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June 24, 2015

Parents victimized by DCFS-CPS create Political Party

By Mark Wachtler

June 24, 2015. Miami, FL (ONN). If the American people want proof that their TV sets and newspapers are run by propaganda-spewing oligarchs from the Washington-Wall Street establishment, they need only look at the brand new Family Party. It was just launched by a group of Florida parents who’ve had their kids or grand kids unjustly stolen by the Dept of Human Services. The army of innocent victims has grown so large, it’s led to the creation of an entire political party dedicated to the cause of parents’ rights.

Mario Jimenez, candidate for FL State Senate, speaking before a FL Supreme Court Committee earlier this year. Image courtesy of Opposition News.

The below report is from yesterday’s edition Whiteout Press’ sister publication Opposition News.

You won’t see this on TV

For readers that aren’t aware, an epidemic of child confiscations has been sweeping America for the past five years. Parents who once only lost their kids because of abuse or neglect are now losing their children because they’re poor, or they asked a teacher for after school help, or because of a divorce, or because a childless couple has a friend who works at DCFS, or because they’re home schooled, or they pray, or they own a firearm, or even because of a clerical mistake. And parents aren’t getting their kids back. Instead, they’re being sold, literally.

Judge won’t sign the removal order? Doesn’t matter, DCFS takes them anyway. Think you’ll have your day in court? Think again. Most Family Court judges are required by state guidelines to always rule in favor of DCFS over the parents regardless of the evidence. Child confiscation, housing, monitoring and forced adoptions have become a profitable industry. That’s the new reality in America. And parents aren’t just fighting mad, they’re fighting back. Just ask Mario Jimenez who is not only running for the Florida State Senate, he’s recruited a half dozen others to run with him.

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Running for office, running for parents’ rights

Believe it or not, your author and Mario Jimenez crossed paths because we’re both victimized parents fighting for parents’ rights. A mutual friend and parent from Angel Warriors 4 Justice connected us while we all worked to spread the word about Anonymous’ nationwide Operation Expose CPS held earlier this month. Small world, and an indication of just how rampant the government abuse has become.

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Mario Jimenez is one of those parents who had his kids removed by Child Services because he prayed with them. No violence, no abuse, no neglect. In fact, Dr. Mario Jimenez is a physician and he’s been fighting for the return of his children since the day they were taken back in 2012. His story is published in full detail at SayNoToPAS.com.

“The more I think about a solution to stop the killing and abuse of our children and elderly while in the care of the state, the more I realize that the solution requires the involvement of our community, and it is not a one-man show,” Mario explains on his campaign webpage, “We need many more candidates to run. 20 Senate seats could be available in 2016, all odd numbers, and all of the House of Representatives, 120 seats.”

The candidate goes on to warn, “Almost on a weekly basis two children are killed under the supervision of the state – last count 534-plus in the last six years in Florida. Our present State Senators and Representatives have done little to nothing to protect them, ignoring the plight of these children and their families. Similar abuses are taking place with the elderly under Guardianship programs.”

Candidates coming forward

When we first spoke to Dr. Jimenez almost two months ago, he was virtually running alone. Today, he has an ever-growing list of fellow candidates running with him. So many, they recently decided to run together as a united candidate slate. Their plan is to run either as independents or as a new political party – the Family Party.

“We believe that our Florida legislators can and must do better,” Mario says, “For this purpose, we have Family Party members running in Senate and House of Representative races all across the state. We invite you to join us in defending our children and families.” As an example, he points to Mercedez Christian, “90 years young, running for Senate District seat 35.” He also lists the three main goals of the group’s effort:

  • Create and find ways to enact and enforce laws that protect our children, our youth, our elderly, and our families, making government servants accountable for their actions, protecting the citizens of our state.
  • Increase public transparency at all levels of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our state.
  • Restore checks and balances among the three branches of the government.

All the right moves

As readers are ceaselessly reminded by your sometimes less-than-humble author, I have 25 years of precinct-level experience with independents and third parties, their candidates, and their elections. And that’s why something caught our attention at Opposition News regarding Dr. Jimenez and his fellow candidates – they’re doing everything right so far.

For starters, like many Americans, they vote for Democrats or Republicans but are actually independents. If they’re going to run for office, they’re going to be true to themselves and their politics. Second, they’re memorizing the election code, reminding each other about the hidden landmines the establishment has in place to keep independents and opposition parties off the ballot. They have no intention of seeing any of their candidates kicked off the ballot, and they’re well aware of the more difficult requirements for candidates who aren’t Democrats or Republicans.

“We are looking into creating a new party, the Family Party,” Mario tells us, “Although challenging at first, it will help us all in the end. It might even go national if other states catch onto the idea. I believe that we need to go after the State Senator and Representative seats in each state, and start a nationwide movement. Take a look at what we are doing in Florida.”

Mario’s opponent – Anitere Flores

Mario Jimenez has a fight on his hands in 2016. His opponent is Republican incumbent Anitere Flores. State Senator Flores has rapidly risen up the Florida Republican Party establishment ladder and won non-stop elections in the Florida House and State Senate during her 11-year political career. Jimenez says he knows his State Senator and is going to ask her to run for Marco Rubio’s open US Senate seat. If she doesn’t, he’ll run against her.

Flores is from the Bush family political machine, having served as one of his advisors. She is also pulling double-duty by moonlighting as the President of Doral College – a brand new, scandal-plagued, for-profit school that doesn’t actually exist. And that’s where the skeletons in her closet can be found. When FL State Senator Anitere Flores served as Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s education advisor, a charter school company called Academica credited her with getting one of its new for-profit colleges – Doral College – a license to operate in the state.

Flores is now a State Senator and simultaneously President of Doral College. She is also the target of scandalous critiques of Florida’s corrupt for-profit education system. Take this example from the website CashingInOnKids.com, “Don’t expect to find any actual college students at Doral College; it currently doesn’t enroll any. That hasn’t prevented the college from collecting more than $850,000 in taxpayer dollars.”

So while independent and new party candidates like Mario Jimenez have an uphill road to climb, it’s not impossible. And sometimes the incumbent is ripe for defeat. For more information about Mario and his slate of candidates running for parents’ rights, visit their new Party website at VoteFamily.us.


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