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The Importance of Eye Care

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Don’t underestimate the importance of eye care — your face deserves better. There are many practices and products on the market that can help you treat dark circles, reduce risk of infection and wrinkles, and help you look rested.

If you find that you are too lazy to take off your makeup and don’t take the time to give your eyes the attention they deserve, check this out to see what types of products are available to make it easier to take better care of yourself.

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Get into better habits and take the time to treat the sensitive areas around your eyes to gain hydration and firmness, and to reduce fine lines and dark circles:

Use Products That Will Moisturize and Rejuvenate

So many people moisturize their bodies, but few realize that there are specific products that you can use to moisturize around your eyes. According to Web MD, the skin around your eyes is the most likely to show signs of ageing, is more fragile than the rest of your face, and is more prone to dryness. To prevent dryness and irritation, products you can use include:

  • Makeup Remover: To make sure no remnants of mascara get into your eyes
  • Serum: To protect and refresh your eyes, and reduce puffiness
  • Creams: To restore any damaged or sensitive skin
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Take Off Your Makeup Gently

If you don’t take off your makeup before bed, the effects are less than desirable. Your skin goes through a regenerative process during the night, and if your skin has makeup on it, it can’t work the magic it’s supposed to! How is your skin supposed to shed dead skin cells when it’s shielded by powder or foundation?

That said, you want to be gentle when you take off your makeup — especially when you’re dealing with such a sensitive area. According to Elle, harsh rubbing can irritate the skin and cause small vessels to form.

Don’t Share Makeup

Sharing makeup is a sure-fire way to spread infections like pink eye. If you are going to borrow someone’s brush, be cautious — do a thorough clean before applying it to your face.

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Throw Out Makeup After Three Months

Over three months, bacteria can contaminate your products and cause infections upon use — so it’s best to get rid of your makeup diligently.

Keep it Clean When You Apply Makeup

Whether you apply your makeup using your fingers or a brush, make sure your application method is hygienic. Only apply your makeup with clean fingers or a brush that is regularly washed and cleansed.

The number of bacteria on your fingers and brushes combined is pretty gross, so it’s important to keep things clean if they are going to touch your face.

Invest in the Right Pillow

You put your face on your pillow every night, so it’s important to understand how your pillow can be impacting your skin.

source: snoremagazine.com

Cotton pillowcases can be rough on your face and also build up bacteria. They also absorb moisture and can leave your face dehydrated. Silk pillows, on the other hand, are less absorbent and easier on your skin.

Taking care of your eyes doesn’t have to take a lot of effort — why wait for irritation or infection? Invest some time and money into products and habits that will make your care seamless and easy to maintain.