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us media covered up drone base for white house


February 9, 2013

US Media covered-up Drone Base for White House

February 9, 2013. Washington. Are mysterious US drone bases around the world a secret worthy of national security status? Multiple major US news outlets felt it was, especially after the urging of the Obama administration and the CIA. Now, more than a year later, the corporate media outlets are coming clean. But only because someone in the Justice Dept is leaking details of secret assassinations of Americans.

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Assassinating Americans without trial

A number of bombshells have been dropped this week at the Senate confirmation hearings of Obama CIA nominee John Brennan. Actually, little of the information is new. But to listen to America’s Senators and the national corporate news media, this is “a new and disturbing revelation of targeted killings of US citizens abroad.”

We didn’t attribute that quote because it was robotically uttered by dozens of news outlets across the country. What caused the fuss is that on Monday, a US Justice Department white paper was leaked to NBC which outlined the government’s secret policy of murdering Americans without charge, trial or conviction. But this information is anything but new.

Whiteout Press warned readers on October 2, 2011 that this was going on, almost a year and a half ago. Read our article, ‘White House Assassinates Americans, Again’ for details.

On July 29, 2012, the ACLU tried to warn America. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘ACLU sues US over Obama Assassinations of Americans’ for information.

So, this news is no surprise. What did come as a surprise is the criteria by which the President is assassinating US citizens. At first, officials assured us they only killed Americans who posed an immediate and deadly risk. Now, the word ‘immediate’ has been removed and nobody, in the media or Congress, is sure what criteria the White House is using for its arbitrary executions. And that was the main controversy surrounding John Brennan’s nomination proceedings. But it wasn’t the only one.

NY Times & Washington Post admit collusion

When the DoJ white paper describing the President’s secret execution program was leaked on Monday, the Editors of the Washington Post must have panicked. Assumedly fearing their secret would also be leaked, on the following day, they publicly confessed to helping the White House keep at least one US military drone base secret instead of reporting it as they originally intended.

The New York Times followed suit the following day and also admitted it had covered-up the same story. For more than a year, both outlets knew President Obama and the White House were operating a secret unmanned drone base inside Saudi Arabia. Since Americans are already aware of the dozens of drone bases throughout the Middle East, one can only assume it was kept secret for one of two reasons – to shelter the Saudis from any connection to the thousands of drone strikes on its neighbors, or to protect the base from attack by anti-American forces, or both.

The Washington Post pointed the finger at President Obama and the White House, saying that the administration asked the publication to keep the information secret. The paper wrote, ‘The Washington Post had refrained from disclosing the specific location at the request of the administration, which cited concern that exposing the facility would undermine operations against an al-Qaeda affiliate regarded as the network’s most potent threat to the United States, as well as potentially damage counterterrorism collaboration with Saudi Arabia.’

Other news outlets involved

In its confession to readers on Wednesday, the New York Times divulged yet another new revelation – the Post and Times weren’t the only ones working with the US government to keep the drone base a secret from the American people and the world. There are others.

Unlike the Washington Post which only admitted to their collusion in the final paragraph of an unrelated story, the Times published a story not only admitting to their government-sponsored self-censorship, but actually bragging about it. The title of the article, courageously published two days after the Justice Dept leak and one day after the Washington Post, is titled, ‘The Times Was Right to Report – at Last – on a Secret Drone Base’.

Describing the above Post article published the previous day, the Times writes, ‘One of its revelations is the location of a drone base in Saudi Arabia. The Times and other news organizations, including the Washington Post, had withheld the location of that base at the request of the CIA.’ In reality, the only reason the NY Times admitted its cover-up was because the Post admitted it first. And now, they’re both insisting the story is fair game because the architect of the secret program, John Brennan, is being grilled by the Senate right now over the issue.

So far, no other corporate media outlets have admitted publicly that they were also working with the CIA. But as the Times admission plainly states, “The Times and other news organizations, including The Washington Post…” So there’s bound to be more. Whether their readers, listeners or viewers will ever find out, remains to be revealed.

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