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us used 8 year old to kill adoptive father in drone strike


August 17, 2013

US used 8 year-old to kill Adoptive Father in Drone Strike

August 17, 2013. Bayt al-Ahmar, Yemen. Is the Obama administration really using small children as assassins in its global drone war, going so far as to enlist the kids to knowingly set up their own parents for murder? While the story is blacked-out by US state media, international news outlets are reporting that the answer to that question is yes, albeit most likely inadvertently. Watch the al Qaeda confession video below.

The 8 year-old assassin and his father. Image courtesy of Nodeju.com.

While it would be fair to note that there is no evidence that President Obama was aware that US forces used an 8 year-old to murder his own adoptive father, there is no evidence that the US President was not aware.

Killing on the campaign trail

In October 2012, President Obama wasn’t just killing politically as he campaigned for re-election against Republican challenger Mitt Romney, he was killing literally. Since his Drone War is still mostly a secret to the American people, not much is known. A few items that have been confirmed over the past five years are that President Obama is personally authorizing the assassinations of people, including American citizens that included a 16 year-old. It’s also clear that he has killed over 1,000 people from his ‘kill list’ with drone strikes. And finally, and most shocking, it’s now being reported that the Obama administration is inadvertently using children to set up their parents for targeted killings.

Among the publications suddenly publishing the gripping story this week are the UK’s Daily Mail, The Atlantic, and even the Charleston Voice. It’s safe to say, the secret’s out. The most detailed and extensive report comes from The Atlantic, where they cite local Yemeni journalists, watchdogs and even residents of the small village confirming the story’s accuracy. In the end, the best evidence is the video confession from the child himself, produced and distributed by al Qaeda in an attempt to shame the American people for their use of children in their war on terror.

The Spider’s Web

That’s the name of the professionally produced video featuring 8 year-old Barq Al-Kulaybi and his biological father Hafizallah al-Kulaybi. In the first half of the video, it is the father that tells his story of the US assassination of one of their fellow tribal officials. In the second half, the 8 year-old repeats the series of events, as his father instructs him on camera, “In your voice.”

As detailed by The Atlantic, ‘With his tiny head framed by big, looping curls, he looks like a typical 8-year-old rapidly reciting the lines he’s memorized for an elementary-school play. But he’s in an al-Qaeda confession video, not a school play, and he’s explaining how he helped US drone operators kill a man.’ The publication goes on to confirm the authenticity of the claims made in the video confession, ‘Numerous tribesmen, local journalists, and a nongovernmental organization have all independently stated that the story the Kulaybis tell aligns with what they believe to be true: 8-year-old Barq was a spy.

Video courtesy of the Daily Mail.

The whole story

With the information taken from the al Qaeda-coerced confession video, along with the reporting from The Atlantic, a detailed account is created of the steps that led to the Obama administration using 8 year-old Barq Al-Kulaybi as a spy and assassin. And again, while there is no evidence the CIA and Defense Department knew they were using a small child as an operative, there’s no evidence proving they didn’t know.

The Atlantic account sets the stage writing, ‘More than a decade after September 11, Osama bin Laden and many of the most obvious targets were already dead. Qadhi, a burly Yemeni military officer, was a less obvious target. But as the US entered the second decade of its war against al-Qaeda, it increasingly found itself going after men like Qadhi, who were targeted not so much for what they had done as for what they might do.’

Target: Adnan al-Qadhi

Adnan al-Qadhi was an officer in Yemen’s military and was accused of being a co-conspirator in the 2008 car-bombing of the US Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. Intelligence reports show his role was obtaining and providing official military license plates to the al Qaeda bombers, allowing them to easily pass through most of the initial security checkpoints around the US Embassy. Like many other Yemeni officials, Qadhi appeared to be working for both the US-backed Yemen government and al Qaeda at the same time.

By 2011, Adnan al-Qadhi had found himself on President Obama’s ‘kill list’. Unnamed US operatives then reached out to their allies in the Yemeni government for help in tracking Qadhi down so he could be executed. While that was going on, Adnan al-Qadhi had taken in a homeless, starving 8 year-old who happened to be a member of the same local tribe – the same tribe that has occupied power in Yemen for over 30 years.

When the Yemeni Republican Guard looked into Qadhi, they realized he had taken in the child and was basically raising him as his own and even paying for his education. When they identified the 8 year-old Barq, they realized he was the son of a fellow Republican Guard soldier who had put the child out on the street because he and his wife could no longer afford to provide for Barq and his five brothers and sisters. The US-backed Republican Guard then ordered Barq’s father, Hafizallah al-Kulaybi, to bring his son home so Yemeni agents could talk to him.

8 year-old Barq al-Kulaybi

Since all the individuals involved are from the same local tribe, and many even distant relatives, it wasn’t difficult to Hafizallah to pick up his son Barq from Adnan al-Qadhi’s home for a temporary visit with his biological family. While visiting, Republican Guard and Yemeni intelligence officials convinced the 8 year-old to go back to Qadhi’s home and continue accepting his charity. According to the confession video, they bought the father and son’s services with the promise of a new car, house and roughly $230 US dollars.

Also on the video, the 8 year-old Barq describes how the Yemeni Republican Guard officials gave him a number of electronic tracking chips. They then instructed the boy on how and where to plant and activate them. “They trained me” the boy says in his native language, conveniently translated to English and included as subtitles by the video’s al Qaeda producers.

Election Day, assassination day

Describing how he accomplished his mission of setting up his own adoptive father, the 8 year-old Barq Al-Kulaybi recalls the tense moments for his al Qaeda captors, “I climbed on the table where his coat was and put [a tracking chip] in his pocket.” The boy then dropped to the floor and hurriedly hid another chip while Qadhi was still in the bathroom.

At the same time in the US, President Obama was making his re-election victory speech to cheering crowds at Chicago’s vast McCormick Place. Only hours later, at 6:30pm local Yemeni time, Adnan al-Qadhi left his home and entered a sport utility vehicle with a man named Abu Radwan. Not long after, a drone operator in the United States flying an aerial drone launched from a secret Saudi Arabian airbase fired on the vehicle, destroying it and killing both occupants.


US officials originally believed a third man was also killed in the strike – Rabi’a Lahib. But ironically, the al Qaeda soldier was still alive and either suspicious of or aware of the father and son team’s role in the assassination of the terror group’s two leaders. Lahib kidnapped Barq and his father and turned them over to al Qaeda leadership. Shortly thereafter, the video was produced in which the father and son admit their part in the assassination.

When asked about the accusations by The Atlantic, a White House spokesman replied, “The claim that the US government was in any way involved in purportedly using an 8-year-old in this incident is unequivocally wrong.” With al Qaeda and the individuals involved saying one thing and the White House saying the exact opposite, readers will have to decide for themselves who they believe is telling the truth.

Read the lengthy and detailed story from The Atlantic for more information.


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