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romney admits gop stole 2012 nomination for him


February 1, 2014

Romney admits GOP stole 2012 Nomination for him

By Mark Wachtler

February 1, 2014. Salt Lake City. (ONN) It’s no surprise to Ron Paul voters – the 2012 General Election should have been between Barack Obama and Ron Paul. But Republican Party leaders decided before the Primary season started that Mitt Romney was going to be the GOP’s nominee. And when Rick Santorum won in IA and Ron Paul won most the Caucuses, GOP leaders lied, cheated and stole the nomination for the corporate billionaire.

‘Mitt’ director Greg Whiteley and Mitt Romney promoting the just-released documentary. Image courtesy of the Washington Post.

Election fraud is supposed to be against the law. But while repeatedly reporting on the seemingly criminal activity by Republican Party state chairs and other  mysterious party leaders during the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary, this publication discovered that the government doesn’t consider ‘primaries’ and ‘caucuses’ to be Elections. Instead, they are nothing more than internal Party functions where the organization makes and breaks the rules and chooses the nominees, not the voters.

The Republican Party is theirs, not yours

The revelation ten days ago that shocked most, but was no surprise to those who lived the victimization first hand, was that the Republican Party establishment knowingly and willingly rigged the 2012 Primary so the moderate, billionaire, religious conservative – Mitt Romey – would win the GOP Presidential nomination. In his defense, Mitt Romney himself didn’t seem to have been aware of the party coup until his own campaign managers informed him of it after the Primary process.

It’s really no surprise. Your author used to be a Ron Paul fan and we wrote article after article exposing the GOP election fraud. In fact, Whiteout Press was the first news outlet in the United States to declare Rick Santorum the winner of the Iowa Caucus, not Mitt Romney as all other media outlets were reporting. That’s how obvious the theft was. Read the January 2012 Whiteout Press article, ‘Santorum won Iowa and didn’t say Black’ for details.

The linchpin that exposed America’s 2012 fixed election sham came in the form of an independent film from this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The documentary is titled, ‘Mitt’ and it is a behind-the-scenes movie following the billionaire Republican around during his 2008 and 2012 bids for US President. But one chapter of the eight-year ordeal is suspiciously missing from the documentary – the 2012 GOP Primary.

Mitt the movie and the admission of election theft

The alternative news site SodaHead.com is widely credited this week with being the one to bring to light Mitt Romney’s public admission that the GOP stole the 2012 nomination for him. The outlet begins its report, ‘A new documentary about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney premiered Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. During one of the final scenes in the movie, a confession is admitted.’

Near the end of the documentary, the film shows Mitt Romney in his national campaign headquarters in Boston. It’s the day after the 2012 General Election in which President Obama easily defeated the Republican nominee. As the beaten candidate gives his staff a post-election goodbye speech, he publicly admits that the Republican nomination was stolen. The movie doesn’t say who they stole the election from, but it’s obviously Ron Paul. Paul was the last remaining challenger and had won a series of caucuses – victories that were also stolen by the party. Throughout the campaign, Romney often publicly wondered how he was winning when his rallies drew 200 supporters while Ron Paul’s were drawing 20,000.

In talking to his gathered campaign staff in the final moments of the film, Romney recalls for them something his national campaign managers had confessed to him sometime between the end of the primary process and the November General Election. Romney quotes in the documentary what he was told by his own staff:

“In some ways, we kind of had to steal the Republican nomination. Our party is Southern, evangelical and populist. And you’re Northern, and you’re Mormon, and you’re rich. And these do not match well with our party.”

Movie reviews

The website Mother Jones had a passionate and detailed review of the documentary ‘Mitt’. The progressive site condemned the 90-minute film made by documentarian Greg Whiteley and Netflix. Critics insist the movie is nothing more than a fluff piece that attempts to solidify Mitt Romney’s legacy as a regular human being and not some heartless robotic corporation with skin. They point out that Romney’s grandchildren receive more screen time than his top campaign aids. That’s not a good statistic for a film that attempts to document two Presidential elections.

Without realizing it, the Mother Jones review also hints at the Republican Party’s theft of the 2012 Primary Election process. The account says, ‘The documentary, in a way, is anti-matter, shaped by what it does not cover. Campaign deliberations are not chronicled. Critical decisions are barely detailed. The film tracks Romney during the 2008 primaries; it ignores the 2012 GOP contests, picking up the narrative at the 2012 convention.’


‘Mitt’ official movie trailer. Courtesy of Netflix.


Just some of the controversial Mitt Romney items left out of the documentary, the liberal outlet reminds us, include: Bain outsourcing, self-deportation, Romneycare/Obamacare, Paul Ryan VP, “Let Detroit go bankrupt”, “The trees are the right height”, tax returns, $10,000 bet, Cayman Islands accounts, “I’m not concerned about the very poor”, Etch-A-Sketch, bullying gay schoolmate, “I like being able to fire people”, “corporations are people, my friend” and a seemingly endless list of more Romney scandals and gaffes.

Rand Paul camp responds

Not surprisingly, one of the first pro-Ron Paul news outlets to announce the stunning revelation was the Rand Paul Review. Within hours of the movie’s depiction of Mitt Romney admitting the 2012 Presidential nomination was stolen by Republican Party leaders, the Rand Paul site released a video from long-time Ron Paul supporter Matt Larson.

After rereading the Mitt Romney quote about stealing the Republican nomination and posting it on-screen for viewers to read themselves, Larson goes on to give his own interpretation, one that surely represents the feelings of the millions of Ron Paul supporters and voters in America. “Some people I guess, are equating that to ‘well, we had to steal it from Ron Paul,’” Larson explains, “Well, duh. Yeah. Ron Paul was the only other person down at the Tampa convention that really had any presence. And he actually did have a large majority of delegates. Ron Paul did have the nomination stolen from him.”

Larson goes on to detail something that hundreds of officially elected Ron Paul Republican convention delegates can personally attest to – the party’s Primary Election system is rigged. It’s not difficult to find Ron Paul delegates who were stripped of their duties and replaced with Mitt Romney delegates. In some cases, entire Ron Paul delegations were replaced. In Maine, the party cancelled the state’s primary election mid-way through because Mitt Romney had a 194-vote lead and the outstanding voters were all from pro-Ron Paul college towns.

“We didn’t have to wait for this news article to come out, and this documentary to come out saying this. We knew it,” Matt Larson tells viewers, “We have video evidence of them scripting everything, even if Mitt Romney only had one delegate and Ron Paul had the majority of the delegates after that, they still would have given it to Romney. The Republicans threw in the towel, and now there’s even more proof that the election was rigged from the beginning.”

For more information on the documentary, ‘Mitt’, visit the movie’s website.


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