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uniformed isis militant flag walks across open us border


September 6, 2014

Man poses as ISIS militant with Flag, walks across open US Border

September 6, 2014. El Paso. (ONN) Many Americans are furious at President Obama and the Democratic Party over their obsession with leaving America’s southern border wide open so millions of Mexicans can infiltrate the US and add to the party’s voter base. ISIS, they warn, is also walking across the same border. To prove it, one media outlet dressed as masked ISIS militants, complete with a black ISIS flag, and walked right across the US-Mexico border, unseen and unmolested.

Man posing as ISIS fighter crosses unguarded US-Mexico border to show how easy it is. Image courtesy of Infowars.

Critics of the Democrats’ open border policy have been warning for years that Islamic jihadists are walking across the US border into America. And the next terror attack on the American people will most likely be caused by that betrayal of the country’s security. More than two years ago, we at Whiteout Press warned readers that Islamic terror groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad were operating secret military bases in South America. Similar reports showed that Venezuela had invited Iran to place long-range missiles on its soil capable of striking anywhere in the continental US. Read ‘Iranian Drones, Hezbollah Terrorists in South America’ for more information.

ISIS vows to attack American soil

Showing just how seemingly incompetent America’s foreign policy is right now, we’re supplying arms and money to the Kurds in Iraq, the same Kurds that the Bush and Obama administrations have been fighting against on behalf of Turkey and Iraq for over a decade. The same Kurds that are labeled a terrorist group and an enemy of the US, are now our allies at the same time.

We’re arming the Kurds to fight ISIS, the same ISIS that is America’s enemy when they’re in Iraq, but America’s ally when they’re in Syria. ISIS has been fighting the Assad regime with US and Saudi-supplied weapons since day one. Now, the Republicans and Democrats have agreed to stop fighting the Assad regime in Syria, and instead help Assad by destroying ISIS, the same ISIS that we were just helping in their war against Assad. Needless to say, in just the past couple months, the United States has switched sides in two major Middle East wars.

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Now that ISIS has officially switched from ally to enemy and American missiles have begun raining down on their men, the group has vowed to attack America here at home. Once they began bragging that their fighters were already stationed across the US, YouTube videos and online pictures began popping up of masked or unseen individuals proclaiming their loyalty to ISIS while standing in front of American monuments like the White House. But how likely is it that ISIS fighters really have infiltrated America’s borders? About 100%.

Uniformed ISIS militants behead mannequin on US-Mexico border

Okay, so they weren’t real ISIS militants. They were members of the Infowars team dressed like the Islamic jihadists, complete with black clothing from head to toe, black mask and a giant black ISIS flag. Showing that there wasn’t an American Border Patrol officer or functioning security camera in sight, authorities never did show up to see who these masked ISIS militants were streaming into the US across an unmanned border.

This isn’t the first time Infowars has proven that America’s southern border is sitting unguarded. When US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi accidentally crossed an unmarked, unguarded border into Mexico and was arrested by Mexican authorities (yes, some countries still guard their borders), government officials on both sides said it was impossible. So Infowars sent a video crew to that exact spot, and proved it’s unmarked and unguarded as they crossed back and forth between countries without notice. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘July 6 DC Rally for US Marine held by Mexico’ for more information.

This time, Inforwars sent uniformed ISIS fighters to the US-Mexico border, just south of El Paso, and did the same thing – crossed back and forth without notice by the non-existent American border guards. Adding a gruesome bit of insult to their exercise, the fake ISIS militant even stood on the US-Mexico border and sawed the head off of a mannequin the way ISIS fighters have been decapitating their US hostages.

Infowars demonstrates how ISIS fighters can walk unseen and unmolested across the unguarded US-Mexico border.


Very real threat to America

“We dressed up like an ISIS jihadi to be as obvious as possible and to show and illustrate just how wide open the border really is,” said Infowars reporter Joe Biggs on the video. Then, after crossing the border into America, the masked, black-clad fake terrorist stops in front of the Infowars camera. With the fake severed head in one hand and a large black ISIS flag in the other, the Infowars actor supposedly speaks for ISIS, thanking President Obama for leaving the border wide open.

Showing how real the threat is, the UK announced last week that there was an imminent terror attack coming to England and the country was raising its official threat level and would even begin confiscating passports. The same impending attacks, complete with video threats directly from ISIS promising to carry them out, has America in the cross-hairs too. But the US has taken the opposite approach, letting millions of infiltrators stream across the border from Mexico.

The Infowars account cites a warning from Judicial Watch which quotes members of America’s military and intelligence communities warning of similar coming attacks against targets right here in the US. The report warns, ‘Intelligence officials have picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to “carry out an attack on the border”. “It’s coming very soon,” according to this high-level source, who clearly identified the groups planning the plots as “ISIS and Al Qaeda.”’

Warnings getting louder

Readers may want to stay home on September 11th, the anniversary of the attack on the US. Whether it’s just simple paranoia or an actual plot, more and more sources are publishing a warning that 9/11 is the day ISIS has chosen for a large-scale, coordinated attack inside the US. And as Infowars reminds us, the US Border Patrol has already confirmed that the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of illegal immigrants pouring across the Mexico-US border this year are citizens of no less than 75 different countries.

One critic of President Obama who appeared recently on Fox News to level accusations against the President is controversial Judge Andrew Napolitano. The politically polarizing Napolitano told the cable TV audience that Obama was wasting the country’s resources spying on Americans rather than spying on actual terrorists. “The President is more concerned with wanting to know what Americans are doing, rather than dispatching our intelligence agencies to find out what people who really can cause us harm are doing,” Napolitano criticized, “That doesn’t keep us safe. It keeps us less free.”

In a separate Infowars report, the outlet quotes two reputable government officials who each say they believe the United States has been arming ISIS. Without saying the name ISIS, US General Thomas McInerney said he believed we were arming groups like ISIS when we supplied arms and money to the rebel fighters in Syria. “We backed I believe in some cases, some of the wrong people and not in the right part of the Free Syrian Army and that’s a little confusing to people. So I’ve always maintained that we were backing the wrong types,” he confessed.

US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is another critic of the Obama administration’s cozy relationship with ISIS. Many Republicans and other critics of the President insist that the mysterious September 11, 2012 attack on a US facility in Benghazi, Libya was covered up, and is still being covered up, because Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was secretly selling arms to ISIS via that State Department facility. The government has all but admitted the Benghazi annex was more of a CIA arms distribution station than a State Dept office.

It’s worth mentioning that the warning of an impending terror attack against America on the Mexico-US border didn’t come from Judicial Watch, Infowars or some conspiracy website. It was from a high-level bulletin issued by the US federal government to all branches of the US military, intelligence and police agencies. Multiple officials have confirmed the authenticity of the secret warning and cite specifics stating that ISIS is confirmed to have set up a base just across the US-Mexico border in Ciudad Juarez in which it will launch terror attacks in the US.


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