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September 18, 2011

Ron Paul, the New GOP Frontrunner

September 18, 2011. Los Angeles. Yesterday was US Constitution Day. In case our readers didn’t notice, there wasn’t much fanfare. That’s probably because, technically, there hasn’t been a US Constitution since President George Bush was given imperial powers with his signing of the Patriot Act. America’s mainstream media probably doesn’t want to remind America of what it’s lost over the last few years. So it’s fitting that on US Constitution Day, the only life-long defender of the US Constitution in the field, Rep Ron Paul, officially moved into the lead as the GOP’s Presidential frontrunner.

Rep Ron Paul wins CA GOP Straw Poll, receives more votes than Rick Perry & Mitt Romney combined

photo compliments cagop.org

With yesterday being US Constitution Day, it’s a loud and clear reminder that the most well known politician in the race for US President that’s made a career of defending liberty and the Constitution – Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) – won the California Republican Party Straw Poll held the same day. Whether or not the major victory in the largest state in the nation will be enough to lift the media black-out of the Ron Paul campaign remains to be seen.

In case our readers hadn’t noticed, the American mainstream media is making a conscious and coordinated effort to sabotage and black out the Presidential campaigns of not only Texas Congressman Ron Paul, but also libertarian former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, Republican organizer Fred Karger who is the first openly gay candidate for President, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI). Read a series of Whiteout Press articles for specific examples and details of the blatant media bias: ‘CNN Changing Election Outcome’, ‘Mainstream Media not so Mainstream’, ‘IA Debate Snubs 2 Candidates’ and ‘CNN NH Debate Snubs Candidates’.

In yesterday’s California Republican Presidential Straw Poll, Rep. Ron Paul insured his campaign won’t be blacked-out, at least not this week. He finished first in the largest state in the nation, ahead of media darlings Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Ron Paul’s victory was so one-sided in fact, the Texas Congressman received more votes than Romney and Perry combined. Not surprising in the progressive state of California, the Straw Poll actually included Johnson, McCotter and Karger for a change. Kudos to the CA GOP.

Here are the results of the Sept. 17, 2011 California GOP Presidential Straw Poll. All numbers compliments of the California Republican Party:

Ron Paul (374), 44.9 percent

Rick Perry (244), 29.3 percent

Mitt Romney (74), 8.8 percent

Michele Bachmann (64), 7.7 percent

Jon Huntsman (17), 2.0 percent

Herman Cain (15), 1.8 percent

Newt Gingrich (14), 1.7 percent

Thad McCotter (7), 0.8 percent

Rick Santorum (7), 0.8 percent

Gary Johnson (2), 0.2 percent

Fred Karger (1), 0.1 percent

Write-ins (15), 1.8 percent


The Ron Paul 2012 campaign was obviously pleased with the results. “This win is just the latest indication of our campaign’s growing momentum” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton, “Americans are sick and tired of the status quo and Dr. Paul offers a real change, and hope for a free and prosperous future.”

With the coveted Straw Poll from California complete, we at Whiteout Press decided to recap the results of the various official Republican Straw Polls held thus far.


Top 5 Finishers in each respective Straw Poll:


Iowa Straw Poll (8/14/11)

-Michele Bachmann (28.55 percent)

-Ron Paul (27.65 percent)

-Tim Pawlenty (13.57 percent)

-Rick Santorum (9.81 percent)

-Herman Cain (8.62 percent)

New Hampshire Straw Poll (8/21/11)

-Ron Paul (45 percent)

-Mitt Romney (10 percent)

-Rick Perry (8 percent)

-Thaddeus McCotter (8 percent)

-Gary Johnson (6 percent)


Georgia Straw Poll (8/27/11)

-Herman Cain (26 percent)

-Ron Paul (25 percent)

-Rick Perry (20 percent)

-Newt Gingrich (18 percent)

-Mitt Romney (6 percent)


Wisconsin Straw Poll (9/6/11)

-Rick Perry (55 percent)

-Ron Paul (28 percent)

-Mitt Romney (7 percent)

-Sarah Palin (6 percent)

-Herman Cain (3 percent)

California Straw Poll (9/17/11)

-Ron Paul (44.9 percent)

-Rick Perry (29.3 percent)

-Mitt Romney (8.8 percent)

-Michele Bachmann (7.7 percent)

-Jon Huntsman (2.0 percent)


If we take all 5 Straw Polls and combine the totals, we can view a glimpse of the national picture. Awarding a first place finish 5 points through a fifth place finish of 1 point, we get the cumulative totals below from all five official Straw Polls thus far:

Ron Paul – 22 ranking points = 4.4 average finish

Rick Perry – 15 ranking points = 3.0 avg finish

Mitt Romney – 11 ranking points = 2.2 avg finish

Herman Cain – 7 ranking points = 1.4 avg finish

Michele Bachmann – 7 ranking points = 1.4 avg finish

Again, the above ranking includes the results of all 5 state Straw Polls officially held and recognized by each respective state party (IA, NH, GA, WI, CA).


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