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tx dcfs kidnaps kids because parents went media


November 17, 2015

TX DCFS kidnaps Kids because Parents went to the Media

By Mark Wachtler

November 17, 2015. Houston, TX. (ONN) Here is a question for all State Legislators, not just in Texas where this story is occurring, but all across America. Why is Child Protective Services requiring parents to sign a ‘gag order’ before the agency will return their unjustly taken children? What is the Dept of Human Services trying to hide? Whiteout Press readers know that answer well. And thanks to one terrorized family in Texas who violated the gag order, and the local Fox affiliate that publicized it, now everyone knows.

One corporate media outlet, Fox 26 Houston, has broken the silence about DCFS-CPS kidnapping. Image courtesy of Fox 26 Houston.

DCFS-CPS Gestapo

In early May, the Giwa family reached out to media outlets including us here at Whiteout Press because their child was taken by Texas DCFS-CPS for no legitimate reason. The official cause of the child’s removal was a complaint from the agency that one of the Giwa’s 19-month-old twins was developing slower than the other.

As the parents point out, they submitted to overreaching demands by DCFS for medical tests and the agency’s approved doctors ruled out neglect or abuse. Instead, they had no answer as to why one of the children was in the 75th percentile for growth and development. The child’s removal by Child Protective Services suggests the agency believes it has the right to remove one out of every four Texas kids from their parents simply because the kids are growing slightly slower than the national average.

In the parents’ own words (from letter to Whiteout Press)

“CPS investigator Ms Ashley Johnson-Fleming said that we should take all three kids to Memorial Hermann for a general check-up to which we complied. Extensive blood tests were carried out on all the kids. The result came out clean revealing that nothing was wrong with any one of them, but they still had some reservation about why Ali is not sitting up and walking like his sister. MRI was scheduled for the next day and Ali went for the MRI, EEG, extensive Neurological and pathological blood work, and the result came out negative. the doctors said they will have to watch his weight. We were with Ali till April 14, 2015 at the hospital when the CPS investigator Ms Ashley Johnson-Fleming came with police officers to walk us out of the hospital saying that they are going to court to file custody for Ali.

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We were in court on 04/28/2015.CPS brought a doctor who had never met our child, but testified on a report which CPS provided him. At the end of the day the judge said they have not convinced him that our son is in any danger of living with his parents. All the tests they did came back negative including MRI. However, for unknown reasons he signed an order saying CPS had proved its case anyway and gave them custody.”

Children returned to parents

In September, the Giwa family reached out to us at Whiteout Press again, letting us know that Texas DCFS had returned their child, but not without some bizarre demands as conditions. One of those demands was that the parents – Ahmed, an IT consultant and Olubunmi, mother, physician and Special Ed teacher – agree to a gag order forbidding them from discussing their experience with DCFS with the news media.

The parents wrote to us saying:

“We got a media gag by agreeing to the attached, a complete violation of our Constitutional rights. The kid is home but they refuse to let go and keep coming to our home. We can’t even go outside our surrounding counties. Please don’t quote us because of the gag. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.”

Arrested for leaving the County

The government-imposed media gag order against the Giwa family went out the window last week when the parents violated another bizarre condition for the return of their child – that the family never travel outside their County, with their invisible prison walls limiting their movements to their own County and the few Counties touching theirs.

How do media gag orders and in-County arrest for no reason protect children? That’s a question Texas Governor Gregory Abbott may be forced to answer soon. That’s because when the family attempted to travel to Nigeria to let Ahmed’s dying mother meet her grandchildren for the first time, an inter-government civil war broke out inside the airport right before their eyes. The episode caught the attention of the Houston Fox affiliate.

Kids taken again

Remember, the Giwa’s 19-month-old was initially taken because he was developing in the 75th percentile of the national average. The County’s own doctors sided with the parents, concluding there was no abuse or neglect. But a doctor who never examined the child was allowed to testify, recommending the child be removed from the parents. The judge admitted there was no reason for the child’s removal, but signed a consent to remove anyway. In most states, Family Court judges are bound by state guidelines to always rule in favor of DCFS regardless of the evidence. And to top it off, the baby was removed by DCFS caseworkers from a neighboring County, not the one the family lives in, apparently because their own County saw no reason to take the child.

A follow-up report from our friends at MedicalKidnap.com explained what happened last week at the Dallas international airport as the family attempted to travel to Nigeria to visit their dying mother. The watchdog writes, ‘Ali Giwa was medically kidnapped on April 14, 2015, by Harris County CPS – a county the family doesn’t even live in – on allegations of “failure to thrive.”…He was returned home on July 29, but the bizarre case remained open. Now, CPS has taken the 2 year old’s twin sister and his 3 year old sister as well and placed them into foster care, accusing his parents of “interfering with child custody” and attempted international kidnapping, of their own children.’

Mrs Giwa told the publication, “What human being would not understand a dying person’s wish to see their grandchildren before she passes? CPS is denying her dying wish! This is a humanitarian issue. They’ve turned themselves into God.” The authors went on to explain the confrontation between government agencies that occurred inside the Dallas airport.

They describe a scene in which DCFS had placed a flag on the children’s name in the US government’s travel watch list. When plane tickets were purchased in the kids’ names, Harris County, Texas DCFS was alerted. A CPS caseworker was immediately dispatched to the airport to arrest the parents and confiscate the three children.

Detained at the airport because of the travel restriction, agents from the US Border Patrol and the Dept of Immigration and Customs Enforcement interrogated the Giwa family. They were directed by the parents to the Fox News report and the articles from MedicalKidnap.com. Remarkably, both agencies looked into the reports and decided to allow the family to continue on their travels.

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Texas Rangers enforce DCFS insanity

As described by MedicalKidnap.com, ‘Since CPS was apparently getting nowhere with Customs, Immigration, or Border Patrol, or even the airport police, they called in a Texas Ranger. The Giwas were not permitted to make any phone calls or contact anyone for help. The Texas Ranger proceeded to arrest the couple. When Olubunmi questioned the ranger’s authority to arrest them, he reportedly told them: I have more power and authority than the federal authorities. I am over them!’

Showing the various federal agents’ contempt for the local DCFS caseworker and the Texas Ranger, when the Ranger demanded that ICE and Border Patrol turn over the family’s five passports, the federal agents refused. They only turned over the baby’s because there was an open DCFS case on the child. The two state employees then fled the prying eyes of an international airport and took the family to the local police station where the parents were placed under arrest for ‘interfering with child custody’ and the three kids were placed into foster care, in violation of state law which mandates that children are to be placed with family members, which the two parents pled for.

The parents both bonded out of jail that night and the first thing they did was send a text message to the local Harris County DCFS-CPS caseworker asking why their children were confiscated once again. The text message they received back from the caseworker tore their hearts out and outraged them. The text read, ‘Unfortunately, we have no intention of returning your children to you at this point. You will need to contact your attorney.’

The parents have a court date this morning, November 17th, and are hoping the criminal court judge will throw out the arrests. That’s unlikely, as we’ve repeatedly reported here at Whiteout Press over the past few years. Courts are routinely at the mercy of DCFS. And no matter how unjust and un-Constitutional the agency’s restrictions are on the parents, the courts nearly always rule in favor of DCFS, because they’re required by state law or state guidelines to do so.

MedicalKidnap.com sums up the situation concluding, ‘One must ask the question: is it ever acceptable for a court to seize a child for the act of his parents exercising their freedom of speech or freedom of the press? That seems to be what is happening here.’

The Giwa family has set up a Facebook page and a Change.org petition where readers can follow the story as it unfolds.


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