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us backed death squads killing la gang members in honduras


May 30, 2013

US backed Death Squads killing LA Gang Members in Honduras

May 30, 2013. La Ceiba. It’s been a long time since US-backed and US-trained death squads operated with impunity throughout the Central American country of Honduras. Not since Oliver North and the Reagan administration has the terrorizing and illegal tactic been employed there. But now, the Obama administration is accused of renewing the practice in an effort to fight Los Angeles’ largest street gang 18th Street.

One small section of the 18th Street organization. There are 15,000 soldiers from the terror group in LA County alone.

While the United States spends trillions of dollars and the vast majority of our national defense resources fighting opposition political groups, independent media, and a few thousand Islamic terrorists riding camels in desolate deserts on the other side of the planet, hundreds of thousands of terrorists from a small handful of Mexican terror organizations are devastating the fabric and living conditions of almost every city and town in America.

Taking over America

It’s no secret that only 20 years ago, the largest street gangs in America were local black or white organizations made up of American-born kids with at least a partial sense of patriotism and loyalty to the country that gives them such freedom and allows them the ability to be criminals. Black gangs like the Bloods, Crips, Disciples and Vice Lords, along with White gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood and the Simon City Royals, wreaked havoc on America’s streets and prisons.

Today, the largest street gangs in the US are ten-times the size of the old black and white groups. Their members aren’t American citizens. They have no loyalty to the American people and are instead disciplined soldiers of Mexican, Central and South American terror cells who view their criminal and murderous activities not as a business, a turf war, or a right of growing up. They view their mission as a tactic of war – an invasion force set on taking control of and exploiting the United States exactly the way they’ve conquered so many other countries located in the Americas, most notably Mexico.

Honduran death squads

Many Americans are semi-familiar with the ‘Iran-Contra Scandal’ that resulted in the arrest and conviction of Lt. Col. Oliver North during the 1980’s. But few really understand the depth and widespread involvement of other nations, not to mention the political connections to national leaders the world over. Consider, how often do the leaders of Iran, Israel, Honduras and the United States work together on anything?

Thirty years ago, the goal was establishing US-controlled governments throughout South and Central America. And while the CIA had free reign in countries like Honduras, its neighbors like Nicaragua were loyal to the Soviet Union and their staunch opposition to global corporate imperialism. Nicaraguan rebels called the Contras, as well as many other terror groups, received US aid and military support to overthrow their socialist leaders. For the most part, their goals were politically motivated.

Today, the death squads are back in Honduras and once again, they’re receiving American funding, training and support. But this time, the setting and reasons for the deadly terror campaigns are drastically different. The deadly fight on Honduran streets is for control of the streets of America. Those US streets are currently controlled by Mexican terror groups leading South and Central American soldiers, and those armies are camped in Central American countries out of the reach of US authorities.

Infiltrating America

On its surface, the idea that the entire US government would declare war on one neighborhood street in Los Angeles sounds ridiculous. But 18th Street is actually the name of the second largest street gang in America, having its birth on the famed LA avenue 18th Street. While the Latino gang was conquering the Bloods and Crips in western states, the Hispanic Latin Kings were taking control of the Midwest from gangs like the Disciples and Vice Lords. And at the same time, the newest and most deadly and violent addition – MS-13 – was taking control of the rest of America from its base in El Salvador.

According to the FBI, there are 1.4 million enemy combatants operating, killing and terrorizing the American people, on America’s own streets. Most Americans aren’t aware of that fact, mostly due to the US corporate media’s black-out of the problem. While American news outlets award hours of coverage every day to explosions that take one or two lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, not a word is broadcast regarding the dozens of Americans murdered on the streets of America every single day by the Mexican and Central American terror organizations.


As detailed by Business Insider, these foreign terror cells that have successfully infiltrated 85% of America’s towns and cities, and hundreds of local governments and police forces, are credited by the FBI with being responsible for a full 48% of all crime in the United States. According to a number of online listings of Hispanic street gang membership in America, here is the invasion force the American people are up against:


  1. 18th Street – 65,000 soldiers with 15,000 of those deployed in California alone (a member organization of the Mexican Mafia)
  2. Mara Salvatrucha, aka MS-13 – 70,000 soldiers with 15,000 of those deployed across 42 America states (mainly former Communist rebel fighters from El Salvador, the ‘13’ is in tribute to the Mexican Mafia with ‘M’ or ‘13’ being the terror organization’s main symbol)
  3. Latin Kings – 30,000 soldiers in the US with 18,000 of those deployed in the Chicago area alone. Credited by the FBI with being the largest criminal organization in the US.
  4. Nuestra Familia – 13,000 soldiers deployed across America’s south and southwest (Mexican Mafia’s main rival)
  5. Surenos, aka Sur-13 – 12,000 soldiers deployed mainly throughout America’s southwest and southern California (also a member organization of the Mexican Mafia, paying tribute with the number ‘13’)

Considering there are 1.4 million enemy combatants strategically positioned throughout the US, the above is only the tip of the iceberg. According to the FBI, there are an estimated 650,000 members of Mexican and Central American terror organizations operating inside the US. Also, 86% of US cities report the presence of these cells with a full 90% of American prisons reporting their presence.

CIA goes on the offensive

As detailed recently by Associated Press, US-backed foreign paramilitary armies have been enlisted in the fight against America’s street gangs. Ironically, the effort and resources are being concentrated on the streets of countries like Honduras instead of the streets of Los Angeles or Chicago. And while Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, US-funded and supported government death squads are only adding to the carnage.

Numerous recent disappearances and murders contributed to local Honduran authorities have raised awareness of the presence of death squads in the global press. At least five reported incidents in the last few months document how accused members of Los Angeles’ 18th Street organization have come up murdered in Honduras after being taken into custody by government authorities.

The AP account documents one of the recent occurrences writing, ‘In March, two mothers discovered the bodies of their sons after the men had called in a panic to say they were surrounded by armed, masked police. The young men, both members of the 18th Street gang, had been shot in the head, their hands bound so tightly the cords cut to the bone.’ The report adds, ‘A month after the AP reported that an 18th Street gang leader and his girlfriend vanished from police custody, they are still missing.’

It isn’t only the international media crying foul over the act of ‘disappearing’ unsavory individuals. According to AP, ‘Now the 18th Street gang says its members are being targeted by police death squads, described by witnesses as heavily armed masked men in civilian dress and bullet-proof vests who kill or “disappear” gang members instead of bringing them to justice.’

US involvement with Honduran death squads

Over the past two years, the United States has given Honduras over $30 million to allegedly fight the American war on drugs. But skeptics point out that the country is actually the major hub for almost all cocaine shipments from South American countries like Columbia. The US State Department estimates that a full 87% of all global cocaine shipments destined for America pass through Honduras.

Why are US officials from the State Department, CIA and DEA working with local Honduran police forces instead of the country’s national police or military? According to Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield, it’s because the US federal government’s partner in the war on drugs, and the recipient of millions of US tax dollars, is the one dispatching death squads to the streets of Honduras.

“The option is that if we don’t work with the police, we have to work with the armed forces, which almost everyone accepts to be worse than the police in terms of taking matters in their own hands” Brownfield was quoted by AP explaining.

The report also quotes Alba Mejia, Deputy Director of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, who claims to have evidence of hundreds of murders by government death squads. “We are convinced that there is a government policy of killing gang members and that there is a team dedicated to this activity” Mejia insists.

In Washington, the battle is also raging. While the State Department has re-authorized $16 million in aid to Honduran police, US officials have attached strings to the money insisting that only US-approved forces would receive the funding. Congressmen such as Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), a powerful member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, have fought the funding of Honduran death squads and have held up the remaining funds.

Questioning just what it is exactly that the American people are paying for in Honduras, Sen. Leahy remarked, “A key question is whether we should provide aid, and if so under what conditions, to a police force that is frequently accused of corruption and involvement in violent crimes. If there is to be any hope of making real progress against lawlessness in Honduras, we need people there we can trust, who will do what is necessary to make the justice system work. That is the least Congress should expect.”

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