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some believe us under attack man made hurricanes



Some believe US under attack by man-made Hurricanes

Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia. Image courtesy of NBC News.

September 14, 2017. Tampa, FL. The unprecedented barrage of Hurricanes hitting the United States – two in three weeks with a third on the way – has caused some activists and watchdogs to speculate that the weather phenomenon is no phenomenon at all. Instead, they suspect that the hurricanes that just devastated Texas and Florida are instead the result of weather warfare.

In the 1950’s, mankind discovered the power to change the weather. It’s no secret and there has never been any denial of that fact. Countless programs, studies and experiments have been carried out by nations across the globe including the US, Britain and Russia. Detailed reports and even vintage black and white videos document and explain the theories and breakthroughs that have been made in the often-secret effort to control the world’s weather.

With two record-setting hurricanes striking the United States in rapid succession this month, some fear the US is being attacked with weather warfare. Two videos making the rounds explain in great detail how weather warfare and weather modification work. They incorporate hundreds of official government reports and video footage spanning sixty years that show exactly how the technology was discovered, developed and perfected, and who is using it today and why.


The documentary FrankenSkies begins with the discovery of weather modification in 1923 by the US military. The US Navy wanted to develop a smoke screen to shield its ships from view just like the world’s armies have used for thousands of years in land warfare. The file footage shows a single military aircraft steadily releasing tiny particles of dry ice into the atmosphere in a long straight line. The particles generated tiny water droplets at a rate of over a million per second. As they froze and dropped to Earth, they created an opaque wall of white clouds and ice from the sky to the ground. The US military had accidentally discovered the ability to create clouds, rain and snow out of thin air.



The 80-minute documentary goes on to present hundreds of scientific experiments, government programs, and military operations from 1923 through today that show exactly how weather weapons were developed and perfected.

One portion of a videotaped speech by then-President Lyndon Johnson to a 1962 University graduation class in Texas stands out. With the US secretly using weather weapons in the Vietnam War, President Johnson told the graduating class, “It calls for us taking the steps now that will make us no longer second in space and in science. It lays the predicate and the foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layers, and ultimately, to control the weather. And he who controls the weather will control the world.”

The video also includes some well-intentioned programs developed and implemented openly in the United States using weather modification technology. One program used the advancements to create massive rain storms over large forest fires to aid firemen. Another program used the technology to try to save drought-stricken American farms.

But while the ability to create storm clouds was one part, the other was a little-known discovery of the ability to control the flow of the planet’s jet stream using high frequency radio waves, and thus, being able to send those violent storms anywhere the government desired. The program was called HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

WeatherWar 101

While FrankenSkies documents man’s control of the weather from its discovery in the 1920’s through today, the videos from Weather War 101 expose what they say is today’s government-controlled weather and its ramifications for tomorrow. They suggest that factories across America are purposely and secretly sending water particles into the air along with the smoke from their massive smoke stacks.

The video’s creators say that America’s nationwide grid of 156 overlapping Doppler radar sites are secretly using radio waves to charge those water particles, increasing the water volume exponentially, and thus creating rain storms. Combined with the control of the globe’s jet stream, these global oligarchs seemingly now control where rain falls, when and how much.



The creator of Weather War 101 says, “The simple reality I discovered during twenty years of research and reverse-engineering that erases all mystery about global warming, climate change, and otherwise inexplicable severe weather events that materialize out of nowhere, has proven time and again to be the most threatening information there is to the establishment grand delusion perpetrated on the population of this planet. That is why after ten years, still only a handful of people know about this daily observable world-perspective-altering reality. It is time for all of that to change.”





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