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ruby ridge is back vicky weaver s fbi murderer found


January 4, 2014

Ruby Ridge is back – Vicky Weaver’s FBI murderer found

January 4, 2014. Ruby Ridge, ID. The US government’s murderous acts at Ruby Ridge were one of two catalysts that nearly caused an American revolution in the early 1990’s and led to American militiamen blowing up the Oklahoma City federal building in retaliation. Now, one of the two FBI snipers that murdered Vicky Weaver has been found working as an executive at a well-known firearms corporation.

Vicky Weaver, in an FBI photo taken just days before an FBI sniper shot and killed her while she stood in the doorway of her home with her newborn baby in her arms. It was the last photo ever taken of a living Vicky Weaver. Image and beloved martyr courtesy of the FBI.

“Ruby Ridge may seem like ancient history (1992) to some but not to us,” quotes columnist Lynn Atherton-Bloxham in the American Daily Herald on December 10, 2013. And Lynn, the Herald and the original author aren’t alone. To us here at Whiteout Press, Ruby Ridge still seems like yesterday and is one of, if not thee reason your author has been ‘fighting the power’ and ‘sticking it to the man’ for the past 20 years.

Ruby Ridge – a brief recap

Since an entire book could be written about the 1992 tragedy at Ruby Ridge, and many have been, we’ll recap the details briefly for those under 30 who may not be familiar. In the early 90’s, for some unknown reason, President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno had diverted massive national resources away from foreign threats and inward toward any and all pro-freedom, pro-religion organizations and citizens. The two most well-known of the thousands of fatal incidents were Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Randy Weaver was a typical American dad. He had a loving family, including his wife Vicky, one son named Sam and three daughters including a ten-month old baby. Like millions of other Americans, they were simple people who just wanted to be left alone. The family lived in a beautiful rural Idaho area called Ruby Ridge. For 18 months, various federal police agencies repeatedly intimidated Randy in an attempt to get him to work as an infiltrator for them to spy on the slew of religious, racial or separatist organizations popping up all over the American northwest.

Weaver repeatedly declined. He’d been to some of those gun shows and events out of curiosity if nothing else. While he was a typical proud white, Christian, husband, father and American, he was simply rubbed the wrong way by those organizations and didn’t associate with them. That was probably one of the main reasons the FBI, BATF and US Marshals continued to pursue him as a hired spy. When Weaver continued to refuse, the agents suddenly turned their fury on him and his family.

First, they convinced him to customize a shotgun into a sawed-off shotgun, not illegal and a typical thing many gun owners do. But federal agents confiscated the gun and determined the barrel was one-quarter of an inch too short, and thus illegal. Whether it really was or wasn’t, we’ll never know. But Randy Weaver had a history of being a law-abiding citizen. Plus, the government was watching his every move and he knew it.

14-Year-Old shot in the back

After claiming the sawed-off shotgun was too short by a quarter-inch, federal agents sent Randy Weaver a summons to court. But his notice, either on purpose or on accident, included the wrong court date. When Weaver didn’t show up, federal authorities went to his home to arrest him. Dozens of federal paramilitary agents, camouflaged and heavily armed, crept through the bushes and trees surrounding the Weaver home.

The Weaver’s dog sensed the agents and sounded the alarm. Assuming it was just an unwelcome animal, 14-year-old Sammy Weaver and the dog went out to chase it away. Running ahead through the brush, the dog came upon a US Marshal who shot the dog dead. Nobody knows what happened next, except that the US Marshal who shot the dog was himself killed and a terrified 14-year-old Sammy Weaver was fatally shot in the back while running back to his parents. Agents swear the young boy shot the agent, while family and friends believe one of the many gathered agents accidentally shot the Marshal through the dense brush.

Murdered with her newborn baby in her arms

As the stalemate went on, federal agents publicly mutilated the family’s dog to vent their anger and terrorize the Weavers. FBI snipers Lon Horiuchi and Dale Monroe also took every opportunity to shoot members of the Weaver family. Randy’s friend Kevin Harris just happened to be visiting on that fateful day and both he and Randy had each been shot at least once by the snipers. In fact, all males present including 14-year-old Sammy had been shot. The only ones not shot yet were the mother, two young daughters and the newborn baby.

Agents admittedly devised a plan to eliminate the person they believed was responsible for the family not surrendering – mom Vicky Weaver. As Vicky stood in the doorway of the cabin, unarmed and holding her newborn baby in her arms, Monroe and Horiuchi carried out their assignment and murdered her, covering the baby and one daughter in their mother’s blood. Lon Horiuchi would go on to drive one of the chemical-weapons-spewing tanks that murdered the dozens of children at Waco, Texas shortly after. And Dale Monroe, as we all just learned, has gone to work for a firearms corporation. Both men have spent the last 20 years standing by their actions and insisting they would do it again.

Dale Monroe and Troy Industries

Showing all the young, grassroots activists out there how it’s done, the ‘geriatric brigade’ – those of us left over from the battles of the 80’s and 90’s – stumbled upon none other than one of the murderers of Vicky Weaver. FBI sniper Dale Monroe is a proud member of the Troy Industries family, which includes military and police supplier Troy Defense.

While visiting the Campaign For Liberty LinkedIn Group, this author stumbled across an article re-published by Flyover Press and longtime author/activist Jimmy T. ‘Gunny’ LaBaume. That blog report was a reprint of the article written one month ago by another longtime liberty-loving activist Lynn Atherton-Bloxham, and published by the American Daily Herald. Now, we at Whiteout Press are proud to add our arrow to the quiver. Welcome to the world of grassroots, independent media.

Lynn’s passionate and insightful article pays tribute to the thankless efforts of grassroots activists like the relative of hers that discovered Dale Monroe working at Troy Industries. Her report begins, ‘Ruby Ridge may seem like ancient history (1992) to some but not to us. By us I mean my husband Roger Bloxham and myself. A recent situation, though, brought back the memory of Ruby Ridge and how for many of our friends, it was a shattering of illusions. A few days ago I was copied on this letter to Troy Industries from a relative.’

The letter goes on to briefly recount the final days of Vicky Weaver’s life and the role former FBI sniper Dale Monroe played in her unnecessary death. The letter to Troy Industries closes with a sentiment many Americans might sympathize with, ‘If you’re in the business of killing civilians, particularly mothers, then I guess you’ve got your expert with Dale Monroe. While I’m very pleased with my Troy products I cannot in good conscience ever do business with your company again.’

That goes for us here at Whiteout Press as well, and Flyover Press, and the American Daily Herald…and they told two friends, and they told two friends, and they told two friends…

For more information, visit Flyover Press and the American Daily Herald.


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