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August 21, 2014

Veterans News Site looking for Military Writers and Bloggers

By Mark Wachtler

August 21, 2014. Muskegon, MI. (ONN) Technically, Warrior Lodge is a website for military personnel, whether they’re active duty, retired, or thinking about joining. The site is managed and supported by soldiers and vets from all branches of the US military. With its extensive library of information and ongoing news articles, it’s difficult to imagine the Warrior Lodge site getting any bigger. But that’s exactly what they have planned. And they’re looking for writers and bloggers to participate.

The official WarriorLodge.com T-Shirt, available online. Image courtesy of WarriorLodge.com.

The military website WarriorLodge.com bills itself as, ‘The Ultimate Military Resource’. And while we at Whiteout Press carry a background with the people’s volunteer militia as opposed to the government’s military, we’re still some of the most passionate and energetic supporters of America’s men and women in uniform, and especially our country’s military veterans who seem to be perpetually screwed over more than any other demographic of American society. So, we’re proud to introduce Whiteout Press readers, including the hundreds of vets numbered among our subscribers, to WarriorLodge.com.

Warrior Lodge writers

Wes O’Donnell, an Army and Air Force veteran and the founder of Warrior Lodge, recently announced his intention of expanding the website and adding additional writers. “Hi folks! I’m Army and Air Force veteran Wes O’Donnell, Professor of Marketing and the founder of Warrior Lodge,” he announced in a Veterans LinkedIn group, “I’m looking for contributing writers to discuss military or veteran related topics on the site WarriorLodge.com.”

He goes on to explain that the opportunity isn’t a paying position. But as with most large websites with tens of thousands of loyal readers, there are other benefits to being a contributing writer. “It’s a great way to build your writing portfolio and author rank and get your writing in front of a large military audience,” O’Donnell offers, “We have 30,000 Facebook Fans and the site currently gets approximately 20,000 visitors daily and 4.6 million page views monthly. Your target audience is all branches, active duty, veterans and those thinking about joining.”

The site’s founder goes on to explain that the amount of writing is totally up to each writer and blogger. He says that one article a week or month or whenever each individual person has time is fine. They’re looking for articles roughly 500 words in length, which typically comes out to 6-8 paragraphs. Again, topics would include virtually all things related to the US military.

Website sections

The military site Warrior Lodge is steeped in hi-resolution graphics and impressive imagery of soldiers, vets and some of the most sophisticated and awe-inspiring military hardware the US armed forces has to offer. The home page’s slide show includes amazing action photos of a nuclear submarine, stealth fighters, camouflaged snipers, tank-buster bombers, and military personnel doing what they do best.

Some of the website’s sections include an area containing financial discounts and other promotions for veterans. Another section discusses military pay rates. There are resources for those thinking about joining the military. And another detailing the military strengths and resources of every country on Earth. For those that would like to test their military knowledge, there’s even a section titled, ‘Warrior Quizzes’.

Warrior Lodge articles

Giving an example of the type of articles the website is looking for, their latest report is titled, ‘Dude, where’s my car? Servicemembers’ Cars missing after Redeployment’. The account details how the US military provides a service that will ship a soldier’s personal automobile to foreign countries where they are stationed. When the soldiers return home, their cars follow. It’s a wonderful service, when it works right.

After hundreds of complaints from US military personnel that they’ve been waiting weeks for their cars with no information from the company the Pentagon contracts with to transport the vehicles and manage the entire system, a spokesperson for the company admitted they don’t know where hundreds, maybe even thousands, of cars are. At last count, there were 250 official complaints lodged by service members still waiting for their autos. The company responsible insists the program is not broken and that the entire global contract was just awarded to them from a previous vendor. It’s the transition from one company to another that seems to have caused the backlog.

Other recent articles included reports on military advertising trends, restoring mobility to paralyzed vets, President Obama’s actions in Iraq, treatments for PTSD, employment opportunities for vets, and more.

For more information on possibly writing for the military website Warrior Lodge, visit them at WarriorLodge.com.


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