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Top 20 Hillary Clinton Scandals of all time



September 29, 2016. Brooklyn, NY (ONN) Hillary Clinton has been a staple of American politics for more than a half century. For 51 years now, she has been a participant and power player in smoky backroom deals and steals that span both major political parties. Like a political Forrest Gump, Clinton keeps reappearing in the middle of some of America’s most notorious scandals. From Watergate to Whitewater, Hillary Clinton was there. Here are the top 20 Hillary Clinton scandals of all time.

Despots and Dictators

Some of the world’s most evil despots also happen to be some of Hillary Clinton’s wealthiest financial backers. As Secretary of State and a recipient of tens of millions of dollars from numerous tyrannical dictatorships that benefitted from State Dept action on their behalf, Clinton blurred the line between working for anti-American foreign regimes and representing the United States. Some of the dictatorships that appeared to benefit from their monetary payments to the Clintons include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Algeria. Their collective war on democracy, civil rights, gender equality and LGBT’s, make these tyrannical regimes curious partners of the Clinton Foundation, whose primary goals include “gender equality” and “LGBT rights”.

Pay to Play

There are literally hundreds of examples of pay-to-play politics that suggest Hillary Clinton has been using her government positions and connections to enrich herself and her family. Of the 154 non-government employees that Hillary Clinton officially met with as Secretary of State, 85 of them (55%) had donated or pledged money to her Clinton Foundation, totaling $156 million. And of the 7 foreign governments that donated to the Clinton Foundation, 5 of them made their first donation after she became Secretary of State. One example is her financially profitable partnership with the tyrannical regime of the tiny Islamic country of Bahrain. Bahrain’s Prince Salman is not only the commander of the nation’s military, but also a Clinton Foundation mega-donor. While Hillary was Secretary of State, he paid the Clinton Foundation $32 million. That coincided with the State Dept’s approval of a $630 million arms sale to Bahrain so the country’s military could destroy the pro-democracy movement during the Arab Spring.

FBI as a private Gestapo

On more than one occasion, and for more than one reason, the Clintons have been accused of using the FBI as their own personal secret police force. Immediately upon being elected President, the Clintons forced the FBI to investigate scores of White House and Executive Branch career staffers. After dozens of innocent government employees resigned to stop the threats of wrongful imprisonment or slanderous embarrassment, the Clintons replaced them all with loyal employees from team Clinton. Hillary testified under oath that she knew nothing about the campaign. But a memo that surfaced later showed she not only knew, but the loyalty purge was her idea. Another use of the FBI for personal reasons came in the form of having agents investigate all the various women who had been accusing Bill Clinton of rape, sexual assault and other sex crimes. Filegate, as it became known, consisted of Clinton staffers stealing over 900 FBI case files on these various women in an effort to publicly release embarrassing or damning information about them to discredit their accusations against Bill Clinton. The House Government Affairs and Oversight Committee confirmed the scandal was true. But Hillary dismissed the accusations calling the theft of the FBI files, “a completely honest bureaucratic snafu.”

IRS as a private Gestapo

Barack Obama wasn’t the first Democratic Party President to use the IRS to go after his political opponents. When the Clintons entered the White House, the IRS waged an audit war on conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation, National Rifle Association, Concerned Women of America, Citizens Against Government Waste, National Review, American Spectator, National Center for Public Policy Research, American Policy Center, American Cause, Citizens for Honest Government, Progress and Freedom Foundation, Center for the Study of Popular Culture, and the Western Journalism Center. Individual audit recipients included Bill sex partners Gennifer Flowers, Liz Ward Gracen, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick.

Embezzling funds for friends

Making their friends and political backers obscenely wealthy has been a trademark of the Clintons. One recent example was 2012 when the Clinton State Dept awarded a $9 million no-bid contract to a charity called Seed Global Health, created and run by Dr. Vanessa Kerry. Vanessa Kerry just happens to be current Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter. In 2014, the John Kerry State Dept renewed the Vanessa Kerry multi-million-dollar contract for another four years. Another example is from 2010 when the Clinton Foundation dedicated $2 million to a corporation called Energy Pioneer Solutions. EPS just happens to be owned by a number of the Clintons’ closest friends, including Bill’s ‘personal’ friend Julie Tauber McMahon, DNC Treasurer Mark Wiener.


The scandal that just won’t go away. It would have, had anything Hillary Clinton said publicly or testified to turned out to be true. First she said Colin Powel told her she could use her own private server to host her State Dept email account instead of one secured and protected by US intelligence agencies. Colin Powel’s recently leaked emails show him insisting that’s a lie and he even phoned the Clintons numerous times demanding they stop saying it. Powel also insists that his email set-up as Secretary of State was legal, while Hillary’s actions were illegal. Clinton also swore she never sent or received any classified documents or communications on her personal email account. Having destroyed tens of thousands of Clinton emails after Congress ordered them preserved, hundreds were recovered from other people’s email accounts. They show that Hillary Clinton did in fact send and receive dozens of classified documents, including some that were clearly marked top secret. While most of her IT staff have admitted criminal acts by invoking their 5th Amendment rights, the Obama FBI inexplicably gave nearly everyone involved immunity from prosecution and closed the case.

War on Women

Hillary Clinton is a vocal supporter of girl power. She cheered when Madelein Albreight used sexism as a political weapon to secure the women’s vote for Hillary by telling a Clinton rally, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” Clinton has also been criticized for her 2015 quote, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” Unless it’s any of Bill’s countless victims who have publicly accused him of rape and/or sexual assault. Hillary has used the FBI to target them, slandered them in public, and publicly said she thinks they’re all lying and she believes Bill’s denials, even when Bill admits the accusations are true a few years later.

Defending children, and a child rapist

One little known demon from Hillary’s past that won’t go away is the 1975 court case in which Clinton was the public defender representing an accused child rapist. Her 41-year-old male defendant was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl. It’s been 41 years since the trial, but the little girl still to this day says Hillary lied about her and put her through hell as a 12-year-old rape victim. Clinton’s defense strategy was to repeatedly portray the victim as a sexual fantasizer who craved sex with adult men and who came from an abusive and broken home. The girl has always insisted none of those accusations were true and have been documented as untrue.

Slush funds

While the Clinton Foundation has been accused of being the largest slush fund on Earth, the lesser known Hill PAC is another one. Critics accused the pro-Hillary Super PAC of funneling millions of dollars of secretly donated money into the official Clinton Presidential campaign of 2008. The money purchased campaign memorabilia and other collectables at inflated prices and was used to pay off the campaign’s massive debts. Another scandal that has quickly lingered is the missing Haiti earthquake money. $10 billion in aid went to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, but much of that money has vanished or was used to build expensive hotels for global elites. Few know that Haiti’s government was replaced temporarily by a team of wealthy and powerful globalists including the Clintons. And hundreds of millions of dollars in missing Haiti relief money was funneled through the Clinton Foundation.

Triple-dipping Huma Abedin, and the Muslim Brotherhood

The scandal most likely to become a movie or spy novel is that involving Huma Abedin. Abedin just announced her coming divorce from disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Already caught sexting other women, Weiner has now been caught sexting underage children. But Huma Abedin has earned the scorn of many Republicans and conservatives herself. Anti-corruption fiscal conservatives condemn her for having three full time jobs being Hillary Clinton’s top aide. Abedin worked for the State Dept, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Presidential campaign simultaneously. Social conservatives call her a spy and an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma was once active in a well known pro-Muslim organization supported by the Saudi regime and the former Egyptian regime of the Muslim Brotherhood. The group’s work included advising Muslims emigrating to Western countries not to assimilate into the host country’s culture, but instead, spread Islam there. Abedin first went to work for Hillary Clinton in the White House in 1996 and has been by her side ever since.

Vince Foster

The scandal most likely to become a Lifetime movie someday is that of Vince Foster. In 1993, Vince Foster was the White House council and a former law partner of Hillary Clinton. He was involved in both the Whitewater scandal and Travelgate and his dead body was found in a near-by park. After three investigations by various federal agencies, his death was ruled a suicide. But rumors began spreading from low-level investigators who insisted the suicide ruling was forced on them from above and that evidence was tampered with to support that verdict. In 2005, the book The Truth About Hillary, What She Knew, When She Knew It, describes how on the night of Vince Foster’s death, the Clintons sent three of their most trusted aides into Foster’s office where they stole ‘armloads of files’ and removed Hillary’s name from memos and other documents left behind. While the ransack of just-killed Vince Foster’s office was carried out by Clinton White House staffers, White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum refused to let police investigating the death into the victim’s own office.

China and Ron Brown

China and Ron Brown go hand in hand, at least as far as Clinton scandals go. In 1992, Ron Brown was the DNC Chair and Bill Clinton was the least-known in a large field of Democrats running for the nomination to face George HW Bush. Numerous news reports from the time documented small pieces of the Chinese scandal, but Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton eclipsed the real scandal. Behind the scenes, it seemed Ron Brown secretly chose to back the Arkansas Governor the same way today’s DNC secretly chose to support Hillary over Bernie Sanders. Together, they accepted millions of dollars in illegal contributions from Chinese government agents. Some were uncovered and forced to be returned. Upon his election, Clinton named Brown Secretary of Commerce. When Clinton tried to sell secret US military missile technology to China, the Defense Dept vetoed it. So, Clinton transferred the authority to the Commerce Dept where Ron Brown approved the deal. Soon after, Secretary Brown died in a mysterious plane accident. During the 1996 Clinton re-election campaign, more illegal Chinese money allegedly flowed into Bill and Hillary’s coffers. Congressional Republicans were reportedly on the verge of investigating the funds, until Democrats documented that Republicans were also receiving illegal Chinese funding. Both parties decided to remain forever silent on the issue.


Upon moving into the White House in 1992, Hillary Clinton was accused of ordering the FBI to investigate all the employees of the White House Travel Office. The Director of the office was charged with embezzlement, but was acquitted of the charge. And all the employees were fired and replaced with Clinton friends and staffers from Arkansas. White House travel vendors were also fired and replaced by companies owned by Clinton donors and supporters.


In 1978, Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton and Rose Law Firm attorney Hillary Clinton decided to make money flipping real estate. They formed a corporation with another couple – Jim and Susan McDougal – and borrowed $200,000 to purchase 230 acres of Arkansas land. The four planned to develop and sell housing to working class people fleeing northern cities like Detroit and Chicago. But nobody bought. Seven years later, they borrowed $1.15 million to fund a $1.75 million land purchase of 1,000 additional acres. But Jim McDougal was using the bank he owned to finance the deals and the corporation was using Hillary’s law firm as legal advisers and representatives. The four were accused of siphoning off the entire investment in legal and banking fees, bankrupting the venture and defaulting on the loan. For their part, both Jim and Susan McDougal went to prison. Also involved and sent to prison were former Governor Jim Tucker and two local judges. The only ones who didn’t go to prison for their involvement in Whitewater were Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Pardons for sale

The most notorious pardon made by outgoing President Bill Clinton was that of Marc Rich. Rich had been indicted by a grand jury of over 50 counts of fraud and he was found to owe $48 million in unpaid taxes. He fled to Switzerland to avoid prison. While there, his wife made large donations to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, the Clinton library and anything else she could donate to connected to the Clintons. For her efforts, Bill Clinton pardoned her husband. A lesser known pardon scandal involved Hillary’s brothers Tony and Hugh Rodham. Numerous media outlets reported that Hillary’s two brothers were openly selling Clinton pardons to anyone who had enough money. One of the purchased pardons went to a Mexican drug cartel boss in exchange for a gift of hundreds of thousands of dollars to one of Hillary’s bother Hugh.

Ten  thousand percent profit

Many people forget this Hillary scandal because it was never given a catchy name. In 1979 while in the middle of their Whitewater land business, Hillary Clinton entered the cattle futures market. A NY Times investigation found that while Bill Clinton was Governor and overseeing a $9 million state lone to Tyson Foods and appointing Tyson Foods executives onto state Boards and Commissions that regulate Tyson, Hillary Clinton entered into an investment with the food giant. She invested $1,000 and nine months later, her share was worth $99,537, which she was paid for a profit of 9,987%.

The Clinton body count

Immediately after the Clintons first entered the White House, stories of ‘the Clinton body count’ spread from Arkansas to the rest of the country. Rumors told of lists of Arkansas State troopers, attorneys, and Clinton associates who found themselves dead because they could implicate the Clintons in any of a number of crimes and embarrassing incidents. The Clinton body count has been publicly cited by people such as Monica Lewinski and Linda Tripp. But it’s main notoriety comes from a 1997 book by reporter David Bresnahan. The author explained, “Nobody out there was putting it all together. If you look at one scandal, you’ll find one dead guy. When you investigate all Clinton scandals, you find similarities, you find common tactics, you find common actions and you find dead people.” In addition to the list of bodies, Bresnahan compiled other Clinton lists. He says there are over 100 witnesses involved in the deaths that are too terrified to talk to the media or investigators. And there are 45 Clinton associates who have gone to jail rather than implicate the Clintons in various scandals.


While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she reduced the security and military presence at the US embassy in Libya. She also violated State Dept rules by running an on-site embassy in one part of the city and a separate, secretive, secondary embassy annex in another part of the city. The annex had no military protection and was rumored to be used for secret, illegal arms sales to US-allied Islamists trying to take over the country in the days after the ouster of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. When the annex came under attack by the same jihadists, Hillary Clinton ordered the military and CIA to stand down, even after numerous frantic calls for help by the US Ambassador. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans staffing the embassy annex were killed. State Dept emails from Hillary Clinton show she knew during the attack that it was an organized offensive by terrorists and not an unorganized riot over the US minister threatening to burn a Koran in the US, as she and then UN ambassador Susan Rice publicly claimed.


Like a political Forrest Gump, Hillary Clinton seems to have been involved in everything, including Watergate. She was reportedly fired from the House Judiciary Committee during its investigation of President Nixon. Her boss, Democrat Jerry Zeifman, reportedly called her a liar and much worse saying, “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer…She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Russian uranium

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and required to sign off on the sale of America’s uranium supply to Russia, the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from the owners of a Canadian company that owned the rights to much of the world’s uranium mines around the globe, including the US. The Chairman of Uranium One topped the list using his own family foundation charity to donate $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation while the deal was in progress. The deal was the sale of the company to Russia, including the one-fifth of all the uranium mines in America. Bill Clinton also received a $500,000 fee to give a speech to the power elite in Moscow. Shadowing the entire scandal is the fact that Hillary Clinton kept the donations secret, in direct violation of her signed agreement with the White House and State Dept upon taking the job.

The above list and information was compiled from WND.com, Listverse.com, TheGatewayPundit.com, and the NY Times.


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