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united we stand fest tickets go on sale


April 5, 2014

United We Stand Fest tickets go on sale

April 5, 2014. Los Angeles. United we stand, divided we fall. That’s the theme of the much anticipated United We Stand Festival taking place next month at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion. The event was originally supposed to occur last summer. But it was postponed until this year and has emerged even bigger and better than first billed. The fest has morphed into a multi-act music fest with keynote speeches by the most well know leaders of America’s political opposition.

Image courtesy of UnitedWeStandFest.com.

United We Stand Fest is organized and coordinated by the Free and Equal Election Foundation and its Founder and Chairwoman Christina Tobin. Tobin is most well known for being the host, organizer and co-moderator of the past two Presidential debates in 2008 and 2012. Not the scripted and exclusive debates between the two establishment parties, but debates that included every one of the half dozen Presidential candidates with a mathematical chance of winning the election. Christina Tobin now brings that spirit of multi-partisan inclusion to UCLA and what will most likely be the biggest pro-democracy, pro-freedom event of the year.

First two attempts canceled

Whiteout Press can personally vouch that United We Stand Fest will occur on May 10, 2014 as planned for over a year now. How do we know? Because the first two attempts to hold this fest were cancelled at the last minute. If it’s cancelled for a third time, supporters and ticket holders may be forever heartbroken. And in the name of free and open elections, we can’t let that happen.

“The two party system has been intentionally dividing us for over a century,” event organizer Christina Tobin announces to potential fest goers, “but when we unite as a bigger movement outside of the party system and we take our government back, our government will shift back to the origins of the Constitution.”

The original United We Stand Fest was to occur last summer in Little Rock, Arkansas. But due to overwhelming popularity, the event had to be moved to a much larger venue. The result was a rescheduled festival to be held last summer at UCLA. But only days before the event, it was cancelled and rescheduled once again. Now, it has grown into a multi-city, multi-university, traveling rally for political freedom and fair elections. And it will begin on May 10, 2014 at UCLA.

Festival participants and speakers

This May’s United We Stand Fest at UCLA has grown so much and so fast, it’s nearly impossible to list all the performers and political leaders that will be appearing on stage. As the event website describes, ‘The Fest will be a once-in-a-lifetime and a first-of-its-kind experience, bringing many amazing performers, speakers, and “we the people” together under one roof, intent on changing the world for the better!’ The announcement goes on to call it ‘a fast-paced awards-style format.’

Musical acts span the industry from folk to rock to country and rap. Political speakers also cover the entire American political spectrum, including 2012 Presidential candidates like the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and the Libertarian Party’s Gov. Gary Johnson. Best-selling authors like Pamela Donnelly and Marianne Williamson will be giving brief addresses to the crowd. And so will popular TV news personalities like former CNN reporter Amber Lyon and RT’s Abby Martin.

Best of all though, between sponsoring groups and those just attending to be a part of the action, the grassroots organizations participating in United We Stand Fest create one of the most impressive and all-inclusive line-ups of America’s entire grassroots political movement in modern history. From the extreme left to the extreme right and everyone in between, if they’re sincerely fighting for freedom, democracy, America and the American people, they’ll be at the event at UCLA on May 10th.

When we promoted this event last summer, Whiteout Press called the assortment of participating grassroots organizations ‘mind-blowing’. The list has only grown since then. Just a brief sampling of the groups and activists festival goers will interact with include: the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Peace & Freedom Party, Free & Equal, Rock the Vote, People against the NDAA, NORML, Occupy Wall St., Buzzsaw, Young Americans for Liberty, the Tea Party, Ralph Nader, Larry King, Cindy Sheehan, Sheriff Richard Mack, and seemingly every active opposition political leader in America.

Festival details

Those interested in attending United We Stand Fest next month in Los Angeles better act fast. Tickets went on sale yesterday. And some of us on the poorer end of America’s grassroots movement are pleased to announce that the ticket price is a modest and very symbolic $17.76. One reason organizers are able to pull off such a large event at such an affordable price is the generosity of supporters across the country. Last month, organizers announced they had raised over $25,000 in just ten days to help pay for the festival.

Who: United We Stand Fest is organized and hosted by Free and Equal and its founder Christina Tobin. Americans from all walks of life and all segments of the political spectrum are invited and encouraged to attend.

What: The festival is intended to unite all the sincere grassroots activists in America fighting to take back our government from the special interests, corrupt politicians and multi-national corporations that have subverted our democracy.

When: May 10, 2014, times not specified but assume an all-day event.

Where: Los Angeles, CA. UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion.

Why: Watch the 3-minute festival promotional video below.



The United We Stand Fest’s promotional video includes brief clips of a number of festival keynote speakers, giving fest-goers a sample of what to expect and what the gathering of America’s entire grassroots political movement is all about. Fittingly, the longest clip in the short video features this news outlet’s favorite TV news anchor and our journalistic hero – Abby Martin from RT. The brief clip is from a past news segment of Martin’s daily cable show Breaking the Set, and illustrates not only why we love Abby so much here, but also why United We Stand Fest is so important.

“What it all comes down to is the illusion of choice between a Republican or Democratic brand,” Abby Martin is shown in the fest video telling her RT audience during a past show, “If we continue to marginalize alternatives to the two party system, then there will never be a chance at an alternative. To resist the status quo means leaving open the possibility of actual change. And if we don’t resist, if we submit, then that hope remains at a distance. Or worse, it dies.”

For more information about the May 4th United We Stand Fest at UCLA or to purchase tickets, visit UnitedWeStandFest.com.

For more information about the festival organizer Free & Equal and its founder Christina Tobin, visit FreeAndEqual.org.

And for more information about any of America’s 13 ‘other’ political parties, visit Whiteout Press’ sister publication Opposition News.org.


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