gun range and spend even more money. That’s it…hidden away, out of sight, as if America’s gun owners are afraid, ashamed and hiding out on the big protest day.

Guns Across America however, wants you to keep your money – a plus in everyone’s book. They’re also asking America’s gun owners to all show up on their state’s capital steps. There, millions of gun owners will be seen with their banners, signs and posters, sending a strong, loud and undeniable message. Standing on the Capital steps, the beneficiaries of their message will be all-important State Representatives and State Senators, followed by the American people.

That sums up the two drastically different January 19 gun owners counter-protest events. It’s up to each individual gun owner to decide which effort to support. As for Whiteout Press, we’ll see you on the steps of the State Capital.

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