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vets still suffer 18 years after forced anthrax vaccine


November 17, 2014

Vets still suffer 18 years after forced Anthrax Vaccine

By Mark Wachtler

November 17, 2014. Falls Church, VA. (ONN) Readers like your author who have been fighting the good fight for the last 20 years will remember this particular battle – forced anthrax vaccinations of US military personnel. The devastating drama has been playing out since 1991 when victims first suspected the US government was injecting soldiers with tainted, expired and FDA-rejected anthrax vaccines. Today, countless military veterans are nearly crippled and in unceasing pain from the exposure. But their plight has been ignored since the beginning.

The push-back among regular Americans against forced vaccinations is growing due to repeated scandals involving side effects. Image courtesy of TheLastGreatStand.com.

The forced injection of millions of US military personnel with rejected anthrax vaccines is no secret. American soldiers went to prison rather than consent to the mandatory vaccinations. Of those who did take the vaccine, more than half experienced adverse effects, with an unknown number of them suffering from disabling and crippling side effects ever since. Whiteout Press was reminded of this sad tragedy in a letter from our friends at the American Homeless Families Foundation, who forwarded us a letter from one of the longtime and forgotten victims.

One woman’s story

“I thought of you when I got this email from a friend,” the letter to your author began, “You can be the first to report on this and get the ball rolling in the media. This letter is from a friend who is a veteran that was forced to take this vaccine and now has numerous medical problems because of it. Please check it out.”

The original letter from the US military veteran named Michele explained, “I too am homeless and my family has been forced to live with my mother. The VA has dragged their feet helping me for nine years. I have PTSD, brain aneurism, right hand and knee injuries, chemical contamination, hypertension, and am totally unemployed due to sickness. In other words, my injuries are totally unseen.”

“There are factors left out why PTSD and underlining medical problems are going on with our veterans,” the sick vet went on to detail, “We were forced and made to sign documents to take anthrax vaccines. This drug wasn’t supposed to be administered to living people or animals. Yet we were forced into it. The Bush administration is responsible for the fast-moving mental and physical depreciations within the war veterans that took the drug. The government has wronged our vets and sentenced them to early death due to complications.”

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After providing a US Army report confirming that a group of 1,200 soldiers had become seriously ill after receiving the anthrax vaccine, the veteran goes on to plead for help. “This is the information I found,” she concludes, “Our government is poisoning our soldiers, then hiding it! Please get to the bottom of this. Our soldiers and veterans need our help. It’s imperative to their health. I would like to see this reported on and thought that you would be the best to get down to the truth.”

Forced vaccinations with tainted vaccines

It sounds impossible, but it’s true and has been documented by bodies including Congress, the FDA, the Pentagon and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). While anthrax vaccines have existed in one form or another since the 1950’s, it was in 1970 that the AVA anthrax vaccine was first licensed for production by the state-owned and operated Michigan Department of Public Health. When Iraq invaded Kuwait and the US responded by invading Iraq in 1991, production of the vaccine skyrocketed due to its widespread use among US military personnel in anticipation of an anthrax attack by Saddam Hussein.

No soldiers were ever sickened by anthrax, but thousands have been sickened by the vaccine. To sum up the controversy in its simplest terms, the Michigan state agency producing the anthrax vaccine used by the US military at the time – 8 million doses administered to 2 million people – changed expiration dates after the vaccines expired.

The facility that manufactured the vaccine was also repeatedly cited for code violations including tainted and spoiled vaccine supplies. And even after the FDA quarantined millions of tainted anthrax vaccine doses in a Michigan warehouse, the US military forced hundreds of thousands of soldiers to be injected with the tainted vaccine against their will. Those soldiers who’d followed the story in the news and refused to be injected were disciplined, and in some cases, jailed.

From the headlines

In 1998, the Daily Press ran a story headlined, ‘Sailors injected with Outdated Anthrax Vaccine.’ The report begins, ‘The US Navy injected sailors in the Persian Gulf with a 5-year-old batch of anthrax vaccine, two months after federal regulators said the vaccine had been given a new expiration date improperly. That’s according to US Food and Drug Administration records that show the state-owned Michigan Biologic Products Institute relabeled a 1993 batch of anthrax vaccine in February to extend its shelf life past 1996. Sailors on two aircraft carriers in the Gulf say medical records list that same batch – FAV020 – as the one given to the sailors in April.’

The detailed report goes on to explain, ‘The Michigan plant made all of the more than 7 million doses of anthrax vaccine the Pentagon said it will use this summer to begin its program to vaccinate every active duty, Reserve and National Guard service member – 2.4 million in all. But FDA records show that since 1993 the Michigan plant repeatedly has been cited for violations of the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices rules and other quality control problems. The records include a March 11, 1997, letter from the FDA threatening to revoke the plant’s licenses if it did not correct its problems.’

Experts appalled

By 2002, all the various and mysterious military illnesses collectively dismissed as some fictitious ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ had finally been proven as very real. Armor-piercing munitions used in the first Gulf War were tipped with nuclear waste, so dense and heavy it penetrated the most modern armor. But it also poisoned US soldiers, and they brought it home and infected their spouses, and then their future offspring. But there were other reasons US soldiers were getting sick – forced anthrax vaccinations.

A scathing report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and trumpeted by outraged institutions including the University of Minnesota, confirmed that a majority of US Navy personnel given the mandatory anthrax vaccine did in fact suffer from horrible adverse reactions. ‘The Pentagon’s mandatory anthrax shots caused adverse reactions in most recipients and helped prompt many Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members to transfer to other units or leave the military,’ the University quotes the GAO report.

‘The survey indicated that 85% of troops who received an anthrax shot had an adverse reaction, a rate far higher than the 30% claimed by the manufacturer in 2000, when the survey was conducted,’ the report goes on to expose, ‘16% of the survey respondents had either left the military or changed their status, at least in part because of the vaccination program.’

Government upholds forced vaccinations

After the quarantine of the tainted vaccines was lifted, expiration dates were changed to make them appear unexpired, and old and contaminated doses were mixed with new doses, the US military resumed injecting military personnel and private contractors with the tainted anthrax vaccine. But as the GAO report documents, a large number of soldiers refused to be injected. Many left the service. Some went to prison and others filed lawsuits.

In 2008, a federal court in Washington DC rejected a lawsuit filed by eight service members who asked the courts to uphold their right to refuse mandatory injections of a vaccine proven to cause crippling side effects. As reported by CNN at the time, ‘The Pentagon program was suspended four years ago after a federal court found the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process to be improper. The mandatory inoculations resumed after revised protocols found the vaccine to be safe. On Friday, US District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled the FDA’s revised approval process was appropriate.’

Forgotten by the VA and the country

So while the FDA and the Pentagon say the anthrax vaccines given to US military personnel were safe, the GAO and independent authorities say otherwise. More than that, there are countless victims of those crippling side effects out there in America right now, and they’re still writing to us here at Whiteout Press asking us to help shine a light on their long-running suffering.

As they explain, the VA routinely diagnoses their medical problems as PTSD because according to the US government, those expired and contaminated anthrax vaccines were all safe. So their pain and suffering can’t be real and must be in their head. And some of those veterans have been waiting nine years just to hear that.

As for active duty military personnel, there are so many mandatory vaccines the Pentagon had to create an entire branch of the military just for vaccines. If you don’t believe it, just visit the Immunization Healthcare Branch of the service at Vaccines.mil.


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