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August 31, 2015

Top 25 Websites helping Indy Media like Whiteout Press

By Mark Wachtler

August 31, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) Four years ago, Whiteout Press was just an idea and a web page with little content and no traffic. Today, our humble one-man news outlet is the 846th most popular news site in the world. How did we get there? Lots of grassroots self-promotion and most importantly, our friends. We were curious which websites link to Whiteout Press the most and thought you might be too. Here are the top 25 sites that promote Whiteout Press and other independent publishers.

A quote from our good friends who wish to remain Anonymous. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

For our fellow grassroots organizations and news sites curious to see how their websites rank among all the internet pages in cyberspace, visit Ranking.com. According to their data, Whiteout Press is the 104,728th most visited website on Earth. And as we mentioned, we’re 846th in the global ‘news’ category. The vast majority of that traffic is due to our friends linking to our content on their own websites. To view our full list of friends, visit the Whiteout Press Friends Page.

But while good intentions and moral support are invaluable, actual web traffic is just as important. We’d like to officially and publicly thank the following websites for promoting Whiteout Press articles and linking to us on their websites more than anyone else.

Top 25 websites that link to Whiteout Press the most

From Google Analytics (data covers the past 12 months):

1 – WordPress.com – These are the countless blogs that are hosted by WordPress.com. Combined, these grassroots bloggers linked to 190 different Whiteout Press articles, a total of 10,971 times.

2 – Pinterest.com – This image-based social media site proves its worth by beating out all others. They don’t promote our content, but they allow us to use their site to promote it ourselves.

3 – Blogspot.com – This is another army of grassroots bloggers. It reminds us of a quote by your author, “The establishment may have 500 corporate news outlets, but the opposition has 50,000 grassroots blogs and websites.”

Top 5 Most Viewed Articles from Whiteout Press

1. Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism (302,450)

2. Supreme Court rules Drug Co.’s exempt from Lawsuits (296,822)

3. Homeland Security graduates Homeland Youth (238,433)

4. Who REALLY discovered America? (182,030)

5. Lady Gaga, Satanism & the Illuminati (172,344)

The Illuminati

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Trilateral Commission

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“The News shouldn’t be right wing or left wing, conservative or liberal, it should be independent. It should be the news.” – Whiteout Press founder/author Mark Wachtler.


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4 – 1787Network.com – Also called the 1787 Radio Network, this group of Florida libertarians and constitutionalists has only linked to 2 different Whiteout Press pages. But they’ve done it 2,835 times.

5 – EyesOpenReport.com – This independent news outlet is not only on our Friends Page, but we also occasionally use their excellent and professional news content as source material in some of our articles.

6 – SelfHealGo.com – This website specializes in alternative and religious healing methods. They’ve only promoted 1 Whiteout Press article, but they’ve done it 1,436 times.

7 – GoodGopher.com – If you visit one website on this list, make it GoodGopher.com. It is the new search engine just launched by Natural News. Their searchable database rivals Google and Bing, but specializes in independent and grassroots media.

8 – Stumbleupon.com – This is another social media site that allows readers to post our articles with the simple click of a button.

9 – Tumblr.com – This social media site allows readers to ‘follow’ us and is one way to receive Whiteout Press articles the instant they’re published.

10 – Topix.com – While we dislike the various advertising distractions here, this online message board allows our readers and subscribers to post links to our content themselves.

11 – DonnellyJustice.me – This is one of the websites specializing in parents rights and the widespread and unspeakable crimes being perpetrated by DCFS and Child Protective Services.

12 – Yahoo.com – This probably isn’t their search service as much as it is Yahoo News. Many people post links to our articles in the comments sections of related articles. Apparently, we and our readers have done it 1,018 times.

13 – Reddit.com – Co-founded by a martyr of freedom, Aaron Swartz, this social media site has since banned many independent news sites. We don’t get much traffic from Reddit, but when we do, it’s big.

14 – AmericanOutrage.us – A cross between grassroots activism and grassroots news, this site exposes government corruption, scandals, conspiracies and is a defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

15 – Infowars.com – This is the home of Alex Jones and his mini-empire of print and video news. We often use Infowars content as source material. They also have a social media site where we can post our articles.

16 – Google.com – Proving that grassroots marketing and promotion works, the search engine monopoly known as Google has only linked to 151 Whiteout Press articles, although they did it 478 times.

17 – RielPolitik.com – This Euro-centric website specializes in distributing independent news articles from sites like Whiteout Press that expose government and corporate corruption around the world.

18 – Flickr.com – This is an image-based social media site where we regularly promote Whiteout Press articles by promoting the main picture from the piece.

19 – TheBigPictureReport.com – This independent grassroots blog was the very first friend added to the Whiteout Press Friends Page. It’s been a wonderful, ongoing friendship of mutual support.

20 – JustThinking.us – This grassroots site was the second friend added to the Whiteout Press Friends Page. Their content is some of the most interesting a captivating you’ll find on the net.

21 – Linkis.com – This is the home of a promotional service that allows readers to post a web page to any of a number of social media sites at the click of a button.

22 – Zvedavec.org – Proving that honest, independent news reporting is a sought-after commodity around the world, this Czech-based foreign news site distributes Whiteout Press articles worldwide.

23 – Scoop.it – This is a social media type site that allows internet users to post their favorite content for redistribution. Since we don’t use this service, it’s surely due to the efforts of our readers. Thank you.

24 – Examiner.com – This is the largest grassroots citizen-journalism site in America. While we hate the pop-ups and self-playing videos, it’s a great way for regular people to launch their own news columns.

25 – Boinnk.nl – Demonstrating Whiteout Press’ global reach, this is another international news distribution site based in the Netherlands.

As readers can see, the above list is made of three types of referral sources. The first and best is our ever-growing group of friends and fellow grassroots activists and news sites. The second is the assortment of social media sites that allow us to promote our own content. And the third is the result of word-of-mouth. We’ve never heard of some of these sites, but we’re happily surprised to see they’ve heard of us.

Honorable mention

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to some of our friends who promote Whiteout Press but didn’t necessarily crack the top 25. They include:

26 – VoteFamily.us – Home to the brand new Family Party based in Florida. This political party is dedicated to fighting for parents rights and against the abuses perpetrated by DCFS-CPS.

27 – WorldwideCorruption.com – An independent news outlet that exposes government and corporate corruption, tyranny and abuse around the world, especially in the US.

42 – Facebook.com – This is how far down the corporate-controlled social media site ranks after they deleted all of Whiteout Press’ groups, pages and identities.

48 – OppositionNews.org – This is our sister publication which specializes in covering independent and opposition politics. The voice of America’s political opposition!

83 – IllinoisHerald.com – Whiteout Press’ other sister publication, covering Chicago, Cook County and Illinois since 1814.

155 – Linkedin.com – Not a very strong showing from this popular social media site.

160 – RonPaulForums.com – Home of the various internet properties publishing news and commentary from former US Congressman and libertarian icon Ron Paul.

170 – FreeBarrettBrown.org – The base of operations for the Free Barrett Brown effort. Barrett Brown is the journalist who is sitting in prison for publishing a news article.

193 – IndependentPoliticalReport.com – One of our favorite news sites. They specialize in covering independents, Libertarians, Greens, socialists, nationalists and all the other blacked-out political parties in America.

Thanks again to all our fellow grassroots organizations and independent news outlets. Be sure to check out the rest of our favorites on the Whiteout Press Friends Page. While we do not participate in link or ad exchanges, we’re always willing to help out those independent bloggers and websites tirelessly and selflessly working to give a voice to the voiceless. To all of them – keep up the great work and we’ll try to do the same. Support indy media – support Whiteout Press.


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