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us rushes troops to korea china prepares for war


January 9, 2014

US rushes Troops to Korea, China prepares for War

January 9, 2014. South Korea. This may be the same false alarm that’s sounded dozens of times over the past few decades. But the threat is real enough for the White House to rush 800 US Marines and 40 Abrams tanks to the Korean Peninsula two days ago. Unlike past disagreements however, China has just violated Hawaiian territorial waters and the US just flew long-range nuclear bombers over Chinese territory.

Chinese troops drill on the North Korean border. Image courtesy of NCRenegade.com.

Unfortunately for mankind, most of the nations involved in the brewing military conflict over the South China Sea appear willing, if not eager, to fight a war over a meaningless, remote, uninhabited island chain. That alone should raise red flags for war-weary Americans and their worn-out war machine. Another worrisome sign is that the military confrontation is escalating rapidly.

Obama rushes US Marines and tanks to South Korea

The White House didn’t say if the latest troop deployment was in preparation for a known coming attack or simply a show of force and a reaffirmation that President Obama is serious about defending America’s East Asian allies like Japan and South Korea. Chinese Taipei, formerly known as Taiwan, is a different story. Ever since President George W. Bush quietly rescinded America’s pledge to defend the democratic island nation situated only miles from Communist China, the Chinese have slowly infiltrated and absorbed their former rival.

As detailed by a Reuters report two days ago, US officials insist the deployment of 800 troops and 40 frontline tanks and other armored fighting vehicles to South Korea had nothing to do with recent hostilities with China. They claim the move is part of a long-term, overall defense realignment of US forces throughout the globe. The officials did confirm however that the reorganization will rebalance American military might by moving forces from the Middle East to East Asia.

“This addition of forces to Korea is part of the rebalance to the Pacific. It’s been long planned and is part of our enduring commitment to security on the Korean peninsula,” Army Colonel Steve Warren was quoted by Reuters saying, “This gives the commanders in Korea an additional capacity – two companies of tanks, two companies of Bradleys.”

The US currently has roughly 28,000 troops in South Korea, still dug in along the front line separating North and South Korea after the Korean War. The additional troop deployments announced Tuesday will include elements of the 1st US Cavalry Division from Fort Hood, Texas. Officials confirmed that while the soldiers will only be deployed for nine months, the bases they set up will stay indefinitely and will house future rotations of American forces.

Multi-nation regional conflict

At first glance, the battle for the remote islands in the South China Sea seems as if it might spare civilians from the ravages of war. But upon closer inspection, no less than a dozen different nations have spent the past two years positioning for the possibility of a coming regional conflict, including the United States and China.

In 2011, President Obama increased the number of US Marines stationed in Australia ten-fold. Then like now, US officials dismissed the move saying it was all part of their long-term rebalancing of global forces. At the time, China interpreted the move as an expansion of possible hostilities and warned its Australian neighbor that it risked being, “caught in the crossfire.” For more information, read the November 17, 2011 Whiteout Press article, ‘Obama moves Marines to Australia, warns China’.

Then in 2012, China shocked the world by invading the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. As this publication reported on July 30, 2012 in the Whiteout Press article, ‘China invades Islands, expands Territory by a Third’:

‘Sansha City didn’t even exist a week ago. Now, it’s the central hub of a shocking military and territorial expansion campaign being carried out by China. Located off the coast of Vietnam, the Paracel Island chain had been in dispute between the two countries. But with China’s surprise invasion last week, the resource-rich territorial waters now rest firmly under the control of the communist Chinese military, increasing China’s overall territory by an additional one-third.’

Over the past 12 months, a separate conflict with a separate neighbor over a separate set of islands has almost led to full-blown war as well. China and Japan have seen long-simmering hatred for one another resurface over the past couple years with both nations insisting they will go to war rather than relinquish their national claims to the various regions of the China Sea. Tensions have been so bad lately that anti-Japan riots have repeatedly broken out in China in which mobs attack Japanese people and businesses and destroy Japanese-made automobiles.

Just in the past year, the two nations have seen both their Navies and Air Forces collide while each tried to enforce its territorial claims. Warships from both Japan and China patrol the vast disputed seas on a continual basis. Almost coming to blows a month ago, the Chinese sent a reconnaissance vessel into Hawaiian waters while the US sent a fleet of long-range bombers into Chinese-claimed airspace.

Rapid military build-up

China isn’t the only country quickly building up its military in preparation for a coming possible war. Last month, the Japanese government approved an ambitious ten-year military expansion that will focus its attention on protecting and defending its far-off island claims. Amphibious transports, naval vessels and intelligence gathering are the primary needs. To accomplish their goals, the Japanese increased their military spending budget to $246 billion over the coming decade.

The Japanese military spending plan specifically states that it doesn’t violate the country’s mandated position of pacifism, a national policy enacted in the days after World War 2. Instead, the government document calls the country’s new military policy, ‘proactive pacifism’. It states, ‘China is also rapidly expanding and intensifying its activities in waters and airspace, showing its attempts to change the status quo by coercion. Japan needs to pay careful attention to these activities with strong interest. They are also concerns for regional and global security.’

Japan isn’t alone in building up its military. The Chinese military has been rapidly expanding for the past ten years. Already the country has developed and deployed its first aircraft carrier and entire air wings of stealth fighters and bombers. Most concerning to the US is the country’s anti-carrier missiles and anti-satellite missiles. Each could wreak havoc on US forces at a relatively inexpensive price, especially compared to the multi-billion-dollar price tag for a US aircraft carrier and its air wings of multi-billion-dollar planes.

Just over a week ago, the Chinese Xinhua news agency published a report outlining the country’s recent military exercises. The state-run news outlet said the increased military exercises were intended, “to deepen preparations for potential conflict to ensure that the troops are ready if called upon not only to fight, but to win.” Basically, the drill was the first of its kind for China. The military staged a mock regional war and deployed its forces to all corners of its empire. The main objective was to insure all the nation’s forces could maintain communications with each other during the conflict and protect logistics and supply lines.

An unstable and unpredictable China

As reported by Infowars last week, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has officially and publicly warned its entire 1.5 million-strong military to prepare for war. The account quotes the Want China Times explaining that the two-month-old Chinese regime is preparing for conflict on any of a number of fronts.

The report cites, ‘rising tensions with Japan over the Diaoyutai islands (Diaoyu to China, Senkaku to Japan) in the East China Sea, strained relations with the unpredictable North Korea, concerns over the increased US military presence in the Asia Pacific, and a slate of violent incidents at home involving ethnic minorities which have been labeled terrorist attacks.’

While virtually all military analysts agree that Chinese forces would be no match against US forces in an all-out global war, they also concede that the Chinese would be unbeatable in its own sphere of influence and the best the US could hope for is a stalemate. Some insist America could rain nuclear warheads down upon the Asian giant. But the truth is, you can’t wipe out one-fifth of the world’s population with nuclear weapons without wiping out all of mankind.

Just as we at Whiteout Press warned years ago, China’s military strategy today regarding the US is a war of attrition. And a few strategically placed Chinese cyber-saboteurs could easily void trillions of dollars in modern American weaponry. Image if all of America was deaf, blind and panic-stricken because the power grid was brought down. Food stops rolling, gasoline stops pumping, computers stop working, electricity stops flowing, and all of America comes to a screeching halt. Also imagine if the entire US military was frozen because all the GPS satellites were taken out in the opening moments of conflict. Those are China’s first two steps in a war with the US. Is America prepared for that? Let’s hope we never have to find out.


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