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November 20, 2015

Mysterious Heat detected in Great Pyramid

By Mark Wachtler

November 20, 2015. Egypt. (ONN) With five millennia of mystery surrounding the Great Pyramid in Egypt, scientists made a startling discovery recently. A team of researchers monitored every inch of the pyramid and tracked each block’s temperature nonstop for days. What they found inside the oldest of mankind’s Seven Wonders of the World shocked even the most closed-minded skeptics. The results are being called anomalies. But they could represent something much bigger.

Drastic heat variations may be showing an undiscovered entrance to the Great Pyramid. Image courtesy of Ancient-Origins.net.

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Famed psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that a secret chamber and passageway would be discovered in the Great Pyramid someday in the near future. He believed the 4,500 year-old monument would reveal a hidden library containing the history of mankind during the age of Atlantis and prior to any history humans have today. The latest discovery of mysterious heat sources among the blocks of the pyramid may be the beginning of that long-awaited discovery of yet-unknown hidden chambers and passageways inside the structure.

Operation Scan Pyramids

Egyptologists from four countries – Egypt, Canada, France and Japan – carried out a joint research project called Operation Scan Pyramid last month. The scientists and researchers monitored and tracked the temperature of every block making up the Great Pyramid in Egypt, as well as two other ancient structures there. But it was the mysterious Great Pyramid the yielded the shocking results.

Basically, they discovered three different sections of the pyramid that had abnormally different heat signatures than the rest of the structure. Monitoring each block’s temperature for days at a time, the researchers documented certain blocks that were hotter than the rest. More specifically, the small sections absorbed more heat and held it longer than the remainder of the structure.

What could it be?

Without giving any definitive answers, the study’s lead researchers gave two possibilities that could explain the heat anomalies. Either the abnormal heat was generated by a handful of blocks that are made from a drastically different material than the other 2.5 million blocks that create the Great Pyramid. Or the heat signatures are the result of yet-undiscovered chambers where a secret room full of air heats and cools much faster than the remaining solid blocks. Either way, the discovery plus its location has archeologists, Egyptologists and even conspiracy buffs overcome with excitement.

The location of one of the three abnormal heat signatures is possibly the most intriguing. Seven stone blocks on the eastern side of the Great Pyramid, which start at ground level and go three levels up, are generating the mysterious heat signature. It is the perfect size and location for a secret entrance.


The Pyramid blocks in red are as much as six degrees hotter than the surrounding stone blocks.


What the experts are saying

Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh El-Damaty was one of the first and most excited Egyptologists to comment on the latest discovery. He told the world, “There is something like a small passage in the ground that you can see, leading up to the pyramid’s ground, reaching an area with a different temperature. What will be behind it?” El-Damaty went on to explain, “The first row of the pyramid’s stones are all uniform. Then we come here and find that there’s a difference in the formation.”

Mehdi Tayoubi, founder of the Paris-based organization conducting the research on the Great Pyramid, added his thoughts saying, “This anomaly is really quite impressive and it’s just in front of us at the ground level.”

Another noted Egyptologist, Beth Ann Judas, was quoted in archeology publications suggesting that the ground-level heat anomalies are positioned exactly where the Great Pyramid’s front door would be, if it had one. The half dozen stone blocks with abnormal heat signatures are at ground level on the east side of the Pyramid.

Judas explains, “The Nile was to the east of the pyramid and most everyone would have approached from the east.” She also notes that most of the surrounding temples and tombs sit on the Great Pyramid’s east side.

What’s next

The team of researchers that discovered the heat signature anomalies tell excited lovers of antiquity that they are not done yet. The thermal mapping was only the first in a series of tests the Paris-based team will conduct on the Great Pyramid.

With experiments scheduled well into 2016, the scientists will also use infrared to map the Great Pyramid. They will then do the same thing using radiography and 3-D mapping. The team hopes they can create the most detailed map of the Great Pyramid, inside and out, ever made. And as the first round of tests shows, they also hope to discover any still-secret passageways, entrances or rooms.

Theories of the Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid in Giza is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World and the only one still standing. It has long been a topic of debate due to the fact that it was a mystery to even the ancient Egyptians who inhabited the lands around if for thousands of years. And it’s just as much a mystery still today.

Many modern Great Pyramid experts insist human beings couldn’t recreate the pyramid, complete with its precision and perfection, using even today’s technology and machinery. Some suggest it was built tens of thousands of years earlier than is currently believed, while others say it was built by aliens. In recent years, two hypotheses have gained traction after their respective experiments confirmed their theories.

Decades ago, scientists documented that the shape of the Great Pyramid was responsible for creating additional energy within its walls. They called it ‘pyramid power’. And the most well known experiment proving its existence utilized flowers and vegetable plants. Sitting side by side, with some seedlings beneath a small pyramid and others not, the plants sitting under a pyramid grew at a measurably faster rate than those sitting alone.

More recently, a US hobbyist and amateur Great Pyramid expert attempted to prove his own hypothesis regarding how the pyramid was built. For centuries, many experts have insisted that human labor, using wood and stone tools, couldn’t have carved, shaped and transported for miles the 2.5 million blocks, each weighing an average of 2.5 tons. Instead, the individual suggests the blocks were cased right there at the building spot, in the location of their placement, using a lost ancient method of grinding stone down to dust and then remolding it into perfect blocks.

While many theorists may disagree, one thing is for certain. This latest discovery of the heat signature anomalies is only the beginning. With three more rounds of tests to go on the Great Pyramid, mankind appears to be on the verge of discovering the oldest, still-unrevealed secret of human history.


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