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Popular Outdoor Gear Providers


Being passionate about outdoor sports and activities means you need to take your gear seriously as well. You can’t just show up to your hiking or skiing trip with whatever you found at Target. To take your outdoor activities to the next level and have a good time in extreme conditions, you need professional gear to keep you safe and sound.

We’ve rounded up a selection of the popular outdoor gear providers that are guaranteed to provide you quality gear. Furthermore, we think good outdoor experience shouldn’t cost a fortune and we have selected retailers that provide value for money, together with excellent offers and discounts. So, pick your favorite gear providers, tips on their best products, and stunning saves from the list and enjoy your time exploring the world.

Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports or EMS has a long history in the outdoor gear industry and you can be sure to purchase quality products from their catalogue. In terms of gear, the retailer is specialized in hiking/camping equipment and has a solid selection of climbing and paddling specific products. If you are into either of those two sports, we recommend EMS. The online store also has a selection of carracks to make your outdoor trips more hassle free. You can currently even enjoy discounts on these products.

Summit Hut

Summit Hut started out from the idea of two 15-year old boys who kept selling backpacks out of their bedrooms. Today, the company is one of the country’s top outdoor gear providers. The brands on the website include Eagle Creek and Osprey, and they guarantee you find everything from comfortable underwear to climbing hooks from the site. We love the climbing collection available on the site, but find its travel products to be extremely useful for outdoor lovers who like to check out new destinations. The site always has hundreds of products on sale too, making it a great place to find a bargain.

The Timberland Company

Timberland is a great success story and a good example of how a business can grow. The retailer started out by selling shoes, but it has since grown into an international outdoor gear provider. If you need something sturdy, Timberland is a solid option to keep in mind. Naturally, the boots are great for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors hiking. Furthermore, the retailer has a great selection of shoulder bags that will make your outdoor camping trips a lot more stylish.


For the extreme outdoor sports fanatics, Backcountry is a great website. The brand selection includes fantastic companies like Salomon and Birkenstock, ensuring you can find quality products from the collection. The products are best in categories such as skiing, snowboarding and cycling. Backcountry also has plenty of products in these categories for children, so the whole family can make its gear shopping in a single site – saving you time and money. The big bonus for the online store comes from the guaranteed 2-day shipping available on orders over $50 – you don’t need to wait for your goods for long.

Performance Bicycle

Are you an avid cyclist? Then sort out your cycling gear needs with Performance Bicycle. The site has a superb selection of bicycle related products from the actual bikes to cycling gear. You can find brands such as Continental and Thule offering their products with competitive prices. Performance Bicycle offers free shipping on top of its running discount campaigns, so you are guaranteed to save money with the site.

Mountain Gear

If you’d like to find a selection of brands rather than stick to a specific outdoor gear provider, the online retailer Mountain Gear is worth checking out. The store has a selection of brands available from Patagonia to the North Face. It’s great site for just browsing around and seeing what is available for you to buy. Mountain Gear has a wide range of products from footwear to equipment, with plenty of sale items ensuring you don’t need to spend a fortune. You could enjoy Oakley’s sunglasses with $60 off, for example.


Another great online shop with tons of brands on offer is CampGear. The site features products from brands such as Gerber, Kula and Reef. Its collection is focuses on outdoor gear from clothing to accessories, such as tents and sports equipment. The Sleeping Gear section is especially good for anyone interested in camping trips and the products on offer will help you sleep peacefully even in the most extreme of conditions. The sleeping bags are currently on offer with discounts as big as 20%.

Paragon Sports

You might be after an outdoor gear company with a reputable history in the industry and you can’t find a much more popular retailer than Paragon Sports. The company has been operating its New York City flagship store for a long time and its online store is continuing this tradition. What to expect from the gear? Well, Paragon Sports has plenty of outdoor gear, especially for winter sports. If you love snowboarding, then the store has everything from the clothing to accessories to ensure you can hit the slopes in style.

If you are looking for outdoor gear and you don’t want it to cost a fortune or be of a poor quality, check out the above retailers at Frugaa.com. They are extremely popular and have a selection of products to keep you active!